2017 ~ Year of New Earth Dream-Seeding

2017 ~ Year of New Earth Dream-Seeding

It would be advantageous to review the previous sequence of articles on the energetic themes that set the stage for our upcoming journey through the annual solar cycle 2017.

Keep in mind that each of these energetics builds upon those that preceded it forming a more complete hologram of awareness, consciousness and experience. Those previous cycles are also still unfolding in our collective and individual experiences simultaneously.

I began this series of annual energy theme transmissions in 2011. This year of 2017 is therefore the 7th transmission in this series. It “completes” a major initiatory passage of sorts, at least in this reality model.

If you’ve been following my work for awhile you may recall that during the course of 2011 I was working closely with the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar (as identified by the work of Johann Calleman). It was in late 2011 that this 9th Wave completed, and according to both my inner planes sources and Calleman, the cosmic harmonics of the Mayan Calendar were also “completed.”

Karen and I continued on through 2012 and 2013 working with the 2012 Fractal Line and the 7 Sacred Tones. This energy wave was in part formed as a result of the massive number of souls in our collective that were focused on a Mayan Calendar end or completion occurring in 2012.

You can review the written transmissions I brought through for each year’s energy theme since 2011 using the links below. If you’re short on time just read the one for 2016, as it briefly encapsulates all the others.

Annual Energy Theme Transmissions 2011 – 2016

To review the webinar transmissions I did in conjunction with the 2012 Fractal Lines key nodal points use the links below. This is a much longer and deeper engagement… I’ve included these here for those who wish to further strengthen the harmonics of the 2012 Fractal Line and 7 Sacred Tones in their consciousness.

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I suggest doing about 1-3 minutes of deep, slow rhythmic breathing in/out through your heart before engaging the following energy transmission. Focus all of your attention into your heart center as you heart-breathe. When you feel a wave of deepening peace and calm moving through your body and being, it’s time to dive in…

Shi’Ra EL’Fa’Na: my beloveds, through the course of 2016, your world and it’s collective met many challenging situations that had the effect of eliciting some extremely passionate responses from yourselves and your soul brothers and sisters on Earth. These responses were even forthcoming from people who previously might tend to remain quiet. These responses were spread across a very wide bandwidth of vibration, from very low to extremely high.

The energy waves unfolding throughout 2016 were also quite complex in nature. They were perfect for the purpose of alchemically re-organizing many extremely dense fields of energy and consciousness that were woven together into something akin to a cocoon over the aeons. This cocoon was somewhat protective, yet it was also very limiting.

These waves of energy that permeated your reality system during your last solar cycle effectively pulled the woven strands of this cocoon apart far enough that an entirely new light could enter into your collective more deeply than ever before. As this new light entered the dark places in your collective cocoon it ignited many potentials to both frighten and to inspire.

There was also a sublime energy present within these deeply penetrating waves. It empowered the heart in new ways, thereby kindling a powerful desire to break out of that cocoon once the heart could sense what lay beyond it. This type of energy begins as a movement but then accelerates into a quantum level transformational pulse wave.

This pulse wave simply cannot be stopped once it reaches a certain point. Once that point is reached, any fears that may arise in response to it are annihilated very quickly in the quantum power of your heart flame surging forth.

Regardless of what you were involved or engaged with in 2016, there was very likely a rather visible element of this energy that can be identified in your experience. My beloveds, I summon you take a moment right now to reflect on how this energy manifested in your own life during the last year.

As you move into this New Year of 2017, you are going to be presented with ever-increasing opportunities and invitations to step beyond the ongoing process of consciously choosing between painful separative dreams or unified loving dreams. If you still need more time in that dynamic the universe will graciously accommodate you and there is no shame in this, just accept and flow with the movement of Grace.

If you are now ready to move forward past that experience, however, you will be able to step into the energetic envelope of a higher Metatronic mandate. This highly energetic and very powerful cosmic mandate will assist you in defining more clearly exactly how your New Earth Dream-Seeding intentions should be focused and engaged.

This will of course be quite different for each and every one of you. Although, there will be groups who will come together to plant common New Earth Dream Seeds whereby each individual will assume their unique roles in a unified effort.

For many decades there have been gallant attempts to plant these New Earth Dream Seeds. Many of these efforts which initially succeeded, simply faded out after some time, although there are those that endured. All of these previous New Earth Dream Seeds were precursory energies. They are like the pioneering plants that break down rock to make soil so that larger plants and even trees can eventually grow on newly exposed or created rocky areas of the Earth.

The breaking down of that dense rocky consciousness substrate into fertile consciousness soil has been a very difficult, long and arduous journey for the souls of Earth. Yet, this is the nature of such an evolutionary journey.

The necessary soil base for the next generation of more evolved plants to begin growing is now in place my beloveds. This is the soil you will be planting your next New Earth Dream Seeds within.

Some of the differences that will be manifesting from 2017 onward in the planting of these seeds are that you will need to focus more intently on one thing or focus, and not be dispersed into as many different areas as you may have been in the past. This represents a consolidation of your power for light engendered purpose.

How much this will be true shall vary a great deal from one individual to another, for you all have unique energy field configurations. It will, however, be a trend common to all who are aware enough to engage New Earth Dream Seeding.

My beloveds, you will also be supported by the new energy waves penetrating the Earth and her humanity. This energetic support will largely manifest via getting a clearer sense of what the right focus for you is, and being able to stay more intently engaged within it. Many are already experiencing this as 2016 comes to a close.

Please also be assured that despite the horrific atrocities now making their appearances on the 3rd dimensional manifest planes of Earth, much progress is also being made in the bigger picture. It is critically important, my beloveds, to stay focused on your goals and your sense of Pure Love Being. The opening of the age-old weave of the dark cocoon has also released many distasteful elements from within the shadows into the light of conscious awareness and visibility.

These energies and states of being have been there all along, and they too were energized during 2016. Please know that these energies are now de-crystallizing and will self-terminate in due time. There is, however, indeed a potential that they can cause more suffering and harm on your beloved Earth in the interim, so they should therefore be taken very seriously. You are therefore in a precarious crossing of sorts.

Be compassionate and understanding for those who suffer as always. Allow your heart to draw you into deeper engagement with life than ever before. It will inform you of… not only what’s the most aligned New Earth Dream Seeding focus for you to engage over time, but also HOW to engage it.

Effective and successful New Earth Dream Seeding will require becoming evermore subtly attuned to the still small voice within your being. It will also involve placing the new level of courage you very likely developed through 2016, firmly into the New Earth Dream Seed you are planting to give it the best opportunity to grow.

You must do your best to prevent anyone from walking upon it’s new green shoots, or nibbling it’s tender green leaves before it is strong and mature enough to be able to offer it’s leaves and fruits freely to others for nourishment. This can be done from a loving and caring place… a loving energy which is being extended to both the newly planted seeds and those you need to protect them against.

If there are energies that come along and destroy your fresh green shoots despite your best efforts to protect them, stay positively focused and simply re-plant them once again. This is just the same as the farmer who is testing a plot of land for a new crop must do. Such a farmer may lose several crops, or grow some meager ones, before they understand how to produce a truly bountiful harvest.

Creating the New Earth is much the same as this my beloveds. I cannot emphasize this enough. Frustration, anger or other lower reactive energies harbored in your beautiful hearts will destroy your New Earth Dream Seeds faster than anything that anyone else can possibly do to harm them.

Remember always, your New Earth Dream Seeds exist primarily in your hearts when you are in a loving, caring, compassionate state of being. They must be kept alive there in your heart first and foremost, for this is where they draw their life force energy from even after they have been planted and begin to grow into mature plants.

I, Shi’Ra’ EL’Fa’Na, and all of the Metatronic Councils of Light, comprised of Legions of Angels, Masters, Illuminaries and many others, are all available on the etheric and higher dimensional planes to support you in staying strong in your Pure Love Soul Self.

This is our role in the collective on Earth. You have assumed roles in the Earth’s manifest plane of incarnational flow. Together we form a team. An orchestra must have many types of musicians each doing their part to make beautiful music. This beautiful would not be possible if the musicians all felt the others should be playing their instrument for them.

Call upon us in our unique role as needed, but never expect us to tell you what you should do, to do it for you, or to come and rescue you from the problems you face on Earth. This is simply not possible and would not be true guidance or higher dimensional assistance if it were to occur.

Our role is to help you to connect more strongly with the part of your own being that knows all that you need to know and which has all the strength you need to have to move forward with power, efficiency and inspired purpose. You are our hands in the world that exists on Earth.

I now leave you with this invocation to help you connect with us and your Pure Love Soul Self for this purpose:

Beings of ALL BEINGNESS, of whom I AM ONE.

Focus your powerful stream of awareness,
upon my Flame of Pure Love… that which I AM.

Witness my ALL KNOWING,
quicken it within my conscious mind and being.

It is hereby commanded of my Creator Self that:

I choose to know all that I must KNOW.

I choose to engage all that I must ENGAGE.

I choose to express who I AM as PURE LOVE at all times.

I choose to stay intently focused upon my New Earth Dream Seeds,
so they grow strong for the benefit of ALL beings.

Thank you. It is done. So it is.

In the Pure Love-Life-Force of the New Earth Dream Seeding,
I AM, Shi’Ra EL’Fa’Na

One thought on “2017 ~ Year of New Earth Dream-Seeding

  1. O Thank You Beloved Shi’Ra EL’Fa’Na, and Great Cosmic Host of Light … and thank you beloved messenger Simeon, for this exquisitely potent and timely transmission, so powerful, empowering, and inspiring!

    May our surrender to the Grace that flows be fully allowing and receptive, as we likewise pour forth the Pure Love-Light of our God-essense / Goddess-sense unconditionally to All.

    Radiant streams of Sacred Fire
    Rainbow Songs from Angel choirs
    Inspired Dreams of Raising Higher
    Fulfilment of Heart and Soul’s desires
    Brilliant Blessings of Luminous Love, into the New Year, beyond and above! In the Presence of Perfection, the Oneness of Love, and from my Heart Flame to yours,
    I AM

    ps. Dear Simeon and Karen, how wonderful to know you are shifting to a new physical space and place, harmoniously aligned and supportive of the ongoing expansion and lifting!! May the process be smooth and graceful, and wishes for the highest, most benevolent outcome!

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