2017 ~ Year of New Earth Dream-Seeding

2017 ~ Year of New Earth Dream-Seeding

It would be advantageous to review the previous sequence of articles on the energetic themes that set the stage for our upcoming journey through the annual solar cycle 2017.

Keep in mind that each of these energetics builds upon those that preceded it forming a more complete hologram of awareness, consciousness and experience. Those previous cycles are also still unfolding in our collective and individual experiences simultaneously.

I began this series of annual energy theme transmissions in 2011. This year of 2017 is therefore the 7th transmission in this series. It “completes” a major initiatory passage of sorts, at least in this reality model.

If you’ve been following my work for awhile you may recall that Continue reading

[VIDEO] Core State Entrainment Intro

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Core State Entrainment Technique (CSET) TM
State-based Life Enrichment


The "Best You" is a simple idea. It's about YOU experiencing the best you have inside of yourself in a sustainable way. When you can experience the Best You your life is enriched. Your relationships with others flourish. Your abilities to engage the demands of your life expand and everything just flows. Your levels of creativity, intuition and inspiration soar too.

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2016 ~ Year of Heart Movement & Acceleration

2016 ~ Year of Heart Movement and AccelerationClick image for large hi-res version, our gift!

I begin this year’s evolutionary annual treatise with some excerpts from the first part of last year’s, because they are universal and handily summarize the previous 4 years’ dynamics as well as some other pertinent prelude information.

If you’d prefer to read the entire New Years message from last year, which is quite powerful and forever relevant (highly recommended), click here.

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Solstice Reflections

Winter Solstice NASAWhen we embrace the solstices we are consciously acknowledging the points on our annual solar cross that represent the extremes in the balance of light that we receive from our Sun on the planet.

These points of extreme in the physical light spectrum are very powerful points to focus on the illumination of our Inner Sun which is Continue reading

Spiritual Surrender

Spiritual SurrenderAnyone who has been on a conscious spiritual path of personal growth and evolution for even a short time knows about the whole concept of surrender. Surrender is in a sense a release of something we are clinging to, usually some resistance around something. It brings change as we move into deeper acceptance.

There is an old metaphysical axiom that states, “whatever we resist will persist.” This addresses the need for surrender.  The reason that whatever we resist will persist is quite simple. This occurs because when we resist something we are Continue reading

Perfection in Imperfection

Perfection in ImperfectionThe idea of perfection in our world is usually focused on perfecting material form. The idea of perfection for spiritual Mastery sort of has its own version of this focus as well.

Perfection of self being the focus of spiritual Mastery, and herein a lot of attention gets paid to the form of our expression. This is useful and has purpose and can help us quite a bit actually. To learn to be in control of your emotions so you do not blurt or dump them on others in the very least improves our social life. We are social beings and our survival depends on successful social engagement.

However, at some point we must come to understand that Continue reading

Transforming Power of Love

The Transforming Power of LoveThe transforming power of love is a topic which has been spoken to in so many ways for a very long time! However, despite all that has been said if we take but one brief look around it becomes clear that what has been said is not being brought into fruition very well.

When I witness such things I naturally explore that energy more deeply to understand what is really going on there. This particular exploration of mine has been Continue reading

Limited & Unlimited Laws

Limited and Unlimited Laws of Energy and ConsciousnessThe universe is comprised of various “domains” of energy. An apt analogy is the internet. Each website has its own “domain” of energy. All the websites on the internet together make up the internet.

Yet, there are other domains of energy larger than all the websites which are part of the internet too. All the technical infrastructure, cables, satellite transmission systems, servers etc are a domain of Continue reading

Modes of Duality

Perceptual Modes of DualityDuality is rooted in the dynamic principle whereby there are two polarities of energy expression. Two polarities of energy expression are what the entire manifest universe is based upon! We really cannot get rid of that!

What we refer to as duality—and which we can do something about—is actually a state of imbalance and/or dissonance between the two polarities of energy expression that are involved. Transcending dualistic experience involves Continue reading