The Illuminati’s Egg is Cracking

The Illuminati's Cosmic Egg is Cracking

First, let me be clear that this post is NOT about politics even though it takes a brief look at some of the political affairs in both the USA and the UK and comments on them.

This is instead about energy and consciousness movements on this planet, and how they are being facilitated by the Inner Light Network for the purpose of liberating humanity. This activity involves "cracking the Illuminati's proverbial egg" so that some of the nourishment trapped inside of it that's been going to waste can finally benefit the people of Earth once again as it was intended to. Continue reading

Magdalene Starseeds!

3/8/13 Magdalene Starseeds Transmission!

Maia Kyi’Ra and I are co-facilitating a webinar on Friday March 8th for the Magdalene Starseeds transmission of cosmic energies that Maia has written about.

Karen Ani’Ra will be on Glastonbury Tor for this cosmic event and it is possible she may be able to get onto the webinar and share how the day on the Tor went!

You can read more about the webinar and access links for all of Maia’s materials on this by visiting Magdalene Starseeds Transmission webpage on my main site!

We hope you’ll join us!

Emerging from Cosmic Abyss

The Cosmic AbyssI have been feeling and experiencing a significant shift in energy as of today. It actually began about two days ago, but it really became apparent today.

After the 12:21:12 Cosmic Portal and the return of my beloved sweetheart Karen Ani’Ra to the UK in early January I became keenly aware of being in a cosmic abyss. This was more than just me and Karen too. Many people have been connecting and sharing what is going on for them. The common element was that we were feeling like we were in a cosmic abyss of sorts.

What I mean by this is Continue reading