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Cosmic Insights

Cosmic Insights
by Simeon Chi'Ra 12/09/12
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

We are on the edge of the doorway or window of opportunity that 12:12:12 represents. There is much that is being said and written about what it represents. All of it is part of the larger hologram of truth as with all things.

What is true about any of these cosmic opportunities is what resonates most deeply for us. Our hearts first and foremost are what determine the truth, for in the end, love is the only truth there is.

Therefore, anything we can come up with regarding what 12:12:12 or anything else truly represents are only stories. To the degree that these stories take us into the heart of the Great Love to experience more of ourselves as that Great Love, then the story is true! The so called "facts" of our stories are therefore rather irrelevant.

Yet our stories are important nonetheless, if for no other reason than to help us to know their facts are irrelevant... and that their essence, where they take us... is what matters most. They are also a part of our creative imaginative processes. They are right in the core of how we co-create reality.

Therefore, everything I offer is also just another story. Yet, I am very conscious of the essence of these stories, and how I and the beings in higher-dimensions I call my friends, weave the utmost love into them... and pathways that in the end offer a means to experience one's self AS the Great Love itself. THAT is my work and the stories are only one means of accomplishing it that I happen to like and resonate with!

As I progress along my own path of evolution as a human being on Earth, what is becoming apparent to me now is that all these doorways, gateways and cosmic events are feeling more and more the same. This is because what is important about them, as I have stated, is their ability to take us into experiences of the Great Love as our True Self, and I am really locked onto THAT now very strongly!

If we are focused on THAT then the circumstances, details and stories revolving around how we are doing THAT then fade into the background and are not so important any longer. Ahhhh, what a feeling of relief that is too! Everything simplifies down to this single-pointed focus and then we are free to live life more fully enjoying our cosmic playground with the vast diversity of ways available to us to do THAT.

Soooo... were you expecting more stories about 12:12:12? Well, other than those I have offered regarding the transmission for the 4th Sacred Tone, Tin'Ha, Pause of New Earth Breath, I have none! Everything else I could say has already been said by somebody, somewhere, at sometime.

I am relating to 12:12:12 as part of our cosmic playground. It is fun to play together, is it not? That is the only reason we need to join hearts in sacred intent on 12:12:12!

I also encourage you to become as consciously aware as possible of what is in the process of emerging from within YOU right now. THAT is very important to us ALL!

There is a process in the meditational MP3 that is being released as part of our 12:12:12 4th Sacred Tone, Tin'Ha ~ Pause of New Earth Breath transmission that is meant to open you up to this reality seed emerging from your New Earth Self of Great Love.

This 12:12:12 transmission is being facilitated by (3) MP3 and (2) PDF versus the usual webinar. It is a time to sort of be in the "cosmic pause" and so this seemed most resonant with that.

There are nearly 2 hours of MP3 and 20+ pages in two PDF (still working on them) and both myself and Karen Ani'Ra are on the MP3 audio's. It has been a LOT of work and effort, all coming from deep love!

The first MP3 brings together a lot of what I have been teaching and sharing for the last 18 months all into a more cohesive body of information. Lots of great stories to play with now becoming one much larger story that is really rather awesome actually!

Just some of the main stuff that is part of this awesome story is:

  • The 7 Sacred Seals.
  • The 7 Sacred Tones.
  • The 2012 Fractal Line.
  • Higher-dimensional Mayan Calendar dynamics.
  • Local and cosmic timeline collisions.
  • Big Bang - Big Crunch, a universal cosmology of consciousness, beyond what you may have imagined!

That is only the first MP3 which by some amazing coincidence (cooperative incidents) turned out to be exactly 44:44 in duration! I was tickled when I saw that!

The second MP3 looks at the Breath of New Earth Life as a cycle of energy and syncs that cycle to the 7 Sacred Tones. Then it takes an in-depth look at the 4th Sacred Tone of Tin'Ha ~ Pause of New Earth Breath. There are insights in this second MP3 that should be very helpful for understanding and navigating this immense planetary passage we are in right now.

The third MP3 is pure meditational process with background music that uses theta brainwaves. It also references one of the PDF's which has full color images in a higher resolution landscape orientation so you can print them or look at them on-screen to use during the meditation if you wish.

This is also a preparation of sorts for the webinar I will be offering for 12/21/12, and which is a cosmic story that I have offered and which is also the point where the Metatronic Councils of Light will activate/sound the 5th Sacred Tone, Lys'Na, Gathering of Light as part of that story.

We love you! Please jump in and join us for the 12:12:12 cosmic fun...

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