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Cosmic Insights

Cosmic Insights
The Law of Attraction Reloaded
by Simeon Chi'Ra 11/20/12
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

This is not your usual article on what is commonly being called the Law of Attraction. It is also not meant to negate any other perspectives, only to build upon, complete and expand awareness. That is the way of the Metatronic Light!

I believe you will likely resonate with my perspective that it is important to really understand how energy works in order to be truly successful in working with it. The Law of Attraction represents an energy dynamic. The way this is commonly believed to work is that like attracts like. So if you focus on what you want you will attract it.

Well, the fact is that in nature likes repel and opposites attract! Take two magnets and try to put both their north or south poles together and you will quickly see the truth of this demonstrated. With electricity positive and negative opposites are attracted to each other to create an electron flow or we would not have electricity.

The Law of Attraction would actually be more accurately named if it were called the Law of Amplification. For what is really happening is that as we focus on what we want we are feeding it energy and amplifying the energy of that vibration in our consciousness and life.

Then, as that energy gains strength it has power to bring things into manifestation. Those things this powerful energy we have created bring into manifestation will always be things that are in harmonic resonance with that energy. This dynamic therefore also involves the Law of Resonance.

The end result is about the same whether we think of it as attracting or amplifying. However, our ability to achieve that end result can often be greatly enhanced when we understand what is really happening.

It is also a much more empowered position to be coming from when you realize that you are not trying to attract external things to you. Rather, you are working to amplify energies of your own choice and to thus empower what you want to then coalesce from the ether and manifest in your life experience! You are commanding the universe using your God given power versus attempting to entice something to be attracted to you.

If you are trying to attract things you will also be in a somewhat externally projected reality which tends to disperse your power into these other things. Things that you attract may then exert certain energetic forces upon you in return when they show up.

If instead you are focusing clearly on amplifying specific energies with the power of your consciousness and being in a non-manipulative way, then you align to a higher level of reality wherein this is much less likely to occur.

If you can even conceive of having something, it is already in your reality! Therefore, what you want already exists as a part of your own lifewave and all you are trying to do is amplify what already exists so that it can be experienced more tangibly on the physical plane.

Contemplate this, and sense into how it completes the picture that the more popular versions of the Law of Attraction offer. Most of the people teaching these techniques are actually doing a lot of good too. They are getting people to focus on what they really want in life and to believe that it is actually possible to have it. That is very important!

This little cosmic tweak allows us to take it one step further into an even more empowered experience as a human being on Earth. As we progress into this experience we will find we have a lot more options available to us as well. This is where we can really go quantum with recombinant alchemy! I will be teaching and talking about this in the upcoming Quanta 2 Attunement.

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