Login Issues?

This is for people who are already CCO Portal Members who are having problems with login on this blog after they register.

If you are experiencing this problem you likely have “remember passwords” or “auto complete” features enabled in your browser.

The CCO BLOG and the Member Portals are two entirely different pieces of software that do not communicate with each other. It would be very costly to get them to do this so we have two separate logins.

The “remember password” feature in browsers is usually website specific and it does not accommodate two separate logins being remembered for the same website.

We are multi-dimensional here at Cosmic Consciousness Online and standard web programming designers do not tend to think that way!

To eliminate this problem should you encounter it you have two options:

1) Use the same exact login info as you have for the Member Portals on this blog.

If you have already registered here register again using the same login info as in the Member Portals then contact me. I’ll  delete your first account and assign all your comments to your new account.

2) Disable “remember password” in your browser.

Firefox will allow you to disable “remember passwords” for select websites that you specify, such as disabling it only for this site.

Internet Explorer gives you an option to be prompted before it remembers the password for any site… then for sites you do not wish to have passwords remembered you can just decline that option.

Here are general instructions for how to do this for the 4 main browsers in use:

As an aside, the “remember password” or “auto complete” features also pose a real security risk even though it encrypts the data. You should NEVER have your browser remembering passwords for any logins that give access to your money or other sensitive information! I myself NEVER use this feature at all for any website.

If you must use an auto complete or remember password utility, Robo Form is safe IF you use the maximum security feature available by setting up your own Secret Encryption Key and you make it a strong one.

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