2017 ~ Year of New Earth Dream-Seeding

2017 ~ Year of New Earth Dream-Seeding

It would be advantageous to review the previous sequence of articles on the energetic themes that set the stage for our upcoming journey through the annual solar cycle 2017.

Keep in mind that each of these energetics builds upon those that preceded it forming a more complete hologram of awareness, consciousness and experience. Those previous cycles are also still unfolding in our collective and individual experiences simultaneously.

I began this series of annual energy theme transmissions in 2011. This year of 2017 is therefore the 7th transmission in this series. It “completes” a major initiatory passage of sorts, at least in this reality model.

If you’ve been following my work for awhile you may recall that Continue reading

The Illuminati’s Egg is Cracking

The Illuminati's Cosmic Egg is Cracking

First, let me be clear that this post is NOT about politics even though it takes a brief look at some of the political affairs in both the USA and the UK and comments on them.

This is instead about energy and consciousness movements on this planet, and how they are being facilitated by the Inner Light Network for the purpose of liberating humanity. This activity involves "cracking the Illuminati's proverbial egg" so that some of the nourishment trapped inside of it that's been going to waste can finally benefit the people of Earth once again as it was intended to. Continue reading

The La’Zen Wave – Update 1

The La’Zen Wave – Update I

You may wish to read these previous articles first!

As of the September 2016 equinox ALL of the 999 souls gathered up by our heavenly daughter I’Aysha, and the additional 142,857 souls (143 x 999) had engaged specific incarnational journeys on Earth. Many of these souls had already Continue reading

[VIDEO] Core State Entrainment Intro

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Core State Entrainment Technique (CSET) TM
State-based Life Enrichment


The "Best You" is a simple idea. It's about YOU experiencing the best you have inside of yourself in a sustainable way. When you can experience the Best You your life is enriched. Your relationships with others flourish. Your abilities to engage the demands of your life expand and everything just flows. Your levels of creativity, intuition and inspiration soar too.

Maybe you don't even know that Continue reading

Neutrinos and Souls Part II

Neutrinos and Souls Part II

In the first part of Neutrinos and Souls, I wrote:

In my next installment I will expand on this theme and relate how the period we are now entering into on Earth is going to bring a whole lot more neutrinos and other celestial and cosmic ray type particles through our body and being. These particles contain various forms of information. We must be able to process these energies and information properly for it to have a positive versus a negative effect on our body, consciousness and light field.

First I need to make a minor correction, which is that the number of neutrinos will not increase much if any. However, their energetic nature and thus the information they hold will change. This effect is similar to having more neutrinos, but with a few twists. The other charged particles will indeed be increasing in number.

What's truly important to understand is that Continue reading

Neutrinos and Souls Part I

Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment

Before reading on, you may wish to read "MIT scientists find weird quantum effects... Neutrinos... have no individual identities..." which I will be referring to and commenting on herein. Or, just read on and visit the MIT article later to expand your understanding if necessary, it can work either way!

I was VERY excited when I read the MIT article because it was right in accord with some things Master Menon had related to me many years ago. This was that there are Continue reading

The La’Zen Wave – Part Two

The La'Zen Wave

The La'Zen Wave - Part II

Picking up where we left off in our story last week... Read La'Zen Wave Part I if you need to first.

When I first saw I'Aysha she was surrounded by myriads (999 to be exact) of small girl babies in my vision of her. All these babies were wearing little soul pearl bead outfits and tiaras just like I'Aysha does. It was very cute, although it's clearly just symbolic!

I inquired as to why they all appeared to be females. Immediately I found myself within a vast hologram of Continue reading

The La’Zen Wave – Part One

The La'Zen Wave

The La'Zen Wave - Part I

This information and awareness came forth as a result of various interactions I and Karen have had with our 7D daughter I'Aysha over a few months. I'll therefore relate some of our story along with the higher soul science concepts and energy transmissions.

On April 24, 2016, just a couple days after the Wesak moon, our celestial daughter I'Aysha entered into a sacred process with us. She then used the energy from that process to help power her return to the Andromeda galaxy, a place where she has spent a great deal of time in her soul journey.

The vision I had at the time of her returning to Andromeda was stunningly powerful. I saw her turn into a fiery comet, her face was of white fire at the head of the comet. Her comet was trailing an effervescent white flame of love that had these iridescent sparkles of light drifting out of it as she shot across the universe at light speed and disappeared.

Shortly after this process I also then became aware that I'Aysha had moved into a "suspended state" within the Temple of La'kina. In fact, many of the beings in the Temple of La'kina had done the same. It felt eerily "lonely" visiting there after this had occurred.

It was a good experience, however, for being able to determine just how much of the energy I experience personally each day is connected to the activities in the Temple of La'kina! It's considerable, I would never have thought this previously, but it clearly is.

I'Aysha had left the soul ray projection of her incarnation in La'kina in this suspended state, effectively withdrawing much of the higher soul energy projected into it. She then transferred all this energy from the level of her Magna Soul (Monad / Oversoul / I AM) into another soul ray projection that she has in the Andromeda galaxy's system.

I had a vision of I'Aysha floating in a luminescent "Mother Bubble," vibrationally gathering souls to be brought into the Temple of La'kina where they would undergo special preparations for their upcoming sequence of Earth incarnations.

These are souls that have specific frequencies the Earth's collective needs very much in this phase of it's consciousness evolution. These souls will receive something specific that they need from our collective consciousness in exchange. Their entry into Earth incarnation therefore represents an exchange of soul energy gifts, and it's one of fairly significant magnitude.

The other souls in suspended states within the Temple of La'kina were doing the same thing, but their soul energy transfers were made into other areas of the universe where they had specific parallel incarnational connections. The Metatronic Councils of Light have indicated that this entire process can be referred to as a La'Zen wave. It means an incarnational wave of energy that brings peace, harmony and balance.

This description is indeed very beautiful. However, it seems to fall somewhat short of what I sense is truly taking place for our collective through what's being referred to as the La'Zen Wave.

One way of describing what I sense in this regard is to share that I've witnessed a much larger and grander pattern to this peace, harmony and balance associated with La'Zen than I've ever witnessed or experienced regarding peace, harmony and balance in other dynamics I've encountered.

Tune-in, let it enter you NOW! You'll see what I mean... breathe it deeply into your heart and being! La'Zennnnnn...

Now that you have that attunement, here's a bit more information for enlightening your mind so it can more fully take this journey with you. There were a total of 144 souls from La'kina who went into such soul energy transfers and their associated suspended states for this La'Zen Wave's purpose.

They each gathered 999 souls into their Mother Bubbles to bring back to the Temple of La'kina for Earth incarnation. Each soul who chose to enter these Mother Bubbles had various frequency parameters that uniquely matched those of the La'kina Beings who 'piloted' the Mother Bubbles. These 144 La'kina Beings offered the souls they gathered this unique potential.

With 144 La'kina Beings gathering 999 souls each, this then leaves us 144 souls short of 144,000 souls being gathered for the initial movement of our new La'Zen Wave. It's been indicated that an additional 144 souls will be coming to Earth to incarnate at a later time to complete the vibration of the 144,000 harmonic for this La'Zen Wave.

These souls will be primary EL'Zohim Beings, and will serve as new capstone energies for our collective consciousness. None of them have ever been to the Earth previously. They will also be prepared within the Temple of La'kina prior to working side by side with our existing EL'Ohim and EL'Zohim.

I'Aysha remained in this suspended state in the Temple of La'kina until June 2nd. It was then that she re-appeared in her usual energy form. It was so wonderful to have her energy back with us! I also came to realize a short time afterward, that the other beings in La'kina had also come out of their suspended states as well.

When I first saw I'Aysha she was surrounded by myriads (999 to be exact) of small girl babies in my vision of her. All these babies were wearing little soul pearl bead outfits and tiaras just like I'Aysha does. It was very cute, although it's clearly just symbolic!

I inquired as to why they all appeared to be females...

Read La'Zen Wave Part II

Image Credit: image for this post is an enhanced version of "Falling Light Waves" by Creativity103 on Flickr.

Fractal Geometry Transformations & The Inner Light Network

Old Fractal Geometries Imploding

Currently the old fractal geometries are becoming increasingly self-destructive. This is due to rapidly increasing "noise" in the old fractal system which continues to distort it's fractal geometry with every additional recursive unfoldment of the fractal.

That's why stuff is getting so incredibly weird! Old power structures are Continue reading

La’Zen Wave, Cosmic Help from Sun & Earth, Cosmic Prepping

Cosmic Explorations - June 16th, 2016

The La'Zen Wave

From the 2016 Wesak Full Moon through the June Solstice, what the Metatronic Councils of Light are calling a La'Zen Wave was initiated. La'Zen means a wave of energy that brings peace, harmony and balance.

A La'zen Wave is a massive wave of souls from various parsecs in the Universe who enter into a coordinated effort to incarnate in a world needing assistance, bringing various specific frequencies with them. These souls undergo a specific attunement process prior to entering into the normal pre-incarnational staging zones.

There are 144,000 souls incarnating in the original matrix of this La'Zen Wave. These souls will then gather even more souls into the wave and it will thereby grow to be many, many millions of souls over a period of time. ALL of these souls will be assuming female embodiments over and again.

These souls are coming into the Earth under a unique directive and archetypal pattern that will also balance the population numbers on the planet naturally over time. This will occur as a result of their strong orientation with co-creation versus procreation.

As of this writing, the first 9 of these souls have already been birthed! I know, it ain't been 9 months yet! I'll explain how it was possible in my upcoming segment that expands on this topic. I also share a bit about how Karen and I were honored to facilitate a part of it!

La'Zen Waves were once again made possible by the re-activation of the ancient Arcadian Star Streams that were facilitated by the recent work Maia and others did on May 29th, 2016. It's therefore been a very long time since the last La'Zen Wave on Earth! Stay tuned for more on this!

Cosmic Help from Sun and Earth

Our Sun now looks almost certainly to be entering into it's next Solar Grand Minimum according to many scientists. The last one was 400 years ago. The Metatronic Councils of Light also seem to indicate the same, although to be clear they never make "predictions" of this nature.

At the same time, in what amounts to a rather monumental cosmic synchronicity, the Earth's magnetic field/shield is also weakening fairly rapidly. Just how rapidly this is occurring right now we don't know because in June 2015 the ESA stopped making this data stream publicly available. They did this after the previus few months revealed an alarming rate of magnetic field/shield strength decrease.

These two factors combined have many ramifications on many levels. On the highest level, one of them involves the concept of the Lower Solar Logos (666) and the Higher Solar Logos (999). Here are some links to re-energize this awareness in your own akashic memory field if you feel you need to.

The bottom line is that our Sun's movement into a much quieter state will also change the balance in the 666/999 dynamic which will help to invert it completely once and for all. It will not be flipping back over again either when the Sun re-awakens.

Simply stated the 666 is the base line survival frequency in our system. It's what we've needed to be empowered physically and financially on the physical plane.

The 999 is the Cube of Stars, the higer consciousness of our New Earth. The 666 foundation of our physical existence will be brought into truly serving our higher nature on a much grander scale once this inversion occurs.

Up until now we've been personally, and in small collectives, inverting that 666/999 dynamic within our own consciousness. But our efforts have not been fully supported by this flip occurring in our local Star-Sun's Logos as yet.

Our Earth is also making her contribution to this flip by weakening her magnetic field/shield and reversing her polarities. This will be ongoing for awhile, but as it progresses in synchronization with our Sun's Solar Grand Minimum, some very powerful shifts in consciousness will become much more readily available to many more people all across the planet, rather than just for a dedicated few as has been the case historically.

Cosmic Ray Prepping for Upcoming Changes

As a result of these changes taking place in our Sun's activity, our Earth's weakening magnetic field/shield, our solar system, and even the galaxy itself, we will be subject to increasingly powerful radiations, emissions and energies.

These are quite significant developments which are already well underway now. It's just uncertain exactly what the universe has in store in the years ahead. More info on these topics and related will be forthcoming soon.

In some of my previous articles last summer I had promised some consciousness and physical "prepping" information and guidance for what I'm speaking of. That larger body of information is indeed coming. It's taken me awhile because I've spent a great deal of time stepping back and tuning in on very deep cosmic levels so as to attain the best perspectives and awareness to offer you in this regard. You just may be amazed here soon!

One area that needs to be addressed right now and into the future is both man made EMF and the cosmic EMF I spoke of briefly above. Even right now we're being exposed to MUCH higher levels of cosmic radiation from deep space and our Sun (yes even with the Sun not that "active") than at any time before in our lives, and possibly in thousands of years or more.

Some of these highly charged energies can and do significantly spike the levels of EMF being emitted from our man made electronic devices and appliances also. Exposure to this EMF is inevitable and unavoidable. Keeping our physical body vehicles in optimal energetic form is necessary for maintaining our light fields at a level that will allow us to transduce and decode the incoming ultra-high energy cosmic rays so they can be used to ignite our ascension into higher states of being.

I have an excellent solution for keeping our bodies in top shape even when exposed to very strong EMF and cosmic radiations. It has taken me a solid year's worth of ongoing effort to finally be able to acquire all the connections and arrangements necessary to make this very special type of EMF Pendant, truly the best in the world, available to you as members of my global cosmic community!

These were developed by Martin Keymer of Therapeutic House in Germany, and they are very hard to obtain outside of Germany. Mr. Keymer is Europe's leading expert on bioresonance healing, EMF damage, and on how to repair EMF damage and then protect the body against any further damage.

Currently there are no other retail suppliers on the planet that I'm aware of for these pendants. They're usually made available on very small scale through practioners of Keymer's bioresonance techniques. So it appears that I'm it for now on planet Earth as a non-practitioner outlet outside of Germany for these. I'm really delighted to have succeeded in being able to make these available to you after all the time, effort and difficulty I encountered in doing so!

Please be aware that this EMF Pendant works on an entirely different principle than all the others on the market do. It can actually be used along with any of the other EMF devices you have too if desired, although it's not really necessary.

This EMF Pendant doesn't attempt to alter or neutralize the EMF itself, which is extremely problematic. Instead, it supports your body in maintaining an optimal set of critical bioresonance frequencies for health, wellbeing and balance. Whenever you're exposed to EMF and your body starts to drop below its optimal level, the EMF Pendant activates and anchors the body at that point, boosting bioreonances back up to prevent it from going any lower. It's quite amazing actually! I'll be publishing much more information online about these EMF pendants sometime in the near future.

I'm currently making you an introductory offer that will save you $150 (app 30% off) on the cost. This deep discount is in exchange for having to wait a bit longer than usual to get your pendant. The longer wait is because you'll be helping me to order and obtain some initial inventory. If you're interested in these pendants for yourself or your loved ones, now's a great time to order, please contact me (hit reply) ASAP for further details.

Further EMF Pendant Info

You wear these special EMF pendants on a chain or cord (not supplied) around your neck. The ideal placement is hanging down over over your thymus gland (high heart), but even having one in your pocket is beneficial.

Decades of actual scientific research has gone into developing these devices which they actually call an "ampoule." Ampoules carry bioresonance vibrations. I've been very impressed not only with the device and how it has worked for me, but also with the intelligence, sophistication and deep caring of the people involved in Martin Keymer's organization.

I've had my Keymer EMF Pendant since early 2010. It immediately made a huge difference for me as I was suffering very badly from EMF exposure back then. I no longer have any issues at all with EMF sensitivity, and it all cleared up very quickly once I had gone through the EMF damage repair protocol and began wearing my pendant.

I had tried many other devices prior to this one, and while they indeed made some difference for me, the results were nothing like what this did! The results have been so good that I have not felt guided to look at any other EMF protection at all since getting this pendant!

These Keymer EMF Pendants also come with an additional set of bioresonance products that you'll be using as a part of a specific EMF damage repair protocol (instructions included) that was also developed by Martin Keymer.

One of his trained practitioners, who is a friend of mine in the USA, prepares these bioresonance products specifically for the EMF Pendant package you'll be purchasing. You're advised to do the full EMF damage repair protocol before ever wearing your EMF pendant for the first time so it will calibrate to your body properly. That is the key to getting optimal results and protection!

Again, if you're interested in buying one/some of these for yourself or your loved ones, and you'd like to take advantage of this current 30% introductory savings that are being offered, please contact me ASAP.

You can also contact me with any questions you may have.