Solstice Reflections

Winter Solstice NASAWhen we embrace the solstices we are consciously acknowledging the points on our annual solar cross that represent the extremes in the balance of light that we receive from our Sun on the planet.

These points of extreme in the physical light spectrum are very powerful points to focus on the illumination of our Inner Sun which is beyond these polarity swings of light and dark.

The more strongly we are able to remain connected to our Inner Sun of Perpetual Luminosity the less we are affected by the extremes of the physical light spectrum, or any other duality in a world of form such as the Earth we know.

I have worked with this for many years. I lived for over 16 years in Seattle where these swings from Summer to Winter Solstice were rather profound due to it’s northern latitude. That area also receives a lot of low dense cloud cover which dims the Sun’s light making the Winter Solstice a very dark one!

Then I moved to sunny Colorado further south, and then sunny New Mexico, then Hawaii, then Colorado again. So 16 years in Seattle with very little Sun energy, then 19 years in much sunnier areas, then to southwest England again which is very similar to Seattle! I’ve been here a bit over two years now.

Having experienced these fairly radical changes in the degree of light in the physical light spectrum available from the Sun, has helped me to gain a much deeper understanding of how to stay connected to our Inner Sun of Perpetual Luminosity so these environmental changes would not cause the type of biological swings that can make you like you’re on a roller coaster ride!

From this depth of my personal experience over time, I am inspired to offer you this simple but effective meditative process for connecting more solidly to your Inner Sun of Perpetual Luminosity! You are of course encouraged to make it your own in any way you are guided to!

Breathe slowly, deeply and rhythmically in and out through your heart until you feel a wave of peace moving through your whole body and being.

I AM the Light… I AM the Flame, I AM God’s Holy Name. (3x)

(The Light is a Creation of the Flame of Love which emanates from the vibration or name of your sacred holy center, your God Self)

Within the Inner Chamber of my Holy of Holies, my Sacred Heart…

I bask in the warmth and the Light of my Inner Sun of Perpetual Luminosity.

I feel it’s warmth and invite it more deeply into every cell and atom of my being.

It hums within me as a hive of bees nurturing their queen.

I AM both the queen being nurtured, and the worker bees nurturing her.

I AM all cycles of life without end.

I AM within cycles of life ruled by imbalances of light…

Yet I AM the Light and Love that gave birth to all such cycles…

Therefore I AM beyond all cycles of the physical spectrum of light, and all the duality that issues forth from them.

I AM the Light… I AM the Flame, I AM God’s Holy Name. (3x)

Continue breathing the energy you feel inside now slowly, deeply and rhythmically in and out through your heart to amplify it for as long as you wish.

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