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Divine Grace and Intuition
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Divine Grace & Intuition
by Simeon Chi'Ra 06/18/13
w/ 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'FaNa

The Metatronic Councils of Light have referred to 2013 as a Year of Divine Grace. I have been slowly developing this theme as we move through this year. You can access a convenient list of my previous writings on this topic at the end of this article.

Many people have been facing significant challenges of all sorts this year. Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na stated previously that we were in part having some difficulties because we are accessing our memory of a state Divine Grace from a previous epoch in our evolutionary development. Yet, what Divine Grace as a state of living existence on Earth will be today is very different.

Shi'Ra also stated that as we passed through the 2013 June Solstice this ancient memory will change somehow and this will be greatly helpful to us. Today once again Shi'Ra came through and offered the following transmission.

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na: my beloveds, your ancient memory cell holds the sacred patterns of the past. Regardless of when your soul entered into the incarnational flow of the Earth reality you hold these ancient patterns because it is in the collective soul's memory cell.

The ancient memory of existence within a state of Divine Grace was established in a time prior to the development of consciousness as you know it today. Today you refer to your intuition and your mind as distinct aspects of your human experience and beingness.

In the ancient of times when the memory pattern of living in a state of Grace was established there was no such distinction to be made. Your collective journey into an experience of separation had barely begun and there was very little self-conscious awareness. There was no reflective mechanism present to make a distinction between one aspect of the self and another.

In your current linear time frame, however, a great deal of self-conscious awareness and thus consciousness has been developed. This has been somewhat of a perilous journey because the more you have become aware of, the more you have had the potential to become entangled with.

Much of the pain and suffering in your world of the last 10,000 years in Earth time have been the result of this dynamic increasingly gaining energy and strength as the human capacity to be aware of self and other has rapidly expanded. The human mind has largely been operating with the original blueprint for survival success which involves identifying external practical problems to be solved.

As humanity's ability to perceive subtler aspects of reality such as thought, emotions and feelings has grown, this original survival mechanism used by your mind has become increasingly problematic and out-dated. The mind can now perceive what it believes to be problems but which are not situated on the practical manifest plane.

Yet, your mind is still attempting to resolve these subtler problems it perceives in the same manner as practical external problems. This results in a fundamental misalignment which leads to an amplification of the perceived problem it seeks to resolve, just the opposite of what it expects to occur. The mind then experiences the pain of failure and this is felt all through your being.

Because the perceived problem exists on a subtler plane of reality the faculty you now have andwhich you call intuition must be used to resolve subtle problems instead of the mind. Intuition operates on this subtler plane more completely and is by nature quite introspective.

The mechanism of the mind attempting to resolve perceived problems in the subtler planes of reality has been the primary dynamic which has led to an experience of what has been termed a "Fall from Grace." In truth, there never has been such a thing, but common interpretations of your collective Earthbound experience have led to the belief that this Fall from Grace has indeed been true.

What is really true is that the development of your intuitive capacity and your ability to switch over to using it instead of the mind has not kept pace with how rapidly your self-conscious awareness is expanding. This is beginning to come into a better balance for the small segment of your collective that understands the awakening process and has been able to flow properly with it.

Yet, for the large majority of your brothers and sisters on Earth intuition is still relegated to the realms of fantasy and magic. It is up to you who have a greater awareness of the importance of intuition to use it as your guide in life to the highest degree possible. In this way you set an example for those whose eyes are beginning to open and whose hearts are beginning to awaken.

As you open to allowing your intuition greater latitude in your life you are also opening to living in a state of Divine Grace once again. Yet this will be a State of Divine Grace that is appropriate for your current world environment and level of evolution. You are far beyond where you were in the Original State of Divine Grace my beloveds. You will soon know the truth of this in your own heart if you do not already.

As you endeavor to live ever more closely according to your intuition and access Divine Grace, the ancient memory cell that has been informing you of what Divine Grace is will update itself. This update is already happening collectively as a result of powerful energies now interpenetrating your solar system and planet from the center of your galaxy and beyond.

As you work consciously to live according to your intuition in the Eternal Now, this process will be greatly accelerated for yourself and your collective. Your intuition is a composite of all levels of intelligence in your being versus being only one of those forms of intelligence such as the mind.

It is therefore representative of the Greater Hologram of Source Intelligence differentiating within your experience in the world of form. It is not exclusive of the mind as the mind often is of intuition. It is all-encompassing and whole. Intuition is perhaps the most tangible form of the state of Oneness that you can experience my beloveds.

Whenever you allow your mind to override your intuition, energetically this is like saying "no" to Oneness and Divine Grace. However, when this occurs do not be upset with yourself or your mind either, for that simply takes you even further from these aspects of your true being.

Instead, simply acknowledge your mind for trying to help. It is simply trying to help you survive, but with an old program. This old program has in fact made it possible for you as a species to be alive on your beloved planet to experience the incredible transformation that you are right now.

Introduce your mind to its sibling, your intuition. Let your mind know that you still need it for solving practical problems and how much you appreciate what it does for you in this way. Then tell your mind that it can avoid the pain and embarrassment of failure when trying to solve problems of consciousness, thoughts, feelings and emotions, by simply letting its sibling, intuition, do that job.

If you approach your ego mind in this way with great love and appreciation you may be surprised at how quickly it transforms and becomes your illumined companion in the journey of life!

As you open to this experience you will also be entering into a State of Divine Grace once again on Earth but in a new way and day with a much brighter sun rising above the horizon of your soul's sojourn!

In the Light of Divine Grace,
I AM Shi'Ra EL'FaNa
7D Solar High Priestess
Temple of La'kina

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