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New Earth Sacred Geometry

Tre'Mas Zada Holos Chamber
Zada Pillar of Zohar Light
7th Dimensional DNA Re-spatialization
by Simeon Chi'Ra 04/15/13

In working with Ascended Master Menon to bring through what he had to transmit for the Trinary Logica Quanta 4 Attunement video transmission, it became very clear that the Quanta 4 transmission goes to a whole new level within this Trinary Logica Series.

This next level involves a number of 7th dimensional dynamics that are being holographically imprinted into our DNA in a very powerful way. This Quanta 4 Attunement involves an experience within what Lord Menon calls the Tre'Mas Zada Holos Chamber, which is within the 7th dimensional Temple of La'kina.

Therein you will engage the Zada Pillar of Zohar Light and hyper-dimensionally expand our field of awareness in a way that greatly facilitates our ability to truly walk this Earth as a Holographic Human, the Adam Kadmon.

You are of course already a hologram. What Lord Menon is pointing to by using this terminology is that your field of awareness will be able to incorporate more of the expansiveness of the Trinary Logica.

Trinary Logica is the logic of Universal Love and Oneness. This is a much larger and more complete hologram than a binary dualistic reality construct can ever support. It has many more reference points within its reality construct.

Our DNA expands its reference points (referential field) when we activate more of the Trinary Logica within its holo-field. In this transmission Master Menon also introduces what he calls the Tri'Nada, or triangulation points, which form a vast holographic network in our DNA.

The Tre'Mas Zada Holos Chamber and the Zada Pillar of Zohar Light can activate many more of the Tri'Nada within our DNA's dimensional field. We received a significant increase in Tri'Nada when the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave inter-penetrated our planetary reality matrix back in July 2012.

Ascended Master Lord Menon is stating that while the Tri'Nada will continue to increase in our DNA's holo-field as we progress through our ascension of consciousness into the New Earth... the most important thing that needs to happen right now is to start activating and using the Tri'Nada we already have.

As we do this it sends a powerful pulse of the Zada Pillar's Zohar Light through the entire Tri'Nada network of the Earth's collective DNA field as well as our own!

Lord Menon is in very powerful form for this transmission too, even for him!

Make sure you engage this video transmission, it is quite a powerful transmission taking you to a whole new level within this series of already powerful transmissions!

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