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About Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid
(Chi'Ra is pronounced kee-RA)
Cosmic Consciousness Facilitator & Channel
Oneness Love True Self Spiritual Mentor

First, and very importantly: when I say "I" or "me" anywhere on thise site those are usually terms that are referring to the personality and body which are part of the incarnational identity that the COSMIC REAL ME of ONENESS LOVE is using as a set of tools in this world reality system.

Those tools and their forms are not my True Identity. I often times even refer to them in the third person vernacular, but many people find that confusing in print...

Simeon Chiron Nartoomid ~ Cosmic Consciousness and Unity Consciousness FacilitatorAs a Cosmic Consciousness Facilitator and Oneness Love True Self Spiritual Mentor I work with channeling powerful pure energy transmissions, activations and beings, that represent highly expanded states of oneness awareness and beingness to help you experience your True Self. My energy channeling flows primarily from the Cosmic Plane of Awareness.

It's pretty simple really, I AM in very expanded states when I AM working with you and many Celestial and Ascended Beings join us to assist and monitor the flow of these expanded state energies according to your own True Self's direction.

I have been well-prepared by my own experience and by the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Ultraterrestrials, and Cosmic Plane of Awareness for this type of facilitation.

I could also cite all my trainings, education and certifications over the years but they all simply flowed out of and augmented what was happening on the higher levels cosmically and multi-dimensionally at deeper levels within my core being.

I have had a life history that is quite rich in profound higher-dimensional, mystical, cosmic consciousness, samadhi and nirvana type experiences that have resulted in a well-developed ability to easily access and transmit higher cosmic energies and awareness.

Over 20 years of these experiences have radically transformed my inner landscape by activating and anchoring the Cosmic Plane of Awareness within the very marrow of my bones and it's here to stay!

For example...

I have had many direct experiences with accessing expanded universal perspectivesa and awareness flowing out of our galaxy's core (Hunab Ku) that have brought humbling but amazing and wonderful awareness on the nature of reality, the creation of our current universe, and all aspects of consciousness and how they relate to universal states of awareness.

These experiences also brought some very expanded states of self-awareness which were painful at times. The pain was because I still had various levels of self-judgement and the expanded self-awareness thus amplified the pain inherent in self-judgement.

What a gift this was because it allowed me to see and thus transform that self-judgement at entirely new levels and this brought a greatly expanded sense of who I truly was along with much greater clarity on everything.

I have had numerous high-level initiations directly at the hands of Ascended Masters and various other Illumined Beings and Celestials that were as tangibly and vividly as real as sitting here writing to you.

I have had fully conscious and tangible out of body experiences where I could feel the texture of the materials in the walls and ceilings as I would pass through them.

I have had interactions with Ultra-Terrestrials (UT's, a higher ordering of beings than ET's) and their Mother Ship as well as a small orb type sattelite "craft" which was sent out from that Mother Ship.

Both "craft" were merkabic vehicles, or craft of pure light. These were not metallic craft with advanced (relative to our technology, not the UT's) propulsion and navigation systems like the ETs use. Most of the Ultra-Terrestrials use pure consciousness technologies and are rarely seen.

What I am about to share below I have not shared with many people in this depth of detail previously. It is only now that I am being inspired to step forward and share the full depth of what occurred publicly.

Yet, what appears below still does not relate all of the difficult details I was dealing with by any means, that would take a book, but you will get a good idea.

I have had massive spontaneous kundalini experiences that went on for several years and which made life almost impossible to live normally because I never knew when they would hit or how long they would last.

These very powerful cosmic energies were literally in control of my entire physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life at one point and there was nothing I could do about it but ride it out when they showed up.

Some of these kundalini experiences nearly ended my life a few times because many autonomic bodily functions stopped working at times. There were times when I had to maintain a really intense conscious focus to keep my heart beating and my lungs breathing. If I lost the focus they would stop. This intense focus had to be maintained for many hours straight sometimes.

It was also common during these kundalini experiences to swing back and forth wildly between extreme physical and emotional pain including intense uncontrollable muscle contractions and tetny roiling all over my body, and then into total relaxation, cosmic consciousness, nirvana and bliss, and then back again.

This cycle often times occurred repeatedly every 15-30 minutes for 8 hours straight and I was usually unable to get up and move around very much from wherever I was lying down almost the entire time!

Many things changed within me as a result of these "freight train" energy experiences as I came to refer to them (it was akin to being run over by a freight train). Huge energy channels were opened in my physical and energy bodies.

My conscious awareness was expanded enormously in a very short period of time as the protective sheathing or seals on my chakras -- which keep one's consciousness contained in a compartmentalized version of reality like a protective filter system that prevents complete multi-dimensional, cosmic and psychic overwhelm -- were dissolved completely and for quite a time I experienced all those very difficult things.

My whole way of relating to life and living life was radically altered for many reasons, not the least of which was that I had to learn to surrender completely to the Higher Will of my Being because it had total control anyway as I'm sure you can see.

If I tried to plan things like I had previously in life, and as most people do, those plans would often have to be cancelled at the last minute because some immense spontaneous kundalini experience would engulf me.

If I went out someplace during this period of my life it was always quite tenuous because these spontaneous kundalini experiences did not take into account whether or not it would be convenient for me when they hit and it was sometimes very embarrasing and/or difficult.

There were times when for example I could not immediately get home from a store, all I wanted to do is lie down right there in the aisle on the floor and writhe like a snake.

I spent many hours curled up in my car at these times with people in the parking lots looking at me in the car wondering if they should call 911 because it probably looked like I was having a siezure or something.

It was often not even possible to get to a phone to call someone to cancel an appoinment once these experiences got into full swing so I had that to explain and deal with as well.

Fortunately these experiences started to wane after awhile, and what has come to me in awareness is that the transformation they were meant to elicit within me had progressed to where these intense energies were no longer necessary to sustain it.

I have also gone through some very significant spontaneous shifts of awareness that were not related to kundalini experiences. I do know, however, that the earlier massive kundalini experiences paved the way for these subtler but quite profound shifts in awareness.

One of these occurred in 1999 and it literally turned my perceptual energy field inside-out. It has taken me eleven years to fully integrate this shift and I am just completing that integration now (mid 2010).

Another amazing, unusual and sustained life experience I have had is related to the life I lived with my former partner and wife Maia Alaula Kamala (Nartoomid), who is still my dear, dear friend and kindred.

I literally lived an ancient "Temple Life" in the midst of the modern world while working for and with the Illumined Master Thoth and other Master and Celestial Beings for 16 years. This overlapped with what I relate above.

There was not much semblance of any type of "normal" life during those 16 years, everything was focused on the higher dimensional Temple work and service at hand and it radically altered my inner landscape in ways I am only now beginning to truly see, understand and appreciate.

There is much more I can and will share with you when I can, for now this should suffice to help you attune to my energy configurations and my credentials as a Cosmic Plane of Awareness and Cosmic Consciousness Guide and Facilitator. I have been through a lot to be able to offer you what I do! The universe has ensured that I was prepared properly!

Through all of these experiences I have had a deep pervasive knowing that they would lead me to being able to facilitate their overall net result for others without them having to go through everything that I have. That time has definitely come now!

Remember always, love follows your awareness! Expand your awareness and love expands too!

In fact EVERYTHING expands with your awareness!

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