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TIP: try watching this movie using both a soft and hard focus when meditating on the center of the spiral - they produce different results!

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Cosmic Info About this Movie

This fractal animation uses two converging spirals each with ten spiraling strands in conjunction with two different 8-petaled Flower of Life type fractals that emerge from the center of the spirals.

Ten is the experience of the "1" emerging from the field of "0" if it is read right to left like in the sacred languages, and in computer binary code.  The number "10" thus can be seen to symbolize the dynamic wherein our experience of Oneness emerges from the Zero-Point field.

This 'Spiraling into Oneness' fractal animation video is specifically designed with the intention to facilitate an enhanced experience of Oneness emerging from the Zero-Point field for those who watch it and also who hold this intention in their hearts and minds. Using the process outlined in my Heart-Breathing e-Book with this video is highly recommended.

My dear friend and colleague Maia Alaula Kamala Nartoomid channeled information and created an accompanying energy-art some time back which wonderfully imprint the energetics of a higher-dimensional star called the "Golden Star of Mazuriel." This energetic represents very highly expanded states of Love and Oneness. I have thus included its energetic imprint into this movie near the end when it spins up and out of the spiral of Oneness and sort of just merges with you!

The background music I used in this video facilitates your enhanced experience of Oneness by employing binaural beat frequencies to entrain your brain wave patterns into sub-Delta Epsilon frequencies. Epsilon brain wave frequencies have been demonstrated scientifically to accompany powerful spiritual experiences and expanded states of consciousness.

This background music is being used without formal permission by the artist Technomind. This is because I have been unable, despite various and repeated efforts, to find a way to contact them. I therefore am doing all I can to support this artist and to locate them so "official permission" to use their work may be obtained.

Technomind produces a LOT of consciousness altering music for inducing various states of consciousness, higher awareness and healing.

You can find their works at Amazon.com and CDBaby.com.

Blessings of Cosmic Oneness and Peace,
Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid