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Divine Grace

2013 Year of Divine Grace II
by Simeon Chi'Ra 05/01/13

On 1/9/13 I wrote an article entitled "2013 Year of Divine Grace" based on what the Metatronic Councils of Light were indicating to me would be a major energetic theme for the year. In this article I wrote the following:

"As we move through this year many people will begin to experience a greater degree of ease and grace in the way in which things they have been dreaming of, envisioning and desiring moving into manifestation in their lives.

"We may also be faced with any limiting patterns that have been keeping us from experiencing the benefits of Divine Grace to clear our path forward into the greater field of Grace."

The second paragraph of that quote seems to be what many of the people I know have been experiencing thus far. I went to Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na the other day and inquired about this. She related to me that there is a enormous clearing of old energy patterns taking place right now. As of the Magdalene Starseeds Transmission back on March 8th we are now in a new epoch... the old patterns have to go NOW, cosmically speaking.

Those of us who are aware enough to know there is a significant planetary transformation taking place are those who will be experiencing the release of these old patterns most profoundly. This is because we are doing it for an entire collective that is still largely unconscious and unaware. Their ability to release these old patterns and integrate the new is thus very limited.

Shi'Ra also stated that the difficulties many of the awakened and aware people are experiencing thus far this year are due to the energy of Divine Grace becoming much more powerfully present oddly enough. This is in turn bringing up all the old patterns which have specifically been limiting our ability to live naturally in a place of grace on planet Earth for a very long time.

Another dynamic is that we can also feel the presence of this Divine Grace energy in our being now in a way we have not felt for a very, very long time. We are therefore longing very deeply to experience it more fully, but all these older patterns seem to be keeping us from getting there and many people are exhausted and feeling like giving up.

However, right now we get to see more clearly what has been limiting us, and that too is Divine Grace manifesting to help us be more free than we have ever imagined is possible. In the very ancient past when we lived in Divine Grace on this planet, we did not have the self-awareness and consciousness developed that we do now.

Being able to be as self-aware and conscious as we are now (or moreso) and also living in Divine Grace is going to be an entirely new experience that we have no context for just yet. This unknown new territory is exciting, yet it also a part of the problems we are dealing with right now.

Our ancient cellular memory is sensing this powerful energy of Divine Grace returning and it is causing a bit of a strange dynamic. Our cellular being is responding as though we are in that ancient time of Divine Grace again. Yet we are not. We are in a different time and matrix altogether with entirely different energies and consciousness frequencies present now. This is being experienced as a disconnect of sorts.

There is a stark contrast between what exists in our cellular memory of the ancient times of Divine Grace on our planet and what exists now. As we attempt to open back up to experiencing Divine Grace in a world that knows it not, there is thus a unique type of energetic dissonance occurring. This is as a result of the differences between our ancient cellular memory and now, and between a reality of Divine Grace and the world of today.

Shi'Ra is indicating that as we move through the June Solstice 2013 a shift is going to occur in this regard. It's not that all the old patterns of energy will suddenly be fully cleared, but we will have gained leverage over them in some ways I do not yet fully understand.

What I can say at the moment, is that this shift is related to a change in our ancient cellular memory. I believe it will be updated, transformed or something very similar. I now also believe there will be a transmission provided by the Metatronic Councils of Light on the Solstice that works with this dynamic.

For right now, it is important to realize that Divine Grace is a natural manifestation of the infinite energy system of the universe. There is no high-being making decisions about who deserves grace and who doesn't. There is nothing and nobody to appease to experience it. It is something that becomes available to us when we have opened ourselves so that it may enter our experience more fully.

The things that open us up in this way are all related to unity consciousness and oneness. As I relate in the Trinary Logica Quanta 4 transmission, the infinite energy system of the universe is only accessible to the degree that we are operating with a unified consciousness.

When we operate with a dualistic separative consciousness this greatly limits the number of connections we can make into the infinite energy system. As we move into unity consciousness our ability to make connections into the infinite energy system starts multiplying exponentially.

This means that if we open ourselves to be a vehicle of Divine Grace for others, we are unifying and connecting more strongly into the infinite energy system. As we do, our own needs can be better fulfilled. This is the true principle behind the teachings in scripture that say if you are hungry to feed the hungry and so forth.

When we are on the bottom having a very difficult time it seems that we are unable to do such things. Yet, if we are really honest with ourselves there is always some way to start putting this energy in motion. If we don't, the only real reason is that we do not believe this principle will actually work. That is a limiting belief operating that needs a Quantum Miracle!

Additionally, Divine Grace is also elicited by listening carefully to our inner voice. If we follow what it indicates implicitly instead of overriding it with our mind then things flow better according to the design of our True-Self. This is truly necessary for Divine Grace to be brought into our life experience more profoundly. Our True-Self will always guide us into unified expressions of our being in ways that are absolutely correct for us.

When the mind tries to make such decisions the outcome is not the same, even when they are the same decisions! This is because our conscious mind currently does not operate with the same full set of harmonics and frequencies as our True-Self. The energy and frequency with which you begin something determines the outcome!

Divine Grace brings a freedom which is realized first and foremost inside of the self. With this expanded inner freedom we then have much greater power to flow through life's circumstances and challenges with grace and ease. It therefore moves into the world of form we call our life in this way.

The Metatronic Councils of Light have called this the Year of Divine Grace because we are dealing with opening a door to an entirely new reality in which we can experience Divine Grace on Earth once again. Yet, it will definitely be a different experience than we have ever had before.

If you find the release of these age-old patterns getting you down, seeming to be just too much, or feeling like you cannot find your way right now... be easy on yourself first and foremost. You are not doing anything wrong. You are not going backward.

Then start consciously offering your whole experience to the benefit of all beings. Become more consciously aware that you are doing something important for the whole collective consciousness of the Earth even if you do not understand what. Affirm this over and over ad infinitum if necessary until you feel the truth of it resonating strongly inside of your heart of Oneness Love.

This focus will help place you into a more unified field of consciousness which starts opening you up into the infinite energy system of the universe whereby what we call Divine Grace can begin flowing into your being and thus our collective more profoundly.

Lastly, if you need a kind word to uplift you from someone who truly understands, contact me!

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