The Illuminati’s Egg is Cracking

The Illuminati's Cosmic Egg is Cracking

First, let me be clear that this post is NOT about politics even though it takes a brief look at some of the political affairs in both the USA and the UK and comments on them.

This is instead about energy and consciousness movements on this planet, and how they are being facilitated by the Inner Light Network for the purpose of liberating humanity. This activity involves "cracking the Illuminati's proverbial egg" so that some of the nourishment trapped inside of it that's been going to waste can finally benefit the people of Earth once again as it was intended to.

Some of what I have to share herein may be shocking to people with strong political allegiances or spiritual ideologies. It's not my intent to shock anyone. It's just that it is time on planet Earth to look more directly at some things that could feel uncomfortable.

I myself have gone through a process over the last year or two regards all of this, weeding out parts of myself that had difficulty being fully open-minded about such things as I'll be sharing herein. I'm also not concerned about convincing anyone regards what's true or not. It's up to you to decide what you do with this information.

As many of you know I've been communicating with a group that refers to themselves as the "Inner Light Network" since the mid-90's. It's a collective type communication rather than one that involves connecting with a single being. This communication channel is sometimes available "online" in the etheric and other times not. In other words, it's not one of the types of spirit communications that I can turn on and access at will. Either they're "broadcasting" or they're not.

The ILN is working in alignment with Universal Law and higher consciousness principles to help humanity liberate itself from the confines of the limited reality it currently finds itself within. The ILN has various factions working on this overarching goal with many sub-projects that facilitate it from a myriad of different perspectives.

They have many people in embodiment on Earth that are part of their overall matrix. Some are in key positions in government, banking, corporations, the military etc. Their core members communicate strictly telepathically with each other. They have no need for using any sort of telecommunications, mail etc. Most of the ILN's core beings have been in the same embodiment on the Earth for hundreds of years.

The rest of the beings in their matrix are on various levels of engagement and connection far too complex to detail in this transmission. There are, however, many souls that participate with ILN directives who have never even heard of the name I am using for them, Inner Light Network. Knowing them by some specific name is irrelevant. It's all about resonance with their matrix and projects and listening within for where and what you're guided to engage.

The ILN has been working specifically for many decades to advance and expand the power that truly progressive people and groups have on the planet in our current age. They have, however, run into many problems in attempting to do so.

One of the major problems in this regard, is that progressive people who think out of the box are still small in number even today. They therefore tend to offset their weakness in numbers by anchoring very strongly to the ideologies that they believe in. This is a double edge sword because on the one hand it helps progressives hold a frequency, and on the other hand being truly progressive means never getting so anchored into any ideology that you cannot see a larger truth or make a shift in perspective when needed.

This fixed anchoring has in fact happened to most of the progressive energy on the planet right now. These should be the people the ILN can work with on the ground. However, they inform me there are very few progressive people that this is possible with currently.

This is due to the degree of their fixed anchoring preventing them from being open minded and flexible enough to engage activities that may seem to them to not be headed in the right direction in the short term. So it is a short term vision versus long term vision and awareness problem as well.

This problem has also in part come about because the Illuminati have carefully setup what can only rightfully be called traps with bait to try and contain the progressives. An excellent example of this is what has occurred with the European Union (EU). There are many, many very good-hearted, peaceful well-meaning progressive type people who wanted the UK to remain as part of the EU because of the regulations regards environment, human rights and immigration that membership in the EU required.

The problem is that the EU is actually an instrument of the Illuminati, and the human rights, immigration and environmental regulations associated with it are nothing but carrots they have dangled to slowly consume whole blocks of countries and to completely usurp their sovereignty in the end. As this takes place the citizens of those countries will in effect become assets and slaves of the EU. It's not too far from that now in Greece. The EU is owned and controlled by the Illuminati, which is comprised of the wealthy power elite, the largest corporate and banking interests in the world.

Most of the people who were for Brexit were not the type of people I normally resonate or associate with. They were people like Nigel Farage who is anti-labor, anti-human rights, anti-immigration and anti-environment. He's an extremist from the far right in other words. Not my cup of tea by any means.

Yet, Brexit was part of a plan that the ILN facilitated. In order to do so they had to work along various lines to allow the likes of Farage and his constituents to carry the day in the referendum. Yet, now they re-direct their energy to helping the people of the UK develop the internal political will necessary to enact their own human rights, immigration and environmental regulations rather than transferring that responsibility onto an external parasitic entity like the EU. In order to restore balance they are also now working to dissipate the leadership and power Farage attained through Brexit.

The very idea of a Brexit referendum as initiated by Cameron was in fact part of the Illuminati's plan to try and silence the heated debate that had been ongoing regards a Brexit for many years. In other words, if the public was given their right to choose, and they voted to remain in the EU, then the EU and the portions of the UK government playing the EU game could snuff out all that Brexit talk forever more.

They had a good deal of propaganda prepared and implemented to ensure that the people of the UK would indeed vote to remain in the EU in the referendum. However, it did not turn out that way. The Illuminati then activated their backup plan, which was to install Theresa May.

Her role is to make it a very "hard" Brexit, even though this is entirely unnecessary. This type of approach is designed to punish the UK for leaving the EU by creating unnecessary hardships which they hope will force the UK to recapitulate and remain in the EU after all when they see how bad Brexit is turning out. To this end there have also been delays in enacting Article 50, which for those unfamiliar is like a legal no turning back point.

The ILN is working very ardently to offset the punishment being doled out to the people of the UK for choosing to leave the EU. At the same time the ILN is facilitating various different dynamics meant to help the citizens of the UK to develop their own internal human rights, environmental, immigration and open market policies.

I'm detailing this Brexit dynamic because it is important to see how the ILN worked with this movement of change for the long term benefit of humanity full well knowing there may be a short term price to be paid. This required them to direct energy that would seem to have supported the likes of Nigel Farage and his greedy, corrupt and uncaring cronies.

The ILN assures me that Farage has placed himself into a very precarious position because of his misaligned energy and approach, and that they are also engineering pathways that will help bring him into a greater place of accountability and balance. If Farage himself comes to accept that path it will be smoother for him. If he doesn't, the ILN will dangle some carrots to lead him into a box canyon created by his own ego where other forces will be able to then hold him accountable and keep him in check.

With that in mind, I'll now address the ILN's activity regards the recent USA Presidential election which was just won by Donald Trump. Regardless of your personal opinion of this man, he is going to be the next POTUS unless something happens between now and when he is sworn into office.

Trump's defeat of Clinton is another crack in the Illuminati's egg, and it is a rather large one, that when combined with Brexit is even more significant. This is because the Clinton's have been in politics for a very long time. They have very deep roots into the old system and know how the game is played. They have very strong ties to the wealthiest people, corporations and banks on planet Earth. In other words, the Illuminati can easily use them as their puppets and they know that. The Clintons in essence represent a very old paradigm that had to shift.

Here again, we can see how the Illuminati allowed some progressive carrots to be dangled to project an image to progressives; things like philanthropic projects and some neoliberal policies. This projects an image that helps keep the progressives happy while allowing the Illuminati to operate the USA government in very non-progressive ways by pulling the strings on their puppets and/or controlling international matters through the Pentagon which operates without much impunity most of the time now.

This is why Julian Assange of Wikileaks stated that they (the Illuminati) would never allow Trump to be elected. Trump is a wildcard. They are not sure if they can control him or not in the same way as they can control the Clintons. Trump, for all his flaws and distasteful and dangerous mannerisms is an entirely different pattern of energy that has moved into place as POTUS for the moment.

Trump had to concede to having Pence as his running mate to satisfy the Illuminati and carry on with his campaign through the convention. The Illuminati know that if the need arises Trump can be taken out in the same fashion as JFK was. They would then be able to control Pence without any problem because he is a hard line GOP right wing conservative.

So given that, why is a Trump election such a significant crack in the Illuminati's egg? This is because the Illuminati did their absolute best to ensure a Clinton win because that was the quickest and easiest way to achieve their plan. That's why what happened to Bernie Sanders occurred in the way that it did. He was up against the will of the Illuminati, and they largely control the DNC and the GOP which are both corrupt.

They thought they had it all sewed up with Clinton but they didn't succeed. That is one significant crack in their egg because they are not accustomed to failure. The ILN transmitted to me that the Illuminati invested immense sums of money that are so large we cannot even comprehend the numbers, to ensure a Clinton presidency, and they still did not succeed. Crack...

The ILN has also shared with me that this particular election was critically important to the Illuminati, moreso than any other in a very long time. The reason for this is that they have master minded (sic) a plan that has been unfolding for generations now. They badly needed some key players in place in the US Government over the next 4 years to complete their plan, or at least to advance it to the next stage of unfoldment.

I'm not privy to the entirety of this particular Illuminati plan, but it does include instigating World War III with Russia which they will profit off of hugely. This is also something they wish to use to eliminate portions of the population on the planet which they deem to be interfering with a utopic world vision they have which places themselves at the top of everything.

The Illuminati have a deeply seated desire to be openly honored as Gods. That seems shocking, like how could they believe that could ever be possible? However, it's indeed what the ILN has revealed to me and they've indicated this desire they have goes back hundreds of years to some nefarious prophecy they believe. I do not know what prophecy this is, however, and it's rather irrelevant to what we need to be aware of now.

The ILN stated that it was nearly certain that the next critical stage of the Illuminati's plan for total world domination would have been executed under another Clinton administration very quickly. Her campaign promise of instituting a no-fly zone over Syria is one possible guise for initiating World War III with Russia.

The ILN has also said we should be aware that the Obama administration may now attempt to accelerate this by instituting a Syrian no-fly zone before he leaves office given Clinton will not be able to do so. Doing this would engage the USA in conflict with Russia and Syria, possibly other countries. This is because Russia and its allies will not honor such a no-fly zone and the USA would then need to shoot down their aircraft to enforce it. Once such a conflict begins it will be very hard to withdraw and the Illuminati will get what they want.

The ILN therefore did a similar maneuver regards the Trump campaign as they did with Brexit. They added energy in various places in universally aligned ways that added some of the momentum needed for Trump to win. This will hopefully provide them with some additional time. Time that is badly needed so they can more fully put some other pieces in place to help prevent the Illuminati's plan for World War III that leads to complete world domination. They will also be endeavoring to divert the Obama administration from doing anything that would lead to initiating such a conflict over the next few months.

Additionally, the ILN will now be working to offset the numerous undesirable and unbalanced elements Trump will bring with him into office, no small job. The ILN also works hand in hand with the Metatronic Councils of Light. There is therefore a highly multi-dimensional structure that is working with such dynamics for the benefit of mankind.

The Metatronic Councils of Light are largely not embodied in the collective on Earth. They have linked with our collective consciousness, but this is not the same as having been embodied here. There are some who have been, but many have not. If a being has not been embodied on Earth as part of the collective they are limited in what they can do. What i s possible for them to do amounts to a consciousness outreach.

The ILN, however, is comprised entirely of beings that are, or have been embodied within Earth's collective on the 3D plane of reality. As such they have a great deal more latitude to intervene and facilitate matters here without violating universal laws regards free will of a collective consciousness.

As you can see by now, there is an operational plan of a very large scope that highly illumined beings are working with for the benefit and liberation of humanity and the evolution of consciousness on our planet. The ILN is pleased with the cracks forming now in the Illuminati's proverbial egg. There is much yet to be done though to crack it wide open. Once the yolk of their egg runs out through the cracks, it's over. What a nice thought that is!

One of the takeaways to this information I've gleaned from the ILN, is that we need to recognize that things are not always as they appear. Many times we may have to head in what seems to be an incorrect direction for a bit in order to get to where we really desire and need to be. It's also nice to know there are in fact illumined beings living on this same planet with us that are working covertly for our benefit. Also that we can participate with them by being clear and open and listening carefully within at all times, then following or acting on what comes through.

In closing, I'd like to say that while I do not normally ask questions of the ILN, primarily because there's rarely any answers that come back in return, I did pose one question into the streaming I was tapped into and that I shared above. This was whether or not a serious nuclear war would even be allowed... i.e. would we have any intervention support from the Ultra Terrestrials who are here monitoring and helping in every way they can without violating universal laws?

I did get a response on that question, but it came from Master Menon instead of the ILN. He indicated that what is possible around such interventions is in part dependent on the circumstances involved. However, there is indeed a mandate in place that would allow some type of intervention should a nuclear exchange become significant enough that it could extinguish most of life on Earth.

He said that the Ultras have the ability to snatch missiles with warheads mid-flight and to send them into the center of our Sun to be recycled. It's not that they would fly them to the sun either, it's a nearly instantaneous type of teleportation they would use.

I also received that knowing this intervention would be there to help us should not be a reason for us to be complacent. Any nuclear exchange at all can wreak havoc on our already limping ecosystem thereby causing long term problems that we really, REALLY do not want to have to experience.

There is a project that was recently given to me by the ILN called the Bodhi Project that can make a significant contribution to one of the ILN's larger projects called the "Human Frequency Liberation Front" (HFLF).

I'll be sharing more about this soon, for now there's a brief bit of information I shared on the HFLF in my blog post entitled "Fractal Geometry Transformations & The Inner Light Network."

15 thoughts on “The Illuminati’s Egg is Cracking

  1. Hi Simeon, I knew in my Place of Being…because there were signs…and also the dream state teachings that remain in Feeling even when I do not bring them back in consciousness…and now your blog! Thank you for taking the time to spell it out in detail. It’s lonely out here beyond the propaganda, and it’s lovely to know that “the veil is lifted” at this time because of your sharing.

    • Hi Madii, thanks for sharing with us here, and for your friend request on Facebook. I looked at your website, it’s very nice feeling and work you are doing there dear one! I feel a deep resonance with your soul, perhaps Karen (my wife) and I and you will someday meet!

      • I feel the soul group connection, too, and meeting in person would be so much fun! I am remaining open to the possibility because life can have its wonderful surprises. Blessings to you and Karen.

  2. I was so pleased to receive this information from you. I was longing for some clarity on the current issues we are experiencing. I felt the US election result was not something controlled by us and will be for the highest good for all in the long term even though we can’t see it now. Thank you so much.

    • Hi June, thanks for your comments. Indeed, if we do what we can to support a world of peace, goodness and compassion and accept what is now with the knowing that everything is always exactly as it needs to be regardless of how it appears to us then we can indeed find inner peace and fulfillment.

      This does not mean being complacent and passive, but rather being pro-active, non-reactive and accepting. Blissings ~ Simeon

  3. Dear Beautiful Simeon,
    Your email was just wonderful. Before I read it I had this overwhelming
    thought and feeling that I was not to vote the day before the election. Something new and powerful. As it turned out I joined with a group that went into the grids to clear out parts in London, the Vatican and the White House. It was amazing. A week before I had experienced this new energy in so many colored lights with eyes open and closed. It felt so wonderful to know this really happened and will continue to as well. Amazing times we live in. Thank God you are on the planet and share what you understand and explain so well on many topics!
    Sending Love and Thanks to both Karen and You!!!
    xoxo Laurie

    • Hi Laurie, I’d thought of you on and off for awhile now, hadn’t heard from you for some time! Glad to know you’re doing OK. Thanks for your positive and supportive feedback! Blissings dear one.

    • Great to see you here Valorie, thanks for contributing and for your wonderful feedback. Took a lot of time to put that together, so it’s nice to get some feedback too! Blissings to you dear one!

  4. With the extreme volatility around this situation, I truly appreciate having this insightful information. Thank you so much for sharing. A big Hello to Master Menon too.

  5. Dear One Simeon,
    Thank you so much for this information … I trusted that whatever the result of the US election it would be for the highest good no matter how convoluted the path. Insight into the complexity of that
    intention is both daunting yet inspiring..

    Much love Mariantha

    • Good to hear from you Mariantha! Yes, we need to understand at least some of what the bigger picture is. Life in the maya is indeed an exercise in navigating convoluted pathways too!

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