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10:10:10 ~ Cosmic Gate of Oneness
by Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid

In my recent article entitled "10:10:10 Time Gates and Fractal Time" I explained how time-gates are higher-dimensional packets of light-encoding that have been synchronized to offer their potential within our linear time line at specific resonant nodes.

The numerology of dates like 9:9:9, 10:10:10 and 11:11:11 etc, make these dates within the calendrical system used most prominently by the mass consciousness very resonant with higher-dimensional dynamics. Thus, the beings which administer Programs of Light that are meant to re-program various functions within our DNA can use these points quite easily for synchronization with the various higher-dimensional Programs of Light that can assist us.

There is a difference between time-gates and star-gates as well, although there are times when both of these dynamics synchronize at one point in our linear time. While time-gates involve linear time-line synchronization of higher-dimensional Programs of Light which are created by beings that are world architects such the Elohim, star-gates involve synchronization of much larger universal Programs of Light with alignments of various astrological and other types of celestial influences that are directly affecting a given world.

When the linear time-line resonances in that world also synchronize with these significant celestial influences then the potential of both a time-gate and a star-gate will be present for that world.

There are, however, myriads of worlds in the universe and its many dimensions! So let's take this one step further now. There are times, when celestial and/or time-line resonances also synchronize in such a way wherein a significant number of individual world systems will experience the same potential being offered in the same universal moment.

These synchronizations always involve both a star-gate and a time-gate dynamic due to the celestial influences needed to coordinate the various world systems involved.

These universal moments of synchronization also carry enormous power within them for the worlds that are directly involved. I entered into a field of awareness just this week that has now informed me that 10:10:10 is one such synchronization. I had become aware previously that the Golden Star of Mazuriel is involved in 10:10:10 as I had related in my original information on 10:10:10.

What I have only just now become aware of, however, is that the Golden Star of Mazuriel is THE celestial influence, the master universal intelligence node, that is synchronizing the movement of consciousness for a truly significant number of worlds. Additionally, the current resonant point in time where we beings here on Earth access this particular dynamic and its potential, is our upcoming 10:10:10 time-gate. The star-gate for 10:10:10 is therefore being formed by the Golden Star of Mazuriel.

The Golden Star of Mazuriel is the pure higher-dimensional manifestation of Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness and Oneness Consciousness. These are not just different terms for the same thing, they are different manifestations of the ultimate state of being we are calling Oneness.

Many of you may also recall how I have imparted information on the Nardee Network earlier this summer. To refresh your memory, the Nardee Network is a crystalline inter-connected universal lattice of all world systems that have realized unity within their worlds as a collective.

10:10:10 here on Earth is synchronized dimensionally and holographically with a universal movement to incorporate a myriad of new worlds into the Nardee Network. We are NOT alone in this movement. Of course we are not alone in it even when we are not going through universal moments of significant synchronization like 10:10:10, which is but one movement in a larger cycle.

At times where we have such specific synchronization taking place there is a much greater power available to all worlds which have been synchronized within that movement. This additional power can be consciously harnessed and utilized to facilitate Unity and Oneness in those specific worlds, and also amongst those worlds.

I have been waiting for the energy and information to show up in terms of how my 10:10:10 Tele-Transmission was going to flow. It had not been forthcoming until today, so I was wondering... now I know!

We will be working together in the upcoming "10:10:10 Encoding for Oneness on Earth Tele-Transmission" on three specific levels of Unity Consciousness leading to an enhanced ability to consciously experience our inherent state of Oneness.

1) Unity within ourselves; 2) unity within the collective consciousness in our world on Earth, and 3) unity with the collective of worlds we are synchronized with as we accelerate our movement towards emergence within the crystalline universal lattice of Oneness in the Nardee Network.

All the beings in all of the worlds currently within the Nardee Network are truly one with us. They know it implicitly, and they are assisting us as aspects of themselves to more fully know the experience of Oneness in ourselves, in our world, and ultimately amongst the universal collective of worlds.

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