2016 ~ Year of Heart Movement & Acceleration

2016 ~ Year of Heart Movement and AccelerationClick image for large hi-res version, our gift!

I begin this year’s evolutionary annual treatise with some excerpts from the first part of last year’s, because they are universal and handily summarize the previous 4 years’ dynamics as well as some other pertinent prelude information.

If you’d prefer to read the entire New Years message from last year, which is quite powerful and forever relevant (highly recommended), click here.

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Spiritual Surrender

Spiritual SurrenderAnyone who has been on a conscious spiritual path of personal growth and evolution for even a short time knows about the whole concept of surrender. Surrender is in a sense a release of something we are clinging to, usually some resistance around something. It brings change as we move into deeper acceptance.

There is an old metaphysical axiom that states, “whatever we resist will persist.” This addresses the need for surrender.  The reason that whatever we resist will persist is quite simple. This occurs because when we resist something we are Continue reading