What is Your Truth?

13_03-04_What-is-TruthThere is a lot of talk about truth these days. There are so many ways this word is applied that it can breed some confusion. In the universe that I choose to experience there is only one TRUTH, and that is love. All other truths are a matter of one’s observations and experiences of temporal details… things that are not infinite and eternal in nature.

So to say that the shirt you are wearing today is red in color may be true alright, but it is not what I am referring to as TRUTH. The type of TRUTH I am speaking of is related to matters of heart, soul, spirit and the consciousness that arises from them.

Many people on the spiritual path tend to refer to their strong feelings and convictions as their truth. These feelings may be positive or negative, it does not seem to matter, they are considered one’s truth.

We must consider what we are really setting into motion by declaring something our truth. If we declare that a negative feeling or emotion about something is our truth, then we are binding ourselves to whatever that energy is as our highest possible expression and potential.

It is therefore wise to ask yourself the question, “is this really the highest truth possible for me regarding _____?” before doing that! If the answer is “no” then you need to inquire within what is your highest truth around whatever it is.

Engaging this simple process persistently over time will result in the development of a much higher alignment and resonance regarding what you declare as your truth. You truly are Pure Love, if the truth you declare and thus live by is anything less than what you truly are, then that is how you will define yourself. It will then become your identity, and we tend to defend our identity!

However you define your identity will then also determine what your experience of life is going to be. If you wish to liberate yourself from the limitations of life, always seek to know and align yourself to the highest and most expansive TRUTH of your being, which is Pure Love.

When we are experiencing life as a living expression of Pure Love, being a free-flowing vessel for love, there is no further need to declare our truth. We are then simply living it! That is the only declaration of truth we truly need!

If you have strong feelings that are not this expansive about anything, honor those as being a lesser truth of the moment for you. Also then acknowledge that your highest truth is Pure Love and that you are endeavoring to realize that by being a living expression of Pure Love.

This little technique will assist you greatly in accepting and honoring who and where you are right now, while at the same time recognizing the bigger picture and where you are ultimately headed! It sets your sights high and simultaneously allows for what it is.

As Pure Love, your fist job after all is to fully love yourself just as you are! To the degree that you can do that you will experience the bliss of your own True-Self of Pure Love as your truth! TRUTH doesn’t get any better than THAT!

3 thoughts on “What is Your Truth?

  1. This is exactly the center and foundation that has helped me tune in, TRUTH AS LOVE. Also, when I looked deeply into the way symbols and metaphors express the one in all, it stood to reason that I had reached a point in my journey where loving my self was in essence, broadcasting love.

    I used to dream there would one day be a good news network. I never realized though, that each one of us has that capacity, just by the reflection of our own love of the cosmic self grows to embrace all we see.

    I read today, “we might want to give up on trying to learn anymore via subtraction”. This is how they presented it:
    1+1 = ONE
    1 – 1 = loneliness

    Here’s to the divine math of all equals one love in motion!

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