2016 ~ Year of Heart Movement & Acceleration

2016 ~ Year of Heart Movement and AccelerationClick image for large hi-res version, our gift!

I begin this year’s evolutionary annual treatise with some excerpts from the first part of last year’s, because they are universal and handily summarize the previous 4 years’ dynamics as well as some other pertinent prelude information.

If you’d prefer to read the entire New Years message from last year, which is quite powerful and forever relevant (highly recommended), click here.

In 2012 the Metatronic Councils of Light referred to that year as the “Year of Power,” 2013 as the “Year of Divine Grace,” then 2014 as the “Year of Reconciliation.”

…in 2015 they are referring to this as the “Year of Surrender & Trust.” …

Shi’Ra EL’Fa’Na: my beloveds, your collective soul has broken through the constraints of three dimensional time-space as of 11:11:11…

This linear time break-out opened the door for the immense infusion of essential power your collective experienced in 2012, and which brought forth many age-old patterns of limitation to be reconciled (2014) with that power through the Law of Grace (2013), and ultimately its Infinite Source…

All of these dynamics are still unfolding, for these yearly dynamics I have been naming are not really a linear progression, but rather a highlighting of particular aspects of an overall holographic expansion. There are numerous factors that cause such highlighting to occur.

One of these factors is the astrological energetics that will be taking place during the course of a given annual solar cycle on Earth. There are additionally very powerful galactic and inter-galactic energetics and alignments that are not usually identified by your Earthen forms of astrology. Yet another factor is the moment to moment overall response of your Earth’s collective consciousness to these energetic cosmic factors…

For the year 2016, the potentials held within the dynamics of a Heart Movement and Acceleration are those which are being offered most prominently to the human collective on Earth.

Our beloved soul sister and Solar High Priestess Shi’Ra EL’Fa’Na now elaborates on what she is referring to in regards these dynamics of Heart Movement and Acceleration in 2016.

Shi’Ra EL’Fa’Na: my beloveds, the year that lies ahead for your collective will continue to draw heavily upon the consciousness theme of Surrender and Trust that I identified for you for last year.

Yet, in 2016 the need for true Surrender and Trust will be drawn to the surface much more clearly as extremely powerful energies surge through your collective consciousness on Earth inspiring you to engage more fully in long held inner dreams that have lain dormant within your collective psyche for aeons of time.

In the beginning of your time on Earth, you entered into the dream of limitations. This was by design, it served and serves a purpose that is in truth beyond the capacity of the human conscious mind to comprehend. Yet, your human heart knows it very well… it always has and it always will.

Stated simply for the mind, the entire purpose of entering into the dream of limitations was to understand more fully the beauty of the Dream of Love. To expand upon the beauty, textures, colors and radiance of Love in the Universal Heart.

Your souls have traveled through many epochs of time on Earth, my beloveds. You have known the whole gamut of limitations in the various dimensional worlds of form and realities found on your planet.

Like the oyster which takes a very long time encapsulating a small grain of impurity within the beauty of a pearl inside of its body, your souls too have taken these limitations as impurities and encapsulated them within your hearts.

In doing so, many souls on Earth have hardened their hearts, or closed them and shut down because they simply could not bear any more pain and disillusionment.

The cosmic movement of the last several decades on Earth has been slowly opening your collective back up the Dream of Love once again to reveal its beautiful pearl. If you at all engaged in Surrendering to the Potential and Trust in the Unknown during the year of 2015, you may have noticed that when you did there was a rushing of energy inside of your being that was not there in the same way previously.

Even if you did not notice it, this rushing of energy was indeed present in your being every time you successfully surrendered to the potential of a situation, or when you surrendered to the unknown in absolute trust.

This rushing of energy represents the beginning of the Heart Movement and Acceleration that I am speaking of being activated more fully in the coming year of 2016.

To experience the potential that this Heart Movement and Acceleration truly offers you, it’s imperative that you know implicitly how to properly Surrender to the Potential, and then how to mover even further into Surrendering to the Unknown in absolute Trust.

It is only from this platform of consciousness that you will be able to fully activate and experience the potentials held within the Dream of Love in an entirely new Heart Movement and Acceleration on Earth.

It’s indeed happening right now all over your Earth too, my beloveds. Souls from all cultures are feeling the Dream of Love more strongly in their hearts while in embodiment than they have for a very long time.

What is the Dream of Love? It is, quite simply, anything you wish it to be that also embraces the inter-connectedness and sacredness of all life in all dimensions and worlds from the core of one’s being in the heart.

It is the dream that will transform your world from one of greed, competition, pain and suffering, to one of abundant sharing, cooperation, caring, forgiveness, compassion and wellbeing for ALL beings in your collective.

There are many, many patterns in your collective consciousness that elicit fear in the hearts of even those who consciously desire to enter into the Dream of Love, most especially when they are faced with letting go of the old so the new may manifest.

No soul on Earth is exempt from dealing with such patterns. The liberating question to ask yourself then, is this my beloveds…

“Am I willing to let go, be vulnerable, and surrender into a world of love that I really don’t know yet, or will I instead manifest such a high degree of pain that finally I let go out of desperation?”

As a new cosmic fire pours through your collective being in 2016, it will energize both of the dreams I have spoken to inside of you… only YOU can choose which to follow, allowing the other to then lose power and dissolve.

If you feel torn inside over anything, it is nothing more than these two dreams existing side by side inside of you, causing a conflict therein until you choose one and move forward with it.

If you inadvertently choose the dream of limitations once again, please know it’s OK my beloveds, because the Great Love will bring you back to another point of choice and it will keep embracing you this way until you finally choose the Dream of Love.

Once you do this and keep reinforcing it with every opportunity that comes your way, an entirely new version of the Dream of Love will become your reality. You will then become a seed in the collective that others will water and help grow even as you help them do the same.

It is a beautiful dream, my beloveds. Close your eyes and open your hearts now and join me there for 2016 and beyond!

From the Heart Movement that Accelerates All Love,
I AM Shi’Ra EL’Fa’Na
7D Solar High Priestess ~ Temple of La’kina

One thought on “2016 ~ Year of Heart Movement & Acceleration

  1. Dear Simeon and Karen,

    The moment I began to engage with Shi’RaELFaNa’s energy or even just before, a download of her most beautiful loving energy enfolded me and grew
    more powerful surging thro me. At the same time I was brushed with softest, gentle touch of pink lotus flowers floating around me infusing my body with their essence of love then gently fading after the meditation. But the stronger
    energy less intense stayed with me for several hours.

    Such a lovely experience and I thank you both from my heart for your dedication and service to LOVE.

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