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TIP: use "Heart-Breathing" while meditating on this animated mandala. Simply stated this is a slow, deep rhythmic breathing in and out through your heart. For more detailed information on this technique and some advanced techniques check out my "Heart Breathing: Breathing for Balance, Higher Awareness, Higher Consciousness and Ascension" eBook.

FREE 13th Galactic Heaven Mandala Desktop Wallpapers

The background color I used in RGB values is: R=179 / G=73 / B=159.
The color's HEX code is B3499F

About the 13th Galactic Heaven Mandala Meditation 

 The mandala used in the animation for this meditation video was created using an 8:13:140 symmetry which corresponds to an 8:13:140 universal timing code associated with the Mayan Calendar.

The 8:13:140 time code is derived by combining the numeric equivalents of the 8th or Galactic Wave Movement's 13th Heaven(yang/yin cycle), which is also the 140th heaven to become active in the Mayan Calendar since its inception.

The colors and the background music are also carefully selected so as to bring the meditator more deeply into alignment with the vibrational qualities of the 13th Galactic Heaven. These vibrational qualities are the balancing of polarity which forms Christ Consciousness leading to Unity Consciousness and ultimately a pure state of Oneness.

I would appreciate feedback on what you experience with this meditation, please contact me.

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