Consciousness Equinox

Consciousness Equinox, balance of light and dark, yin and yang, God and Goddess.For those of us in northern hemisphere the March Equinox brings Spring, and for those of us in the southern hemisphere it brings Fall or Autumn.

Either way, the Equinoxes are a point of balance in terms of the length of day and night. A point of balance in the terrestrial light. This also synchronizes with movements of the light of consciousness. I speak to these consciousness cycles in terms of the “Shamanic Christ in the Earth” in a free webinar video I did in late 2010. In this video I relate this cycle to the movements of Christ consciousness energy and how it synchronizes at Solstices and Equinoxes between northern and southern hemispheres.

There are of course many ways we can relate to the concept of consciousness being balanced between light and dark. The one I have found most useful and experientially valid through the years is the Yang and the Yin energies being in balance.

During Winter Solstice the Yin is most prominent, opening a womb space for us to inseminate with new potentials, ideas, life path trajectories… to look and connect more deeply within ourselves, etc. During Summer Solstice the Yang is most prominent, bringing the seeds we planted in our inner Goddess womb at Winter Solstice into fruition. It is also a time where any new awareness gleaned from our deeper communion with our Goddess Yin nature at Winter Solstice is brought into its fullest expansion.

At the Equinoxes the Yang and Yin energies are in balance, doing the perfect sacred dance together. This dance of balance serves to remind us of our True-Self’s nature in unity and oneness. At Spring Equinox our sacred couple is dancing into the full expression of our Divine Masculine’s Yang light and energy. At Fall Equinox they are dancing into our Divine Feminine’s Yin light and energy.

Equinoxes are thus a perfect time to more deeply and profoundly remember our oneness and unity with all parts of ourselves, others, and all of Creation! It is also the perfect time to dance the sacred dance with our Divine Couple within, celebrate life ebbing (Fall Equinox) and flowing (Spring Equinox).

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