Mother’s Day 2013

This Sunday May 12th, 2013 we celebrate Mother’s Day in America, possibly other places. In the UK we celebrated this in March. I’ve been gestating and giving birth to this blog since then!

The Goddess CybeleThe celebration of honouring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society tends to be around the beginning of springtime. It’s roots stem from pre-Christian times and are believed to date back to Roman times when a festival was held in mid-March to honour Cybele, the mother goddess. Her annual spring festival was held in celebrated the death and resurrection of her beloved Attis. Cybele was the goddess of nature, bees and fertility, she also ruled over wild beasts.

After Europe and Britain adopted Christianity, Laetare Sunday – the traditional name for the fourth Sunday of Lent – became the focus to continue mother-themed celebrations in honour of the Virgin Mary and the ‘mother church’.

Children picked flowers to decorate their church or give to their own mothers, a tradition which is still present these days, with Mums everywhere looking forward to being given flowers on Mother’s Day.

Not everyone has a Mother whom they know of, or who is living, nor may everyone feel that they want to honour this celebration. It has become quite a commercial affair and far removed from the real meaning of the celebration.

However there is a part inside all of us that is our own Mother, our life giver, the source of how we nurture and nourish ourselves. So it’s a good time to ask, “ how loving am I with myself?” How do I think and feel when I see my reflection in the mirror? Am I devoting too much time to my children, partner or job at the cost of my own needs? Am I becoming impatient or even angry as I feel no one cares for me!

I definitely recognise these feelings, having been married for many years, have been in life long nursing career and have been bringing up a family. With all this I did not always take or make time for myself. I now recognise just how important this is, and I make my life my priority first now.

For the last 9 years I have been opening to explore deeper parts of me that had closed down, that had not been honoured , that I did not even know I had! I’ve been learning to voice my expression and this is an ongoing one as I feel very deeply and find it difficult to put what I am feeling into words.

While nursing I see many patients who are in fact in great need of inner nourishment. Being naturally in-tune with the Great Mother this warm nourishing energy just flows from me. I enjoy tending to people in tender gentle ways. One old lady this week who had been very quiet suddenly announced that she loved me! I had not met her before, the nurse working with me commented that she had not told her that, and she had been looking after her regularly. The old lady heard this and then replied that she loved her too! I knew she was referring to the way I respectfully approached her and gently touched her when cleaning her up.

When we were small and skinned our knees a mother’s hug and kiss went a long way to making our wound feel better and start to heal. The more we self-nourish and tend to our own woundings, the more present we become in our bodies, and we can carry more of our Divine Presence.

Men also have this capacity to nourish, in fact anyone who has a lifelong devotion to nurturing and or protecting the environment or supporting any life form, or giving birth to books or ideas will have experience of how this works.

I checked out the Mayan energy for this Mother’s Day in May 2013. It is 3 Iq, the Power to Harvest, Wow! what a great day to give yourself some mothering , this nourishing energy brings an abundance of healing!

Honour how you are feeling, take some time for yourself. If emotions are running high look for the gift, turn this into a cathartic experience. If we can open to express our emotions and feelings we can benefit from allowing ourselves to confront what is arising for us. We can be ‘refreshed’ and feel the gentle caress of the divine breath soothing our spirit, calming any anguish we have processed.

This 3 Iq Mayan energy brings the calm that follows the storm, it can restore beauty and open hearts to feel joy and love again. It teaches us about our increasing sensitivity, so perhaps a good day to take a walk in the park, clear your aura in some way as a gift to yourself look to re-balance in whatever way works for you.

Iq helps to harvest the seeds that have been sown in terms of projects, plans, dreams or intentions and can clear away any unclear energy that gets in the way of reaping a rich and beautiful harvest of these. Evoke within yourself a vibration that lifts your soul to experience a Mothering of joy and hope to fill your heart.

This pure crystalline energy is aligned with crystals and the natural waters of Mother Earth, it realigns us with ourselves and the crystalline structure of our sacred humanness, attunes our breathing to the original breath of life.

Mother Nature, also known as Gaia An’Ma, caretaker of the Planet and us her children, has the capacity to forgive and hold all her children in her heart. She wishes for us to reach our full potential, our True-Self.

I’m wishing you all a most wonderful and magical Mothering Sunday with the gifts of love, joy and peace to be received into your hearts and all those around you. Together let’s hold the intention for this blessing to be showered and shared amongst all our brothers and sisters here on Earth.

And So It Is. ~ Karen Ani’Ra Edwards

Karen Ani'Ra Edwards

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2013

  1. Thank you, Karen, for such a warm and expansive piece. You’ve captured the true essence of Mother’s Day, as it applies to ALL of us — Mothers, women, men, Mother Earth, etc. Mother’s Day is truly an honoring and reconnection to the Divine Feminine within all of us, hence the energies of nurturing, tenderness, connection, creativity, beauty and nourishing unconditional love. I appreciate how you’ve threaded together here some background information, insights about the energy/meaning, a personal example, the Mayan day significance this May 12th and suggestions on ways to make the most of this special day from a spiritual focus. Just reading your entry is nurturing to the soul!

    Congratulations, sweet Karen, on your first blog. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day!! (yes, you get two!)

    Lots of love and warm hugs,

  2. Thank you so much for such a heartfelt hug of a message! I look forward to relaxing into the love flow from Gaia An’Ma this Mother’s Day and expanding that limitless sense of nourishing love this presence pours through me. Often, your expressions help me bridge my heart to Gaia An’Ma and simply expand the love I am feeling. Your words help me be a better lover of all.
    May this Mother’s Day shower you with love, Karen!

    • Thank you Lyndy for such lovely feedback on my first blog,
      I love that I can be a channel of nourishing love and be a bridge for others to receive this.
      Big Smiles for my Mother’s Day love shower!
      blessings! love Karen

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