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11:11 and the Future-Now
Temple of Oneness
by Simeon Chi'Ra 11/10/10

Today information and awareness came flowing in that has inspired me to take the time to write this article on 11:11 dynamics for you.

11:11 is both a StarGate and a TimeGate. The energetics of this gateway have been worked with and related to in various different ways by different people and groups since it was first brought into the collective awareness by Solara.

Many people, myself included, have experiences of repeatedly seeing 11:11 appearing on digital clocks. The nuances of this topic could be explored in some depth all on its own. The simple explanation for these experiences is that they are the result of the energetics of the 11:11 gateway finding their way into the inner experience of beings who are sufficiently aligned to it. These energetics then manifest outwardly in various ways through universal resonance principles. Once of these manifestations is the synchronous 11:11 digital clock "sightings".

Before I go any further, I wish to acknowledge the role of Solara in having activated these energetics within our collective awareness and consciousness. I also wish to impart up-front that my perspectives on the 11:11 dynamics differ in various ways from Solara's. I do not, however, feel there is a "right" or "wrong" perspective in this regard, but that rather we each perceive a unique aspect of the hologram that 11:11 dynamics represent.

The reality Solara presents around 11:11 is therefore one of the many realities possible with 11:11 energetics. What I am presenting is also another of these many possibilities. All things are this way, there are an infinite number of parallel realities or dimensions containing every imaginable possibility and then some, and they all exist already.

Therefore, its REALLY critically important to fully grok this and to move into the greater understanding and awareness such an expansive view of reality offers us. In other words, relative to this article and Solara's, mine or anyone else's information on 11:11 or anything else, simply decide what feels best to you and focus on that as your reality. Where your attention goes your energy flows!

My own cosmic plane investigations into the 11:11 energetics have revealed to me that 11:11 is both a TimeGate and a StarGate. I spoke to the nature of these two associated dynamics in my previous articles related to 10:10:10. The first of these previous articles was entitled "10:10:10 ~ Encoding Oneness on Earth" where I wrote the following regarding TimeGates:

Time-gates are comprised of higher-dimensional 'packets' of light encoding that can re-spatialize our relationship to time by altering the chronos functions in our light body and DNA. This re-programming is happening to everyone on the planet regardless of whether they are aware of, or believe in, this time-gate dynamic...

Each time-gate that syncs with a harmonic node like 9:9:9 or 10:10:10 etc, represents a vibrational step on our Stairway to Heaven.

I also wrote the following in another article entitled "10:10:10 ~ Cosmic Gate of Oneness":

The numerology of dates like 9:9:9, 10:10:10 and 11:11:11 etc, make these dates within the calendrical system... very resonant with higher-dimensional dynamics. Thus, the beings which administer Programs of Light that are meant to re-program various functions within our DNA can use these points quite easily for synchronization with the various higher-dimensional Programs of Light that can assist us.

...time-gates involve linear time-line synchronization of higher-dimensional Programs of Light... star-gates involve synchronization of much larger universal Programs of Light with alignments of various astrological and other types of celestial influences...

So what is this 11:11 Gateway dynamic about? Quite simply put, it's the frequency of awareness and the resultant consciousness that begins a new cycle of development based upon a platform of unity and oneness.

It is totally amazing and synchronous that 11:11:11 will occur just a couple of weeks after what Carl Johan Calleman has calculated to be the actual end date of the Mayan Calendar (October 28. 2011). The two stack up very well in terms of the unfoldment of universal awareness which embodies unity and oneness.

Solara has stated that the 11:11 gateway represents a "window of time" which we have been given to "make the shift" into oneness or... ???

I do not perceive the 11:11 gateway in this type of a context, nor anything else for that matter. I perceive the 11:11 gateway to be a part of the sequentially unfolding evolutionary harmonics that have been guiding the evolution of consciousness and form since the inception of this universe. In our collective reality 11:11 energetics only recently went live "online" so to speak.

I also understand the concept of "windows of time and opportunity" too. I resonate with the "window" for 11:11 that Solara has been working with as well. I see it, however, as a window for unity and oneness preparation rather than their ultimate manifestation.

Therefore the 11:11 window of opportunity that Solara states will be closing on 11:11:11, is in my perspective the end of the time of that specific window of opportunity for preparation and is not the end of the window of opportunity to move into unity and oneness.

The Mayan Calendar harmonics which have been unfolding since Solara's first 11:11 activation on January 11, 1992 strongly support this perspective as well. This slight adjustment makes a huge difference and still fully honors Solara and all she has done in service for our beloved planet!

As an aside I was in Egypt in late November and early December of the same year Solara did the original 11:11 activation (1992). I visited the exact spot near the Great Pyramid where she had done that first activation with her group earlier in the year and the energy there was truly amazing!

This brings me to another very important aspect of the 11:11 energetics that I experienced by the Great Pyramid back in 1992. The 11:11 Gateway is an access for 11th dimensional energy. It is at the apex of all dimensional energetics.

I am speaking here to the PRIMARY dimensions of the universe. Quantum physics has now moved into using an eleven dimensional model in the version of string theory called "M Theory." The reason for this is that when they included an 11th dimension in their model then their equations all started to work PRIOR to the time of the "Big Bang" as well as during and after that momentous "event".

Until the quantum physicists included the 11th dimension, their equations broke down as they approached the time of the Big Bang and would no longer work. This is a very powerful indication that their current equations are more closely modeling the actual nature and structure of the universe now.

Many people have also been accessing higher dimensional realities than the 11th dimension. What they may not fully realize is that these are sub-dimensions of the eleven primary dimensions. In terms of sub-dimensions there is no limit, they are infinite.

The 11th primary dimension is the dimension of Pure Oneness. The possibilities for how this Pure Oneness can manifest in Creation are infinite, thus the infinite number of sub-dimensions and parallel realities within it.

The Nardee Network is operating on 10th and 11th primary dimensional energetics. While embracing this awareness perhaps it might seem that our entry into Nardee is somewhat hopeless as a realizable goal given we are collectively working to more fully enter the 4th and 5th dimensions currently. What really needs to be understood, however, is that we and our world are multi-dimensional. We all exist in all of these dimensions simultaneously.

Therefore it is simply a matter of choosing the qualities of the dimension we wish to experience most prominently and focusing on those qualities. This is how we can "change dimensional channels" much more quickly than might seem possible.

We can embrace the full potential of being able to experience and live as a 10th and 11th dimensional consciousness energy within a world collective that has not yet shifted into those dimensional energetics just yet. The 4th and 5th primary dimensions are also critical keys to accomplishing this.

As we start experiencing these higher-dimensional energetics within our own beings, we accelerate things for the collective as well by making those frequencies we are experiencing much stronger within the frequency bandwidths available to be tuned into by the collective.

An apt analogy would be how it is when watching a TV. If you have only rabbit ears for a signal source, then you will watch the channels that come in best without noise and distortion. If suddenly other channels strengthen their signal and increase its quality you would then likely start exploring the programming on those channels too. If you liked that programming better you would also likely stop watching the other channels!

The 11:11 gateway offers a wonderful opportunity to attune to the energetics of a new developmental cycle in the manifest aspects of the universe. This new developmental cycle is one which is based on unity and Pure Oneness. These are capstone energetics.

While we may not have completely built the inner temple this capstone gets set upon just yet, simply having access to its energetics allows us to "SEE" the completed temple of our Future-Now.

In being able to more clearly get a bearing on and "SEE" this completed Future-Now Temple, the awareness, consciousness and energy it represents grows stronger within us. If we cannot get a bearing on it then its very difficult if not impossible to focus on it to make it stronger within us so we can accelerate the completion of our Future-Now Temple of Oneness individually and collectively.

I brought through a short meditation for you to help facilitate this process in conjunction with the 11:11 Gateway. This short meditative process is also a wonderful way to celebrate our annual passage through the 11:11 Gateway:

Future-Now Temple of Oneness Meditation

Set an intention to align to the 11:11 gateway and allow its very powerful energetics to facilitate this process for you before beginning.

Start this meditation with some slow, deep rhythmic breathing in and out through your heart chakra with the pranic energy being cognized as flowing in/out through both front/rear of the heart chakra simultaneously.

After you feel fully synced into this flow, then shift into breathing in through your heart and out through your root and your crown chakras simultaneously. This exhaled energy will be penetrating deeply down into the Earth and also up through the upper chakra system above the crown chakra into the heavens. Sustain this breathing pattern and affirm the following:

I AM now centered equally within all dimensions of my being.

The energy of my true nature in love and oneness now flows freely though all dimensions of my being and my planetary collective.

All other levels of awareness within me now align to my eleventh dimensional beingness and its ascended states of Pure Oneness.

I now sense and envision the completion of my Future-Now Temple of Oneness within me.

I now place the capstone energetics of the 11:11 gateway upon my Future-Now Temple of Oneness with joy and gratitude.

Take time now to behold the beauty and miracle of your completed temple and allow its Future-Now energetics to permeate every cell of your body thereby activating your future in your now.

Continue using the Heart Breathing process you started with, only now you are breathing the energy of this completed temple in through your heart and out through your root and crown.

Continue this for as long as you feel guided to and repeat as desired!

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