Emerging from Cosmic Abyss

The Cosmic AbyssI have been feeling and experiencing a significant shift in energy as of today. It actually began about two days ago, but it really became apparent today.

After the 12:21:12 Cosmic Portal and the return of my beloved sweetheart Karen Ani’Ra to the UK in early January I became keenly aware of being in a cosmic abyss. This was more than just me and Karen too. Many people have been connecting and sharing what is going on for them. The common element was that we were feeling like we were in a cosmic abyss of sorts.

What I mean by this is that the energy levels for doing things had fallen way off. This is what I call a “vital energy pull-down.” It occurs when we are in a deeper movement and our vital energy shifts down into a more essential plane.

This feels like tiredness, maybe depression even. If there are health issues they get worse because the vital energy needed to deal with them on a physical level is much less than usual.

The reason we go into such a state, enter the cosmic abyss so to speak, is so we can connect with a deeper level of our essential selves. We have our personal movements in this regard and we also have collective ones. When the collective movement also coincides with a personal one it is very powerful and can be quite disconcerting!

It would seem this synchronistic movement occurred for a significant number of people these last couple of months. The good news is I truly sense that we are now shifting into another type of movement as we head through the March 8th Magdalene Starseeds Transmission (webinar to be announced soon), the March 13th 6th Sacred Tone of Phi’Maat, Balancing Love activation (webinar to be announced soon), and then the March Equinox 2013!

Whew, what a line-up this is going to be!

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