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11:11:11 TimeGate-StarGate energy art for this Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling from Cosmic Consciousness Online.
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11:11:11 TimeGate - StarGate
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 11/4/11
w/ info from Ascended Master Menon

As I was working on the powerhouse 11:11:11 ~ Eye of Metatron video transmission I was escorted by Ascended Master Menon through some rather amazing cosmic spaces so that I could understand better what the true nature of the 11:11:11 Gateway actually was.

My first major cosmic adventure into this dynamic occurred when I asked Menon exactly what was up in relation to some interesting information that was sent to me by a couple of dear friends.

This information proposes that there are a 10th and 11th Wave to the Mayan Calendar. They attempt to demonstrate how these two waves take us into the 11:11:11 Gateway by using Mayan Calendar math as proof that this is THEE ascension gate. They are close to being right on the last part.

There are some flaws in their math approach which I will speak of in the upcoming webinar. However, even adjusting for these errors, an 11th wave would end 11/10 rather than 11/11. Still enticing! However, Ascended Master Menon took me into a place of awareness where I could see what these additional wave harmonics truly represented.

They are not actual energy waves the same as the nine harmonic waves the Mayan Calendar identified. They are rather a set of secondary harmonics that take us into the 2012 Fractal Line. They have been brought into manifestation by a vast array of higher-light dynamics so amazingly complex it was overwhelming to even try to put my mind into them.

It was at this point that Menon related to me that the entirety of the 11:11:11 StarGate-Timegate nexus, in conjunction with the Eye of Metatron forming in concert with it, are the most complex set of dynamics to ever have been manifest in the entire history of the Earth!

This is one reason why so many people have been experiencing some inner confusion. We are moving through these vastly complex sets of harmonics... on the other side of this passage it all comes together into a simplicity that is of truly rare beauty! For this simplicity will feel more like it did in the early days of the Time of the Light on Earth.

Yet it will also have the entire gamut of evolution we have gone through as a part of it as well. It will be a more complete and complex set of harmonics that we hold innately within us as a simplicity once again! For some souls this will experientially come to pass by the end of 2013. For many others it will be a ongoing progression for some time after that. Cosmically speaking, however, we are all in the same "moment."

Another large piece of the 11:11:11 ~ Eye of Metatron puzzle that dropped into place was the awareness and understanding of TimeGate and StarGate functions and how they relate to each other.

I speak to this more in the video transmission as well. For the prupose of this article I will relate that the 11:11:11 StarGate is being called "Iiniros" (EEE-knee-ross) by the Metatronic Councils of Light, and it roughly means "Crystalline (Dimensional) Bridge".

The Iiniros StarGate is a harmonic convergence of sorts between the Great Central Sun, our Galactic Core, the Golden Star of Mazuriel (higher-dimensional star of pure Christ Consciousness), many other stars (both visible and higher-dimensional) in our galaxy including our Sun, and many of their planet's inner cores.

It is through Iiniros, the Crystalline Dimensional Bridge, that Cumthara, a Supreme Solar Archangelic energy from the Great Central Sun, will holographically return in manifestation within the etheric envelope of our Solar System and planet to infuse a new Solar Inscription or Law.

This new Solar Inscription is necessary for us to move into Numis'OM ,the initial stage of the New Earth and Eye of Metatron. This initial New Earth potential can then take more solid manifestation within us as human beings.

We received this as the Crown Triad Inscription within the field of energy held by our Crown, Third Eye and Medulla Oblongta, with our pituitary being in the center of that field.

The AN'KII HoloGate and its holotropic field then "seeded" us with the New Earth DNA that the Metatronic Councils are now referring to as the D'NA (dee-NAH) - First Light DNA from the New Earth Hologram.

The AN'KII Hologate supplies the magnetic power to the higher frequencies of light held within the New Earth Hologram which enables them to be holographically imprinted within our current DNA.

This is but a brief overview of what you can be brought into awareness of just as I have been with Ascended Master Menon. Once you have been quickened into this awareness, then you will experience the amazing three part meditational activation process that is being provided by the Metatronic Councils of Light in this transmission.

You will sequence through receiving the Solar Inscription from Cumthara directly into your being for the benefit of yourself and our collective consciousness.

You will then go through the D'NA seeding process to further bring the new Solar Inscription right into your DNA.

You will then join in heart, mind and soul-being with Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na, the powerful 7D Solar Priestess from the high etheric Temple of La'kina (perfection of all through love).

You will join with her to vibrate deeply into the space of the 1st of the 7 Sacred Tones that was sounded on 11:11:11. You will be honored to bear witness to the initial process of the new programming in all 7 Planetary Seals integrating with each other.

This is a very powerful process you will be very glad you engaged!

11:11:11 Eye of Metatron
a mega-powerful video transmission

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