The La’Zen Wave – Part Two

The La'Zen Wave

The La'Zen Wave - Part II

Picking up where we left off in our story last week... Read La'Zen Wave Part I if you need to first.

When I first saw I'Aysha she was surrounded by myriads (999 to be exact) of small girl babies in my vision of her. All these babies were wearing little soul pearl bead outfits and tiaras just like I'Aysha does. It was very cute, although it's clearly just symbolic!

I inquired as to why they all appeared to be females. Immediately I found myself within a vast hologram of awareness where I could see that all of the souls who had been brought into La'kina for Earth incarnation as a part of this La'Zen Wave will be incarnating under a new directive strictly as females, and they will do so repeatedly over time.

There could of course be some exceptions now and again, reality is like that. However, the primary thrust in this La'Zen's directive is to bring wave after wave of feminine energy into the incarnational matrix of Earth to help bring us into a more balanced state of peace and harmony in time.

Further, each of these 144,000 La'Zen souls will also be gathering many more souls from other interstellar regions to join them and do the same. This will result in wave after wave of these souls incarnating as females. There will many millions of these souls who will have come to the Earth to incarnate in this La'Zen Wave before it completes.

All of the souls coming here to participate in this La'Zen Wave for our collective are of the type called "Ambionic" that can produce multiple soul ray projections into the same reality sphere simultaneously. Some of these souls will also be of the "Diatronic" having the same ability as the Ambionic, and also able to project soul rays into various differing dimensional reality systems simultaneously. For further information on these soul types and a lot more related material see my eBook Science of the Soul.

Therefore, for every one of the millions of souls that participates, the number of incarnations they may produce may be many multiples of the actual number of souls involved. In this manner the entire balance of male/female embodiments on the Earth is going to be shifting strongly towards the feminine in the future as you might imagine.

This will also be one of the mechanisms by which world population will be brought into a more proper natural balance. There are other dynamics involved in this also. One of them is that there are soon to be same rather significant waves of indigenous souls -- souls whose home star is our Sun -- who have matured to a point where they are going to move on from the Earth and our Solar System to take incarnation within other star systems to expand on their soul experiences. Our Star-Sun going into a Solar Minimum period will also mean that not many new souls will be birthed here for some time to come.

The population reduction will also be facilitated by these particular La'Zen Wave female embodiments incarnating under a specific pattern of energy and consciousness whereby they will not be so interested in pro-creation, but rather co-creation. Procreation will still occur in a limited manner, but it will only occur as a result of a much higher soul impulse that is in direct resonance with the morphogentic field of the planet controlling its incarnational flow.

These souls will thus also be helping to very powerfully shift the old patriarchal power structure into one which strikes a proper balance of male/female energy. In the beginning this will result in a swing of the pendulum towards the feminine energy having the greater weight of power to help offset the energetic "kickback" that will be part of the final struggle of the patriarchy as it dissolves.

This opposite swing to the feminine power is not intended to be a matriarchal power, however. Once the La'Zen Wave has shifted the balance in our collective in said manner, this energy will then begin to slosh like a wave in a tub, back and forth, to find it's proper balance of male/female.

Just before the 2016 June Solstice I had another experience. In this experience Karen and I facilitated the 999 souls I'Aysha had gathered within the Temple of La'kina to enter into the pre-incarnational staging area of the Earth's akashic field. We in effect "sponsored" them here. We will hereafter have a special soul connection with them, but we're not sure just how that may show up.

On June 25th I then also learned that 9 of these La'Zen Wave souls from La'kina had already taken incarnation on Earth. This surprised me as I had been thinking that would start happening at least 9 months hence. However, there are numerous ways this type of thing can occur.

This had occurred for one of the souls I'Aysha had gathered and which we had sponsored. This soul's birth occurred in or near Glastonbury. The soul that was originally going to be incarnating in that body swapped places with the La'Zen soul that I'Aysha had gathered from Andromeda and whom we had sponsored.

The original incarnating soul that swapped out with our La'Zen soul will now be coming back to incarnate at a slightly later time to be a sibling. This soul is also receiving some very special treatment in the Temple of La'kina in the meantime!

I know of another scenario for one other of these 9 La'Zen souls. There were twins about to be born in Australia. One of the twins was not showing many signs of life and doctors believed it may be still born. The other twin was holding the soul energy for both bodies because there was no soul directly associated with the near dead twin as yet, although that's unusual and I'm currently not aware of why. The La'Zen soul therefore assumed incarnation through the nearly dead twins body, gave it new life, and was then born with its twin sibling!

Another scenario involved two more of these initial 9 La'Zen souls. They assumed a last minute 'layered incarnation' with a 3rd soul. I'm uncertain of their layering configuration or where on the planet this birth occurred. This layering happened just hours prior to the child's birth. Now those 3 souls are together coordinating the life and persona of that child's incarnation, meaning that it's a Master embodiment of sorts.

I share those scenarios with you, not because they are important in and of themselves, but because they help demonstrate some very interesting elements regarding soul sciences. You can learn a great deal more about layered souls and many other aspects of the esoteric and higher dimensional soul sciences in my eBook the "Science of the Soul."

One last note. According to Maia's work with Thoth, on May 29th there was what she refers to as the Arcadian Star Streams activation. This was in essence the return of some ancient star stream connections to the Earth.

I did not have time to be following what Maia was doing in this regard. It only occurred to me about mid-June that the Arcadian Star Streams and the La'Zen Wave are very closely related.

What I have gleaned about it thus far is that the Arcadian Star Streams had to be activated again before the 144,000 souls of the La'Zen Wave could actually enter the Earth's incarnational field in the way that they did. The way they entered by coming in through the Temple of La'kina as a result of having been gathered into Mother Bubbles by various La'kina Beings, is definitely not the usual pathway for incarnation!

There is something about the energy of the Arcadian Star Streams that opened a pathway for higher frequency energy to be woven into incarnational starseed streams entering the planet. Right now, this Arcadian energy is still in the process of establishing it's "tone" within the Earth's collective field.

This is why the pre-incarnational preparation process in the 7D Temple of La'kina was necessary for the initial 144,000 La'Zen souls. Now that this has taken place the initial La'Zen souls will be able to directly gather other souls to join them in this La'Zen Wave. The other souls who do join them will not need to be prepared in the Temple of La'kina.

I suspect there will be even more revealed about this La'Zen Wave and it's related topics, stay tuned!

Image Credit: image for this post is an enhanced version of "Falling Light Waves" by Creativity103 on Flickr.

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