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13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light
by Simeon Chi'Ra 03/26/11

Today (3/26/11) we are in the 18th and last day of the first Heaven-Pulse of light in the final Ninth Universal Rainbow of Consciousness Evolution!

On Sunday 3/27/11 the second Heaven-Pulse of light activates. These pulses alternate between Yang and Yin energy predominance. The first universal Heaven-Pulse was Yang. We enter a Yin pulse on 3/27/11.

The first universal Heaven-Pulse of light was quite fiery as quantums of universal consciousness light were activated to develop the foundation for universal consciousness.

Its acceleration was profound and I am sure you have all experienced it in your way, I sure know I did! So many amazing things are unfolding so quickly that the little me is really working very hard to keep up with the big me! How about you (contact me and share)?

In the second universal Heaven-Pulse we will enter an 18 day period of assimilation of the energies of the first universal Heaven-Pulse. One way this could manifest would be where we find this period a time of catching up and pulling all that occurred in the last 18 days together so we are ready to move forward with it as a more complete form.

This will be happening on ALL levels, from the most practical day to day stuff to the most sublime reaches of consciousness experience. They are all expressions of energy of the consciousness that we are evolving within our collective sphere.

Any separation or division we feel in the different strata of our being is simply a product of our limited minds slicing and dicing and judging. That is what the mind does in its fundamental expression, and there is a purpose for it, but that is another topic.

For now I will simply say that the key to mastering that dynamic is to stay focused on wholeness, unity and oneness in ALL aspects of YOURSELF. To the degree you can do this you will also see and experience wholeness, unity and oneness everywhere else as well. Even when others are not experiencing it inside of themselves you will experience it as being inside of them and thus strengthen that energy and consciousness within them too.

I AM being inspired to provide you a framework to understand these 13 Heaven-Pulses of light. This information is drawing from the work of Carl Johan Calleman in his book "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness." It also has my own inclusions and modifications which I have adapted specifically for the Ninth Universal Rainbow of Consciousness Evolution.

The odd numbered Heaven-Pulses (Days) represent start of new growth phases within the overall ninth universal cycle, the even number Heaven-Pulses (Nights) represent the pull-back, assimilation and integration of previous Heaven-Pulses.

1st Heaven-Pulse > March 9 - 26 (crest March 17-18) > Yang > Sowing, initial infusions and expressions of new consciousness are placed within the fertile coil created by all eight previous Rainbows or Harmonic Waves of Consciousness Evolution.

2nd Heaven-Pulse > March 27 - April 13 (crest April 4-5) > Yin > Assimilation and Integration of the 1st Heaven-Pulse. The "seed" gets acclimated to the soil it has been placed within and alchemical internal processes prepare for its germination.

3rd Heaven-Pulse > April 14 - May 1 (crest April 22-23) > Yang > Germination, the second expansive pulse of new universal consciousness energies building upon that which was sowed in the first universal Heaven-Pulse of Light. The seed of New Earth universal consciousness now undergoes a deep transformation and begins to break free of its initial old Earth containment field or shell.

4th Heaven-Pulse > May 2 - 19 (crest May 10-11) > Yin > Adjustments, reactions and deeper internalization of the new universal consciousness harmonics building and becoming much more prominent. Development of all that is needed but still below the surface of the fertile soil to support the first upward thrust of universal consciousness into the light of human awareness in the next Heaven-Pulse. The plant germinates and now emerges from the Cosmic Seed's old-Earth shell which has served its purpose and is no longer needed.

5th Heaven-Pulse > May 20 - June 6 (crest May 28-29) > Yang > Sprouting, the new universal consciousness now starts to take deeper root in form and become more firmly established. The newly developing universal consciousness now breaks through the surface of the fertile soil of its initial underworld developmental phase and pushes its stalk of new growth up into the light of human conscious awareness where it becomes more clearly visible.

6th Heaven-Pulse > June 7 - 24 (crest June 15-16) > Yin > Assimilation and reflection upon the new foundation of universal consciousness emerging in our lives and in our world. This phase is also akin to watering the new shoot, watching and waiting for it to grow the extra roots necessary to support further growth.

Master Menon is indicating that this is a very important Heaven-Pulse for us to intently focus on entraining our minds and feelings to see and experience what IS happening in terms of universal consciousness development in our world and to make a final break from the dire negative outlook presented in the media if we have not already done so.

7th Heaven-Pulse > June 25 - July 12 (crest July 3-4) > Yang > Proliferation and more solid developmental growth of universal consciousness which forms the next level of its emergence as a pertinent liberated expression in our experience and on the planet. The new sprout is becoming a more mature and healthy plant.

8th Heaven-Pulse > July 13 - 30 (crest July 21-22) > Yin > Bridge building phase that harmonically establishes sturdier and more numerous pathways for existing older forms of consciousness to merge into the new universal consciousness with grace. The plant starts preparing internally for the climax phase of its life wherein it will produce flowers and seeds. This requires more internal alchemy to take place which represents another full turn on the alchemical spiral in resonance with the 2nd Heaven-Pulse.

9th Heaven-Pulse > July 31 - August 17 (crest August 8-9) > Yang > Budding, universal consciousness now nears fruition and prepares to issue forth great beauty as it reaches for the Great Central Sun to nourish it and to help it produce good seeds for continuing consciousness evolution within us.

10th Heaven-Pulse > August 18 - September 4 (crest August 26-27) > Yin > Dissolution, a deep passage into the underworld where old forms which have resisted transformation undergo dissolution within the frequency of the newly emerging universalized consciousness plunging ever deeper into the collective consciousness.

The bud waits for the perfect moment when conditions will be just right for flowering. It must wait out the weather and everything must move in response to its need for the perfect environment wherein it can open to display its true beauty and thereby succeed in being pollinated.

11th Heaven-Pulse > September 5 - 22 (crest September 13-14) > Yang > Flowering, a renaissance which represents the new protoform exemplifying the higher expressions of the new universalized consciousness. The bud opens into a flower and draws upon nature to fertilize her so she may produce seeds with the right information to nurture and grow more universal consciousness within the fertile ground of all beings.

12th Heaven-Pulse > September 23 - October 10 (crest October 1-2) > Yin > Relaxation of forward movement to allow some fine-tuning of the universal consciousness that is rapidly gaining strength. The flower rests and waits for the Higher Solar Bees to come visit - Archangel Arhaiel, the Solar Lords, the Solar Christ.

13th Heaven-Pulse > October 11 - 28 (crest October 19-20) > Yang > Fruition, the final harmonics of the universal consciousness evolution are put into place by the Cosmos and manifestation of the highest forms of this new consciousness become possible. The flower has been pollinated by the Higher Solar energies and produces seeds of universal consciousness which are spread far and wide by the winds of Spirit within human consciousness.

The harmonics of consciousness evolution being developed by the cosmos are now complete. Further evolutionary pulses are strictly our own creations.

I will be sequentially elaborating more on each of these Heaven-Pulses of Light in more detail with information from Master Menon as we get in close to the activation of each of them (see "Related Info" links at the bottom of this page for these additional articles).

The Archangel Arhaiel Golden Orb Transmissions are now being coordinated with these Heaven-Pulses of Light. I now am of the understanding that the Metatronic Councils of Light had this plan all along but I only became aware of it recently.

I have some new perspectives to share on these Archangel Arhaiel Transmissions here soon as well. For now I'll simply say that they are about furthering the work of the Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi (GODS Chi) as previously stated.

This work is very much about bringing the Earthly Fire of life vitality into complete integration with the Heavenly Fire of Divine Love - the Flame that does not Burn. Then placing that awesome integrated Solar Chi power squarely in your magnetic energy bodies. Then entraining your consciousness to stay centered within it!

When these two Solar Chi "fire energies" are properly integrated, there is no more High Self - Low Self battle. There is only One Self, walking free as an empowered spiritual sovereign on this planet liberated to be a living expression of Universal Consciousness and one of the New Earth Sun Born Elohim.

We NEED a large army of people in this state of being. THAT is what just about everything I am now doing is focused upon accomplishing. Its an amazing state of being to experience and I am only in the early stages of its development!

There are also some other very exciting things I am about ready to announce.... stay tuned into the Cosmic Consciousness Online frequency channel!

I hope you will also join us in the expanding group energy that is riding the wave generated by this universal consciousness explosion in the:

Archangel Arhaiel Golden Orb Transmission Matrix

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