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Transitioning with Divine Grace into the New Earth reality.
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into a New Earth Reality
by Simeon Chi'Ra 06/08/13
w/ 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'FaNa

This is quite an interesting time we are living in my beloved Family of Light. So many people going through oh so many challenges which span the entire bandwidth of possibilities.

I too have been facing some interesting challenges I had never even considered! It feels like standing on the edge of a precipice that is on one side of an immense chasm. On the other side is a new reality, what we have been calling the "New Earth Reality."

I can see and feel that it is there, I can sense that it is truly wonderful as I feel its essence vibrating so strongly within me... it is showing up in various ways too... yet, I also feel rather clueless on what has to be done to fully get there on the physical plane and what life will actually hold for me and be like when I do.

I get glimpses and spurts of directional motivation around this, then... floating around in bliss sort of wandering wondering how it will all come about again!

There are quite a few people connecting and saying similar things. Only a few report floating in bliss, but many report the sense of feeling lost and without direction or much motivational energy right now. Hit "Reply" and share what is happening for you with me!

This inspired me to connect with our lovely 7D Solar Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'na about this to get her perspective. She then reminded me about what she had related to us a short time ago in my article "Year of Divine Grace II," regarding this year of 2013 being what the Metatronic Councils of Light are calling a "Year of Divine Grace."

Things have not seemed so graceful for many this year, and Shi'Ra indicated this was because of various older patterns in our memory cell which have been limiting us from experiencing life on our lovely planet as a continual flow of Divine Grace. These patterns are now up for transformation. Just being able to see them within ourselves more clearly is, in and of itself, Divine Grace. It is helpful to remain as aware of this as possible!

Shi'Ra also related how our memory cells were holding an older pattern of what Divine Grace was/is from a previous epoch in our evolution. Where we are now and headed next, the New Earth, requires a new pattern that is unfamiliar to us.

Shi'Ra indicated this older memory pattern would go through a significant update as we move through the June 2013 Solstice (I believe there is a webinar transmission coming for helping to facilitate this individually and collectively - if you are interested please hit "Reply" and let me know).

Shi'Ra also indicated that the recent Oneness Bliss Wave Quanta 1 transmission was the beginning of a facilitation for the re-calibration of our ancient memory cell relative to Divine Grace. I have received a lot of wonderful feedback on that first transmission in this new series. Here is what one lovely soul in our global cosmic community shared with me that truly seems to sync with what Shi'Ra said...

This "Oneness Bliss Wave Experience" was superb. Noted was the way you set this up in a great learning way. To have a picture with one statement supported by what you went on to talk about absolutely flowed. In the past you shared all of the great information, which was necessary, but were more concentrated in the "what" of the content than we are now. It has served its purpose, and the one today... loved the new way for what you wished to share.

Your voices were CLEARLY heard, almost like velvet sound, that reached deeper and deeper into the Heart and body. It was an amazing improvement in many ways. You both were so at peace when you spoke, and could be
heard for reflection much more easily. Love Bubbles to you both!

The supporting pictures were soft and easily taken in as well. Thank you for all of your very hard work!!!!!! I tell you as a retired teacher, if I could have spoken to my class this way, it would have been Heavenly for all of us. :-)

With the meditation I quickly went to ground zero. When the beings appeared in the first circle I noted the body was changing and by the time I think more beings were coming forth. My eyes were closed and began to see gold beings everywhere that radiated in 360 degrees off my radar screen. Then there were white and then translucent Beings that appeared to be walking off to the right in a straight line.

At some point I began to see this arrangement or design of so many colors in some organized way held within a circle. My Heart exploded, my body jumped and all of these colors appeared radiating out 360 degrees off the screen, and seemed as light at first and then so many different colored particles.

From then on I was off in what I cannot remember now, but the whole body and brain experienced it for sure... today was the first time I have seen such universal expansiveness as this. I have been feeling such peace no matter what happens, but this is quite some-thing else. God Bless you both for your hard work and amazing results. This was and is a huge shift and new beginning thanks to both of your Heart knowings. ~ Infinite Peace, Balance and Grace, L.P. - USA

Shi'Ra EL'FaNa also wished to speak to us directly... here is her message:

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na: my beloveds, your incarnate beings and world are in the greatest transition your planet has ever known. She has known many transitions in previous times, however, this one you find yourselves in currently is of such vast scope energetically and in consciousness that it is truly beyond even the most illumined of human minds to fully encompass.

Everything of the old ways is shifting very rapidly. All these patterns of energy are simultaneously going through a rapid transformation. In previous epochs of great transition only a portion of the patterns were changed, leaving others in place as a foundation upon which to build a new reality upon.

The transition into the New Earth that you are in now my beloveds, will not be leaving any of the older patterns in place to build upon as a foundation as in the past. This can result in a feeling of being lost, uncertain, and just sort of floating around without purpose or direction. At the same time you may experience ecstatic states of nirvana and bliss due to the nature of the expanding energies. How each person experiences this is greatly different, and there is no one correct or perfect way.

For each person there will also be a lot of variances, one day it may be experienced one way, and the next day in an entirely different way. This can mean that you may feel unstable because of rapid oscillations going on back and forth between various states of being.

My beloveds, these types of experiences will drive you deeper into your core to find a sense of stability. As you go deeper you will feel that part of your being which is infinite, eternal and unchanging. The more that you can stay focused on experiencing that core aspect of self, the more that any sense of uncertainty around the manifest plane of circumstances will no longer matter.

I am speaking of uncertainties regarding how the new reality you are entering individually and collectively works, looks like, or how you survive in a world that appears to care very little about love or creating a new reality based on love.

Your human survival mechanisms are largely still operating with patterns of energy that are meant to create the perception of certainty, which in turn then manifests that which is being held as certain.

The underlying universal principles involved are not changing. Yet the modality with which certainty is perceived, and around what, is changing very rapidly.

There is only one thing that you can ultimately perceive with certainty forever. This is your core self of Pure Love.

It is currently very hard indeed for humans on Earth to experientially feel inside of themselves on a sustainable basis that committing fully to their core self of Pure Love as one's only certainty will ensure survival on your planet for you as a human being.

You who undertake this evolutionary challenge are very courageous souls who are exploring this wilderness in consciousness to find the way for others. You are valiant Openers of the Way for your brothers and sisters on Earth. You are setting the cornerstones of your New Earth Temple for others to build upon.

You cannot do this using the older patterns of energy, even those which still seem sacred will increasingly fall short from this point forward. You must alchemically extract the most rarifed essence of sacredness from those older patterns and then create entirely new patterns with that essence.

I and the Metatronic Councils of Light stand by to assist you in your efforts to make this Gracition (Grace-Transition). Dedicate yourselves to the Way of Love and Grace even if you believe that you know it not.

Remember that YOU are Divine Grace as a Pure Love Being. Therefore look no further than within your own being.

Create a personal prayer-affirmation and repeat it a billion times a day if necessary... I would suggest something like:

"I choose only love and grace. God of my Pure Love Being, enter my human lifewave NOW and stay on forever (as my only needed sustenance which manifests all that is needed on the physical plane)."

Do not allow anything to take your focus in another direction. Trust in the power of your Infinite Love Being being increasingly each and every day.

Remember also that in the days ahead your power will no longer be found in the "will to survive," but in the "desire to thrive (with love)."

Ask for my assistance, and that of all the Metatronic Councils of Light, and we will radiate the necessary frequencies into your field and help you hold them there until such time as you can make the shift and integrate them.

Between now and shortly after your June 2013 Solstice is a critical time to accomplish much of the re-programming of your ancient memory cells so they carry a new pattern on Earth, of a life born of and sustained by Divine Grace, your Pure Love Being.

This is a new pattern of consciousness that has never been present on your planet before even in its most illumined epochs. It is the greatest gift you could ever receive.

In receiving it, you then give this gift to your brothers and sisters on Earth also, for you are one with them. Open to receive it for all my beloveds.

I AM Shi'Ra EL'FaNa
7D Solar High Priestess
Temple of La'kina

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