The 2015 Mega-Paradigm-Shift

I’ve shared with you recently about some of the Keshe technologies. You can read or re-read this previous article below.

Significant Developments on Earth ~ GRB’s, Consciousness, Keshe Plasma Tech

I came across Keshe as I was researching and bringing through information regarding the possibility of a magnetic pole shift, a solar grand minimum, and the correlations these may have to mass extinctions and the LP-40 mass ascension. You can read or re-read these previous articles here:

The 2015 Mega Paradigm ShiftThe more deeply I delve into the Keshe science and consciousness perspectives, the more profound it gets! It is also integral with a profound Paradigm Shift that occurred in 2015. Let me explain…

On October 2015 the Keshe information was released in a much larger way to the world than it had been previously. To fully understand what a massive shift his new paradigm science represents we need to take a bit of a journey back through time.

In the early days of our evolution we learned to make use of fire. We learned to use it for keeping warm, providing light, protection and then later for altering food (cooking).

Fire later came into use as a means to help us make better tools by forging and tempering metals. Sometime after that we began to realize we could use fire to do some work and to provide locomotion. The steam engine was one of our first inventions along these lines. Internal combustion engines, jet turbines and rocket engines followed. Then we discovered how to burn nuclear fuels too.

Everything we are doing today is still based on burning things like we did very early on in our evolution. It’s only the sophistication of the technology which determines HOW we burn them and what we burn that has been changing.

To burn things to produce energy is a destructive process. Burning things destroys various forms of matter and changes them into something else. Then the remaining constituents of matter that remain must enter into various natural cycles to be regenerated again.

When you are speaking of something like fossil fuels the regeneration cycles are enormously long. With wood from trees it is less so, but it still takes a long time. Other forms of biomass replenish more quickly, but it still requires time and energy to be consumed in the regeneration phase.

Even our human bodies are part of this type of cycle when digesting food. Matter forms must be consumed, broken down and burned as fuel by our body’s metabolic processes to ensure our survival, health and comfort.

For a very long time I’ve been an avid believer in the concept that it’s entirely possible to create matter and energy directly from the infinite energy source which is everywhere in the universe.

There have been Masters throughout the aeons that have demonstrated an ability to manifest things “from thin air.” Well, the truth of the matter is, they do not manifest anything from thin air! Rather, they manifest these things from the universal field of energy, converting that energy into matter by structuring it with vibrational electromagnetic and gravitational field patterns.

In truth, all forms of matter that we can see, touch, smell, taste and measure etc, are all derived in the same way. Quantum mechanics has been working very close to this line of thinking for some time.

However, quantum physics is still largely attempting to discover how the subtle quantum energy fields of subatomic reality derive from the matter state, versus looking at it the other way around whereby matter derives from the state of the quantum field of subtle energy.

Science is also still baffled by the actual nature of gravity, how it is created and what laws of physics actually govern it. They believe gravity is a function of mass, but this theory defies demonstration or proof using any of the equations scientists have formulated for this purpose.

Enter Keshe… he has shown us how gravity is electromagnetic in nature. It is simply part of an electric universe (EU) in which everything has an electromagnetic nature. He’s not alone either. You can Google “Vladimir Leonov Superunified” to see a much more scientific treatment of what Keshe relates.

Keshe has proposed a model of how gravity and magnetic fields interact to produce energy and matter. He speaks of the three types of matter recognized by nuclear physics: matter, anti-matter and dark matter. He has mapped out how these relate to neutrons, electrons and protons as well as the magnetic and gravitational field interactions which take place all throughout the universe.

To be sure, many scientists are now exploring the exciting new frontier of the electric universe (EU). Keshe, however, has been quite focused on using the knowledge he has to develop space travel technologies and to solve world problems.

It began with his Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (KFSSI). He was researching ways to travel great distances in space. This would require being able to propel a craft without combustible forms of fuel that have to be continually replenished. He also was researching how to produce your own supplies on-board without any re-supply stations being available in deep space travel.

The Keshe plasma science and related technology emerged as a result. With plasma technology, it’s no longer necessary to destroy matter to produce energy for power, nutrition for our bodies, medicine, and ultimately even supply materials for creating and building things. The Keshe Foundation has demonstrated weight reduction via obtaining lift through gravitational repulsion. This was accomplished without propulsion by burning or ejecting matter.

The basic concept of how this works is that the plasma technology creates and harvests charged particles from the universal plasma — aka the vacuum, the zero point energy field, etc. It then controls and directs these created/harvested charged particles through conductive circuits to do work like running appliances in the home or work place, and then returns them to the universal plasma where they once again assume their original state of balance.

It’s a similar process to control the plasma fields and particles in such that they create a gravitational field that repels the one of the Earth, much like two magnets if you place their same poles together.

This same technology can supply a flow of plasma to our body for the purposes of helping relieve pain and supporting the body in its healing processes. It can also supply the body with energy for metabolism that is not derived from food consumption and metabolism.

Manifesting matter from pure energy plasma can be accomplished using vibrational patterns as templates to structure the plasma particles into those patterns. This is similar to recording any vibrational pattern into water, as in homeopathy for example.

Another example is found in how sound vibrations hitting a plate will cause sand on that plate to become arranged into beautiful geometric patterns (cymatics) that represent the sound waves and their harmonics and intersection points. The concept here is that there is a vibrational pattern, and particles are being arranged into something by that pattern.

However, in the case of the pure energy charged particles and ions in the universal plasma, you’re actually going to be able to manifest the matter form of whatever the vibrational pattern represents. This is all an atom is. It’s charged particles arranged into a specific pattern! A molecule is a specific pattern of atoms that has been assembled together.

There are numerous applications of how this can occur. In creating food this way in the Keshe Health Cups, the water begins taking on the flavor of whatever food was used as the pattern. For example, if the vibrational pattern used was a piece of carrot, the water in the health cup being treated starts to taste a lot like a carrot and contains it’s nutritional vibrational essence!

In testing the viability of this somewhat homeopathic form of nutrition, Keshe reported a woman survived 5 days on nothing else, and that she did not at all feel hungry or weak, had plenty of energy and all of that at the end of the 5 days. She did, however, state that she missed chewing things!

Take a moment to contemplate the importance of this part of the technology relative to our entering into a solar grand minimum with a magnetic pole reversal underway. That is a double whammy for our planet.

During the last solar grand minimum, called the Maunder Minimum, myriads of people in various locales died of starvation as crops failed due to falling temperatures due to a decrease in solar output, especially further north and south of the equator.

I promised you awhile back I would be sharing information that related to preparedness on physical and consciousness levels for the possibility of a magnetic pole shift and a solar grand minimum coinciding with each other. These coinciding celestial events will greatly amplify the adverse effects of each other.

There is mounting scientific evidence that this is already well under way, and that over the next 50 years or so we will experience the type of conditions on Earth that I am speaking of. If this indeed occurs as it appears it is, then these conditions will become much more apparent in about 10-20 years.

This Keshe technology is what the universe brought me to delve into for the purposes of such a preparation for my Family of Light. It clearly holds the potential to address the needs for power off-grid, for food without being able to grow or buy any, for greatly enhancing food growth naturally when and while we still can, for staying healthy and relieving pain, and even for producing materials that we could use to build things, create clothing with, etc.

Additionally, and perhaps MOST IMPORTANTLY, the technology itself represents a significant shift in consciousness on this planet which occurred in 2015. Bruce Lipton spoke of a paradigm shift occurring in October 2015, and that is when Keshe released this technology to the world. Other things have been happening that represent this shift as well. As a result of what Keshe released people all over the world are now experimenting with the information and technology he has been making available.

Some people are already having some success creating “free energy” (somewhat of a misnomer) electric power devices, nutrition, batteries that last a very long time, pain relieving and healing tools, and even medical applications.

Most of the medicine type applications of the Keshe technology are being advanced by the Chinese people working with Keshe Foundation. They’ve built some amazing devices for creating and administering medicinals via a plasma flow along with something that holds a specific vibrational pattern to structure the plasma flow into what you want.

The Major Paradigm Shift in 2015 is therefore that we’ve finally apprehended the final bit of knowledge necessary to move our race beyond the limited modalities we’ve been using so we can stop burning things and destroying matter to obtain power and energy to do our work and power our devices and bodies.

This Paradigm Shift has far-reaching implications, more than meets the eye! I’ll be covering this topic more specifically in 2016. For now, just contemplate how needing to have things to burn or eat allows those powers that are in control of our world to control those things we need in order to control us for their own greed.

This 2015 Paradigm Shift spells the beginning of the end of that dynamic on Earth! I’m excited to say the least!

I’ll talk to all you next year and a very Blissed New Year’s to you all!

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