The 2015 Mega-Paradigm-Shift

I’ve shared with you recently about some of the Keshe technologies. You can read or re-read this previous article below.

Significant Developments on Earth ~ GRB’s, Consciousness, Keshe Plasma Tech

I came across Keshe as I was researching and bringing through information regarding the possibility of a magnetic pole shift, a solar grand minimum, and the correlations these may have to mass extinctions and the LP-40 mass ascension. You can read or re-read these previous articles here:

The 2015 Mega Paradigm ShiftThe more deeply I delve into the Keshe science and consciousness perspectives, the more profound it gets! It is also integral with a profound Paradigm Shift that occurred in 2015. Let me explain…

On October 2015 the Keshe information was released in a much larger way to the world than it had been previously. To fully understand what a massive shift his new paradigm science represents we need to take a bit of a journey back through time.

In the early days of our evolution we learned to Continue reading

Spiritual Surrender

Spiritual SurrenderAnyone who has been on a conscious spiritual path of personal growth and evolution for even a short time knows about the whole concept of surrender. Surrender is in a sense a release of something we are clinging to, usually some resistance around something. It brings change as we move into deeper acceptance.

There is an old metaphysical axiom that states, “whatever we resist will persist.” This addresses the need for surrender.  The reason that whatever we resist will persist is quite simple. This occurs because when we resist something we are Continue reading

Eclipse Shadows

Eclipse Shadows RevealedA lot has been said and will continue to be said about the energetics of eclipses, and rightfully so. We have been in a very intense eclipse window for awhile as of this writing. We also have a new moon solar eclipse coming on May 9th and a full moon eclipse on the 25th just ahead of us. So this seems an apropo time to talk about eclipses in general!

Each eclipse has its own unique astrological  energy signature of course. However, I always tend to look for commonalities, essence and what themes or patterns may exist in things over time. We really do not have to look much further than Continue reading

Our Energy Gift

Our Energy Gift to Mother EarthThis blog is a bit of a reality check. Each and every moment of our lives we are in a particular energy state within ourselves. It is this energy state which is our primary energy gift to our Mother Earth and the collective of consciousness we are a part of here.

It is very easy to get focused on what we are doing, the end objective of our external efforts in the world, as being our gift(s) to the world. Indeed these areas of endeavor can be gifts to our world too. Yet, if we are in a chaotic and/or negative inner state while doing them then we are in truth working against ourselves, our world and our Mother Earth.

People ask me all the time, “what can I do to Continue reading

Spiritual GIGO

Spiritual GIGOIn the computer world “GIGO” is an acronym for “garbage in – garbage out” which goes way back to the early days of computing. It means if you input bad data, you cannot expect the computer to give you good data in return. It only processes what it is given.

More recently there has been an expansion on its meaning to “garbage in – gospel out.” This new rendition applies to the growing tendency for people to trust blindly in whatever comes out of computers as if it were the gospel truth all the time. This tendency ignores the original GIGO principle.

Both of these principles apply to Continue reading

Shifting into Joy

Shifting into JoyEveryone who has been into metaphysics and spiritual development for awhile knows joy is considered to be one of the higher frequency states of being. It is true too! Being able to make the shift into joy when that is not what you are experiencing is what everyone would like to be able to do consistently.

Even better would be to just be in a state of joy all the time and not have to be concerned with how to shift into it! Being able to make the shift though is the first step. Once we become reasonably successful at making the shift into joy we begin to enter into the state of joy more naturally and continually.

The question is, Continue reading

Steady State Energy

New Earth Steady State EnergyI’m sure you have heard the term “shift happens”? Shift is change, and change is continual. As I like to say, “the only thing we can know for certain is that nothing is for certain”!!!

However, this is all relative to the temporal realms, that which comes into manifestation and goes through a evolutionary process until its energy has left the temporal realms.

We are so focused on the process of evolution (rightfully so) that many times we are not even aware that evolution Continue reading

Modes of Duality

Perceptual Modes of DualityDuality is rooted in the dynamic principle whereby there are two polarities of energy expression. Two polarities of energy expression are what the entire manifest universe is based upon! We really cannot get rid of that!

What we refer to as duality—and which we can do something about—is actually a state of imbalance and/or dissonance between the two polarities of energy expression that are involved. Transcending dualistic experience involves Continue reading

What is Mastery?

13_03-12_What-is-MasteryThis is a potentially enormous topic if you take into consideration all the things there are to be mastered in life!

To narrow it down just a bit, I am speaking specifically about mastery over one’s experience of life on this planet.

If you can learn to master that, then everything else sort of falls into place and this world no longer has anything “over” you!

This is reducing it down to its point of greatest simplicity… I just LOVE simplicity! If we have only one thing to focus on and master then life is a whole lot easier!

Think about it, at the root of Continue reading