The La’Zen Wave – Update 1

The La’Zen Wave – Update I

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As of the September 2016 equinox ALL of the 999 souls gathered up by our heavenly daughter I’Aysha, and the additional 142,857 souls (143 x 999) had engaged specific incarnational journeys on Earth. Many of these souls had already entered bodies by this date through various means to jump start the La’Zen Wave.

Some of the means this was taking place so quickly included walk-ins, pre-birth soul swaps and layered soul latticing.

Walk-ins are the dynamic most people will be familiar with. These involve a soul trading places with another soul and taking over the control of the body. These are not as frequent as is commonly believed and there are other explanations for what may appear to be one. However, they can and do occur when there is a purpose that benefits the entire collective that can be served and when the two souls agree.

Pre-birth soul swaps are another form of walk-in, but one which occurs prior to the time of birth.

Layered soul latticing is where multiple souls share a single body for an incarnation. These can involve 3, 5 or 7 souls. These types of incarnation are usually master level embodiments. These multiple soul incarnational lattices are usually formed prior to the birth of the body. However, they can also be formed after birth, and even well into the adult stage of an incarnation.

However, soul latticing becomes more difficult for the soul, who has been in the body since birth, to integrate with the other souls as the duration (age) of the incarnation progresses.


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Additionally, many of these first wave La’Zen Wave souls have taken incarnation through the normal pathway by choosing parents who then conceive. As a result of these souls it will be the June Solstice in 2017 before all of these souls will be walking on Earth in bodies. Keep in mind, these are all female embodiments.

I have a strong sense that there will be additional La’Zen Wave updates before June Solstice 2017. These could perhaps involve transmissions regarding the remaining 144 souls that will be prepped within the Temple of La’kina to assume EL’Zohim positions.

These updates could also possibly be about the further gathering of additional souls by the first wave of La’Zen souls. This latter activity is destined to keep the La’Zen Waves rolling into the earthen beach of consciousness evolution as increasingly larger waves with time until the La’Zen Wave dynamic completes sometime circa 2027.

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