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Cosmic Insights

Cosmic Insights
The Power of Awareness
by Simeon Chi'Ra 10/21/12
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

First, let me be clear this is not about politics... you will never see any of that here!

The current American presidential and congressional elections are in some ways much of the same, and in other ways a whole new arena of development. This new arena of development actually began 4 years ago with the election of Barack Obama as president.

It involves the effective use of social media and grassroots organizing to bring people of vastly different backgrounds together for a common purpose. In 2008 that common purpose was to elect Barack Obama.

This development involved a key expansion in awareness. Many people realized that they could speak more strongly than the traditional media when united. They realized their power in numbers when focused on a common goal. They thus transcended their demographics and differences and succeeded.

This year's election now involves enormous sums of money like we have not seen in awhile due to a fairly recent Supreme Court ruling that repealed many of the restrictions that had been in place for election spending and contributions. Huge corporations and the very wealthy are now free to try and buy the government they want.

Unfortunately I see even Barack Obama's team buying into this despite their previous experience of using social media and grassroots organizing to succeed in putting Barack into the oval office while being outspent. I have contemplated this issue deeply for quite some time. I have conferred with the Metatronic Councils of Light about it.

No amount of legislating fairness is going to change this situation. You can pass laws and then they will get repealed and back and forth it goes ad infinitum in the duality. When the people of this country, or any country with a democratic election system, can no longer be fooled by deceptive advertising or rhetoric because their awareness has expanded to the point that they simply see right through it... then no amount of money will be able to buy an election even if there are no spending restrictions in place.

When this occurs those entities who have been spending huge sums of money to buy elections will stop doing so because it will be a waste of their money. They will then have to walk their talk and be clear about what they will do, and will not do, to win an election.

This same principle applies to corporate advertising and every other area of life were what you see is not what you get. When people have enough awareness to see through the gimmicks and deceptions, then none of the money put into such things will produce anything for those behind these schemes, and as a result they will also come to an end.

I am not speaking here of an awareness of pertinent details and facts, although those will often times be included. I am speaking here of the type of awareness that is resonant with what St. Therese of Lisieux called "The Little Way of Love." A unified perspective where it would not be perceived to be beneficial to self to deceive or take advantage of others for one's own sole benefit.

The way we go about expanding this Power of Awareness in our world is to expand it in ourselves and encourage and support others to do the same. We cannot get there by judging those who do not yet have such an awareness. Judging or doing make-wrongs on people who deceive or take advantage of others for their own benefit actually amplifies that energy in our world. This is exactly opposite what we really want, yet it happens sort of automatically many times.

Becoming as consciously self-aware as possible when this is happening is a major key. Once we are consciously aware it is happening, we can look another direction and just walk away. In this way we don't feed any more energy to that which we do not wish to experience. Instead we extract energy from it and re-direct it where we really want to go instead.

Doing this one simple thing is an extremely powerful game changer. As each of us expands our awareness to see what is really happening so we cannot be deceived, and we cease judging what is within our expanded field of awareness, a new power—the supreme Power of Awareness—is released in ourselves and our collective.

This will be what ultimately liberates all beings on planet Earth. It is therefore the most important responsibility we have to engage... everything else we desire in our selves and our world follows it.

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