Mother’s Day 2013

This Sunday May 12th, 2013 we celebrate Mother’s Day in America, possibly other places. In the UK we celebrated this in March. I’ve been gestating and giving birth to this blog since then!

The Goddess CybeleThe celebration of honouring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society tends to be around the beginning of springtime. It’s roots stem from pre-Christian times and are believed to Continue reading

Own the Feeling First

Own the Feeling FirstSomeone says or does something that triggers a difficult feeling for you. You naturally want to then have a conversation with that person and reconcile the matter so you no longer have to experience that difficult feeling.

Communication and working on our relationships is a very good thing to be doing for sure. Yet, there is a very important step we must take BEFORE we approach the other person who triggered our difficult feeling so we can have a conversation with them.

This very important step is that we must Continue reading

What is Divine Grace?

Divine GraceDivine Grace is often thought of as being something that another person or God does for us without us having done anything to earn it.

There is a modicum of truth in this perspective, but it could do with a bit of enhancement to help complete our conceptual understanding.

First, it is very helpful to be aware that Divine Grace is an effect of a natural energy with unlimited potential. This energy exists everywhere and in everything. This energy is Continue reading

Cosmic Energy Amplifying!

The new light quotient we realized with our passage through the 12:21:12 Cosmic Portal has been adding a significant amount of energy into whatever we are focusing upon and thus giving our energy to.

This is somewhat of a double-edged sword. On the one hand it has the potential to greatly empower us if we are conscious enough. On the other hand whatever our sub/unconscious self is holding and directing energy towards is also getting amplified!

The first key to this is to Continue reading