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(04/08/12 ~ Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All-Embracing Love) Anu Ka Simeon, just wanted to let you know how absolutley wonderful the webinar was.

I realized so much throughout that whole transmission, it was like doors just kept opening untill I was fully embraced in that awareness/love energy.

I cant thank you, Karen, ShiRa ElFaNa and the Metatronic councils enough for this golden gift. I really liked Karen's buzzzz at the end... made me laugh. In Oneness Love and Light. ~ Sandra Lewallen, NC, USA

(04/08/12 ~ Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All-Embracing Love) Dear Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra, thank you so much for this amazing Transmission! After the transmission-three weeks almost, I steel continue to feel beautiful ,joyful energies and I realized this part from the Holy Bhagavad Gita:

Chapter 9. The Opulence of the Absolute
man-mana bhava mad-bhakto
mad-yaji mam namaskuru
mam evaisyasi yuktvaivam
atmanam mat-parayanah


"Engage your mind always in thinking of Me, offer obeisances and worship Me. Being completely absorbed in Me, surely you will come to Me."

For me,actually this means "Engage your mind always in thinking of Me (The Absolute) - Me (The Absolute) - That is All-Embracing Love!



"Engage your mind always in thinking of Me (All-Embracing Love), offer obeisances and worship Me (All-Embracing Love). Being completely absorbed in Me (All-Embracing Love), surely you will come to Me (All-Embracing Love)."

Thanks again for your devotional great work! Many Blessings. ~ Nina Gavrilova, UK

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(04/08/12 ~ Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All-Embracing Love) Dear Oneness Love Expressions, Simeon and Karen, I am so honored to be part of your community of ascending lovelight. Entering the Temple of Hu'Orin, in your translation of the energies of All Embracing Love, was a mind altering experience, completely realigning me with the sense of Being as Pure Love.

Like all the many other planetary selves, I have studied, reflected, fallen and risen again and again to build my version of the LOVE synthesis. My way of inner mentoring has focused on the values of life, and how our soular presence creates a landscape of feeling based on soul values.

From the opening notes when Karen's beautiful feminine vibration activated all my softness, to the close when she buzzed lightheartedly like a bee sipping on the knowing of unending joy, I felt a perfect (silky, as you said) completeness in this transmission. Perhaps, for me, it completed the circle of logic about the relationships of love.

It was a brilliant connection to know how LOVE begins as a noun in the unlimited, becomes a verb in the limited expressions we play out when in the 3d boxes, and then restore LOVE to its prime causality by allowing and accepting whatever appears. Wow! A complete proof of the logic of love, QED.

These seminars are so significant to my soul awakening its understanding in me, that I am noticing great preparations before I enter these temples. Sometimes I just have to have certain experiences to prepare me for the transmission, so my kudos and thanks to you for making them available as (video) downloads which I can join from a timeless place where NOW is and my soul says, Now's the Time.

It is wondrous to me, too, how for the most part, I feel I am being reminded of truths I held a sense of within, yet they become available for use, and vibrant in your transmission. That proves to me that your work is universalized, for I know everyone magnetized by love, cocreates these knowings within you...

One of the most moving moments for me was your relating the experience of being in the Beautiful Presence of the Living Heart of Pure Love, what we are streaming from and long to rejoin always. I was in tears at witnessing the feeling of such vast and radiant LOVE, and vibrated with you into a realm of understanding I never want to leave again.

That is the understanding of how to value every moment as a reflection of purpose, for love is a powerful purpose, and to KNOW that we always have an opportunity to contribute to and expand the Beauty of Love.

The only way I can thank you is to live in this true awareness, and become a Conscious Witness of Pure Love expressing everywhere, in everyone.

One last thing, along with great expansions come great opportunities, and they don't always feel so pleasant. Right after I was on cloud nine and drinking from the cup of wholeness, I was quickly brought into the OPPORTUNITY to practice.

Oooh, it was, as always that painful feeling of judgment against something (someone) expressing naturally. And for a bit of time, I fell off the wagon of knowing. But once it's on a roll, the Will-to-Love is unstoppable, and the great triangulation occurred, for I suddenly realized how these moments of unhappiness, experiences that call conscious love out of us, are actually gifts of externalizing context.

Life opens its magic hat of choices and one has the opportunity to exercise their own will-to-whole. You addressed this wonderfully and what I took away was quickly being cemented into a direct experience.

I never saw before how challenges are the jump off, leap-of-faith point life offers when you are calling out from a desire to love more expansively.

Objective experience kindly obliges, giving you a framework to hang your knowing on. All of a sudden, it became crystal clear, that whatever we have thought our hardships were, they are all portraits of love just wanting to help us reference our expansion. Life is tricky when you start being energy... and duality is all opportunity to call out the great LOVE we intrinsically are.

So please accept my unending gratitude for your love made manifest in these powerful seminars. May a universe of ONENESS love be yours, ours and a joydance for every one. ~ Lynda AmaRa M, NC, USA

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(04/08/12 ~ Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All-Embracing Love) THANK YOU ! the transmission was profound! ~ Ben B, Location Unknown.

(04/08/12 ~ Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All-Embracing Love) Hello and good morning my beloved brother of Oneness Love; Wow... What a transformation... What a trip this is... What a joy to experience the essence of pure Divine Love... What a "Never ending experience"... BzzzzBzzzzzBzzz

So how do I share that... How does anyone one who was part of this momentous transmission share it ?

This is one of many questions asked by myself, as well as every member of our Oneness Love family and even you Simeon have probably asked that same question many times.

Often the answer comes from immersing myself into another design and just observing what evolves and how it evolves and experiencing it. Simeon... You shared with us one of the majors Keys of perception in this reality and that involves viewing everything from a trinity of angles, a neutral position and/or even a wider point of view.

I found this to be very profound because weeks ago I became aware that in everything that I have ever designed or carved there has never been any math, algebra or formula involved, and that everything was based on angles or a trinity of angles...

So with all this new gained awareness of the Divine All Seeing Breath of Love how do I find the answer to my question of sharing. The answer comes from what you shared with us regarding removing the judgment and the limitations on our perceptions (angles or point of views) and so I worked on processing the limitations on the concept of sharing and my limiting point of view of the designs.

I eventually became aware the designs are more than designs or lines on a paper. They are an expression of the pure divine love... Your beautiful energy art form Simeon is an expression of pure divine Love

I choose ONLY pure LOVE!

I adore and love what you did with the Bees... BEES/Nectar... and the flying thing... Would you believe there may be a similar point of view between your beautiful meditation illustration and the design and this deals with the concept of flying...

You deal with bees and I deal with butterflies... Yes there are butterflies in the design... and yes they evolve from an expanding trintized point of view... Butterfly=transmutation/transformation!

You illustrate the bees flying to the Source of Oneness Love and in the design the butterflies are showing flying (four butterflies at the outer corners) towards the center source and then uniting as multiple expansions of Hu'Orin the ALL embracing Love.

To Sum it all up I say I embrace Hu as an expression of pure Love.

Thank Hu my dear brother for ALL Hu are and ALL Hu do. ~ RayMond Tao'Ra, WA, USA

View 450px wide version of design RayMond speaks of. A very large 3825 x 2550 hi-res poster-sized version of this image comes with the Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All-Embracing Love video transmission.

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(04/08/12 ~ Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All-Embracing Love) Dear Simeon, during the transmission I experienced a lot of discomfort - mainly due I feel to the maturity level of my thinking - this lasted until the High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na began to speak. I do not recall exactly what I experienced while she was speaking but I know I felt well. As soon as the whole transmission was over, I felt very positively energized. ~ Mariusz K, Winnipeg, CANADA

(04/08/12 ~ Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All-Embracing Love) Thank you Simeon... wow what can one say, another home run in the consciousness diamond of Oneness Love... Namaste my wonderful friend. ~ David Muldoon of David Muldoon Photography and From Shutter to Canvas, Dubai, UAE

(04/08/12 ~ Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All-Embracing Love) Hey there starbro!!! another great webinar today!! i really started feeling the energy once you started the meditation, my crown chakara opened up and i could feel about a tennis ball size of energy flowing in and out of it, like tingles at the top... the first 5 min of meditation i had tears flowing... very powerful as always. thank you soooo much for all your hard work and the energys you help bring tot he planet.... i thank you simeon and love you like my brother! ~ Jonah Bolt of Starseed Energy Radio, Asheville, NC, USA

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