Cosmic Energy Amplifying!

The new light quotient we realized with our passage through the 12:21:12 Cosmic Portal has been adding a significant amount of energy into whatever we are focusing upon and thus giving our energy to.

This is somewhat of a double-edged sword. On the one hand it has the potential to greatly empower us if we are conscious enough. On the other hand whatever our sub/unconscious self is holding and directing energy towards is also getting amplified!

The first key to this is to become as conscious as possible… conscious of as much of our overall energy as we can. We must be humble enough to acknowledge that there is a lot of our energy that we are not consciously aware of and we thus do not have control over it. If we had full awareness of and control over all of our energy, we would be capable of instantaneous manifestation of anything we desired.  I don’t know anyone capable of that just yet! But soon we shall know many and be amongst them!

We become more conscious by learning to witness ourselves in life. This is another way of saying we must become more self-aware, and this is the root of the higher consciousness evolution itself.

The second key to this is to embrace and welcome the gift of having our willy nilly sub/unconscious energies amplified so we can see what the heck we have going on inside ourselves! It may not be pleasant in the moment because of what it can bring forth to deal with. Yet, if we cannot see it we cannot deal with it and we thus remain imprisoned by it. When we are imprisoned like this we often do not even realize we are in that prison!

To embrace this level of our energy and being requires self-acceptance and self-love. Our starting point is that God-Source accepts and loves us always no matter what. If God-Source loves us no matter what and our journey is to embody God-Source, then all we have to do is let go of everything that tells us otherwise.

Be aware of when you are needing to love or accept yourself more fully. Then ask yourself what it is that is preventing you from doing that and release whatever the answer is into the Radiant Heart of All-Being to be transmuted, erased and replaced with Infinite Love and Grace. Do this incessantly, let nothing gain an edge over your self-acceptance and love.

This will lead you towards being much more accepting and loving of everyone else too!

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