Fight or Light?

Fight or Light  - Shifting into Love PowerOur cultures and societies on Earth place enormous value on being tough, pushing through, being able to endure anything that life dishes out and fighting what we call adversity and darkness.

Those who do best at these things are held in high esteem. These have all indeed been qualities that we owe the survival of the human race to up to this point in our evolutionary journey.

We are at point now in our journey where these types of human dynamics are needing to change significantly. Our entire collective assemblage point is shifting and these age-old highly valued characteristics and ways of approaching things are now holding us back from truly taking the deep nourishing drink from the Holy Grail that we have earned and deserve.

If I was to briefly summarize what this shift is about in its core essence, I would say that it is a shift from fighting or opposing what we don’t want to focusing upon and courting what we do want.

Stated that way it would not seem so difficult. Yet it is very difficult! The patterns of fighting adversity and what we do not want, being tough in the face of it all… run very, very deeply indeed.

Everything inside of us tries to tell us that if we don’t fight or resist what we do not want that it will take over our lives and have its way with us. Just the opposite is true though. Whatever we are focusing our attention on gains energy. So the need to fight, be tough and push through sustains itself as a reality and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. The more we fight, the more we get to fight. We feel so good about all our little victories too. Yet we have to keep winning them, the battle never ceases. This is not the Path of Grace!

We are now entering a time wherein that which we are focusing on is going to gain enormous strength in ways we have not experienced previously. It is time for us to really get clear in terms of how we are focusing! I am not only speaking of our conscious minds either. Our subconscious minds are extremely powerful and for most awakened people on Earth they still comprise over 70% of what is going on within their energy systems.

This means that better than 70% of the energy being directed in even the awakened population is not being consciously directed!!! It is being directed instead by various consciousness and energy patterns that are piggybacking along on the DNA unbeknownst to us. These patterns reside in the sub/unconscious aspect of our being.

One primary indicator that this is in fact going on below our conscious threshold is just how hard we must effort to change things to be what we truly desire consciously. Also the fact that often times we do not even succeed for all the effort we have made! Or if we do it may take a very long time to bring it about. If we had conscious control over 100% of our energy system this would not be the case!

The next time you feel an anger or rage arise about something that seems to be not going your way or that is holding you back, recognize this is very creative and healing energy if it expressed properly. It is the energy you need to break through but it must be focused on the goal you desire with GREAT LOVE for that goal, and not with anger or frustration against or about that which seems to keep you from that goal!

To the degree you can accomplish THAT, your life will take off in the directions you desire much more quickly than you can imagine!

If you need some help realigning your focus you could try my new program True-Self Empowerment 01 ~ Prioritizing Love in Your Life, and/or doing some private one on one session work with me.

2 thoughts on “Fight or Light?

  1. Efforting toward things these days, really seems to push me further away from their accomplishment. I almost feel a new language is needed to express living in ever expanding states of grace. When I take time to daydream about something I would like to do, I find that my senses become tuned in to the joy of what I am tuned into. In a highly alert, relaxed state, doing becomes being, and life is your art in motion.

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