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Cosmic Insights
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Cosmic Insights
Navigating the Crack Between Worlds
by Simeon Chi'Ra 01/22/13
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

I have been hearing from people in all places geographically and experientially of late. People seem to having these three basic experiences right now.

1) Total overwhelm trying to keep up with everything that is happening in their lives.

2) Great difficulty, facing some of the greatest challenges they have ever faced.

3) In awe of all the miracles and and synchronicity happening in their lives.

Many people are experiencing combinations of these too, where it vacillates from one to the other rather wildly. There is a common element though regardless of which of these experiences is unfolding. This common element is the intensity with which things are unfolding!

This intensity is due to the rapidly increasing energy flows moving through our consciousness and beingness. This increased energy flow is due to a shift which took place in our planetary chronos function as we made our passage through the 12:21:12 cosmic portal.

The way the Hopi and Mayans Elders speak to this shift is by saying that we have entered the 5th world. What entering the 5th world actually means is a big topic and I will speak somewhat about this in the upcoming 1/27/13 "Trinary Planetary Logic Quanta 3 Attunement ~ Multi-dimensional Processing, Triangulating to Infinity" webinar teaching and transmission.

Having entered the 5th world does not mean everything and everyone is now suddenly going to be operating at the frequency and awareness that the 5th World represents. It means that the potentials inherent in the 5th World are now fully available to us.

It also means that the strength of the 5th World energy and consciousness is great enough now that everything which is operating at a lesser level of awareness or energy will be much more powerfully transformed and brought into resonance with the 5th World consciousness.

We are thus navigating a crack between the 4th and 5th Worlds... between the old paradigm and the new paradigm, between the old very limited patterns of duality and the new highly liberating patterns of unity.

If we attempt to form a bridge which spans the crack between worldswhich is built upon the old limited patterns of linearity and duality, then all of the energy attempting to move across that bridge will have to be processed in limited dualistic (binary) ways... i.e. overwhelm.

If instead we form our bridge between worlds with the new highly liberating and unified 5th World patterns of energy and consciousness we will be operating in trinary mode. In its simplest understanding, operating from the place of love that we are, for self and other in a balanced way, is what shifts us into trinary mode.

If the world seems to be demanding too much of you... stand back a moment and love yourself enough to recognize you do have human design limits and re-prioritize. Anything that has to be placed down the list of priorities will come to pass if it is meant to. If it is not meant to, then it is best to just let it go.

The mind will often argue to no end about how important that thing is and why you cannot possibly let it go. Just tell your mind it can relax, that there is a greater level of your own Source Intelligence that will decide all of that.

This is a year of Divine Grace according to the Metatronic Councils of Light. That has many connotations, and one of the most important ones is that we must learn to open to the omnipresence of Divine Grace in our lives and the universe.

If we are not loving ourselves properly, this will not be possible. Self love is not narcissism or ego-centrism, it is about treating yourself gently, with kindness, and accepting yourself just as you are even with all your limitations without any judgments regarding any of it. Loving self is the first step to navigating the crack between worlds with an awesome GPS (God Positioning System).

In the Trinary Planetary Logic Quanta 3 video I offer a teaching about multi-dimensional processing to facilitate the rapidly increasing flow of energy we are experiencing right now. This includes a process which will provide some practical tools for understanding what it feels like to allow massive energy flow to move through your space and being without feeling like all your circuits are being over-amped and fried.

I also speak to the time-shift that occurred during our passage through the 12:21:12 cosmic portal and ways of being able to understand and relate to this shift by expanding your conscious mind into a more universal level of awareness.

Then there is a powerful meditation facilitated by Lord Menon and a transmission from our New Earth Mother Gaia An'Ma. You really owe it to yourself and your planet to experience this video transmission! Download the video now!

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