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13th Galactic Heaven
Affirmation Meditation
by Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid

I AM fully aligned to the evolutionary harmonics of the Cosmos.

My physical body, energy bodies, light bodies,  awareness and consciousness, are vibrating and alive with the energy harmonics of the newly activated (11/3/10) 13th Galactic Heaven.

I am a joyful host for the perfected dance of the Cosmic God/Goddess within my being and within my life on Earth.

I seek to accomplish all things through the higher universal power that is inherent within a true balance of the God/Goddess within me.

When I AM experiencing my True Cosmic Self, all things move gracefully towards balance within me, my life and my world.

All true power is a shared power, and realization of my collective nature releases this power.

I AM an anchor for true balance, true power, inner peace and pure love being.

And so it is...

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