2017 ~ Year of New Earth Dream-Seeding

2017 ~ Year of New Earth Dream-Seeding

It would be advantageous to review the previous sequence of articles on the energetic themes that set the stage for our upcoming journey through the annual solar cycle 2017.

Keep in mind that each of these energetics builds upon those that preceded it forming a more complete hologram of awareness, consciousness and experience. Those previous cycles are also still unfolding in our collective and individual experiences simultaneously.

I began this series of annual energy theme transmissions in 2011. This year of 2017 is therefore the 7th transmission in this series. It “completes” a major initiatory passage of sorts, at least in this reality model.

If you’ve been following my work for awhile you may recall that Continue reading

Steady State Energy

New Earth Steady State EnergyI’m sure you have heard the term “shift happens”? Shift is change, and change is continual. As I like to say, “the only thing we can know for certain is that nothing is for certain”!!!

However, this is all relative to the temporal realms, that which comes into manifestation and goes through a evolutionary process until its energy has left the temporal realms.

We are so focused on the process of evolution (rightfully so) that many times we are not even aware that evolution Continue reading