2016 ~ Year of Heart Movement & Acceleration

2016 ~ Year of Heart Movement and AccelerationClick image for large hi-res version, our gift!

I begin this year’s evolutionary annual treatise with some excerpts from the first part of last year’s, because they are universal and handily summarize the previous 4 years’ dynamics as well as some other pertinent prelude information.

If you’d prefer to read the entire New Years message from last year, which is quite powerful and forever relevant (highly recommended), click here.

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Mother’s Day 2013

This Sunday May 12th, 2013 we celebrate Mother’s Day in America, possibly other places. In the UK we celebrated this in March. I’ve been gestating and giving birth to this blog since then!

The Goddess CybeleThe celebration of honouring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society tends to be around the beginning of springtime. It’s roots stem from pre-Christian times and are believed to Continue reading

Eclipse Shadows

Eclipse Shadows RevealedA lot has been said and will continue to be said about the energetics of eclipses, and rightfully so. We have been in a very intense eclipse window for awhile as of this writing. We also have a new moon solar eclipse coming on May 9th and a full moon eclipse on the 25th just ahead of us. So this seems an apropo time to talk about eclipses in general!

Each eclipse has its own unique astrological  energy signature of course. However, I always tend to look for commonalities, essence and what themes or patterns may exist in things over time. We really do not have to look much further than Continue reading

Perfection in Imperfection

Perfection in ImperfectionThe idea of perfection in our world is usually focused on perfecting material form. The idea of perfection for spiritual Mastery sort of has its own version of this focus as well.

Perfection of self being the focus of spiritual Mastery, and herein a lot of attention gets paid to the form of our expression. This is useful and has purpose and can help us quite a bit actually. To learn to be in control of your emotions so you do not blurt or dump them on others in the very least improves our social life. We are social beings and our survival depends on successful social engagement.

However, at some point we must come to understand that Continue reading

Transforming Power of Love

The Transforming Power of LoveThe transforming power of love is a topic which has been spoken to in so many ways for a very long time! However, despite all that has been said if we take but one brief look around it becomes clear that what has been said is not being brought into fruition very well.

When I witness such things I naturally explore that energy more deeply to understand what is really going on there. This particular exploration of mine has been Continue reading