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Our Cosmic Crux Passage
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Our Cosmic Crux Passage
by Simeon Chi'Ra 10/18/13
(time required = 6.95 hrs)

I recently shared my article "Intensifying Polarities & Unique Opportunities" with you. In that article I mentioned that the Metatronic Councils of Light had stated that the period of time between the September 2013 Equinox and March 2014 Equinox roughly defines our next significant planetary cosmic crux passage.

Within this period we are being given a unique opportunity with some powerful galactic assistance. The purpose of this article is to focus-in a bit more on our cosmic crux passage and some related dynamics.

The Metatronic Councils of Light are calling this period of time a "planetary crux passage" because it is a very critical stage in our planetary and personal ascension movement. It is critical in the sense that HOW we engage each and every moment during this particular passage will have a very significant effect on our experience of the next phase of our ascension process that takes us out to about 2027.

In years gone by I used to do some technical rock and ice climbing. In climber's jargon a crux move is one that is required to get you past a most difficult obstacle to spring you free for the remaining portion of the climb. In other words, if you were up to snuff to make that crux move then you were home free and the climb would be successful. If you did not succeed... well, let's just say it would not be a very pleasant experience!

During this cosmic crux passage we are in an unusually intimate quantum field encounter, one which is much more profound than our minds can currently comprehend. This is due to a galactic energy pulse loosening up the fabric of our manifest reality. More will be forthcoming on this aspect of the dynamic I'm sure, for now they suggested that we just focus on the following.

There is a powerful long wave (very low frequency - i.e. very expansive awareness) energy pulse emanating from galactic core right now. Its undulations are interpenetrating the vibrational structure of every atom and particle of matter and substance within our region of the galaxy. It's somewhat quasar in nature in that it is a double-sided beam emanating from galactic core.

It is therefore not affecting the entire galaxy directly like it is our region of the galaxy, although there are less direct effects on the entire galaxy. This long wave energy pulse is a major cosmic cycle timing pulse and it is also a solidifying base harmonic that new reality constructs can develop upon.

Because this galactic energy pulse is carrying an expansive awareness harmonic that greatly facilitates the development of new reality constructs it also has energies that will amplify whatever is hidden and holding us back so we can see it more clearly and give it transformational passage into the greater light.

This is sort of like when a car's headlights fall upon an unsuspecting creature that inadvertently wanders into the road at night. When the car's lights illumine the creature it will often freeze, somewhat in a state of shock induced by the bright lights that suddenly appeared and which are blinding it.

One way this dynamic just manifested outwardly on the world stage was the showdown/shutdown of the USA government. There was a particular shadow element operating in disguise within what is known as the Tea Party. Now there are shadow elements operating in all political factions and parties, so I am not singling out the Tea Party as being the only shadow player. It's just that this particular shadow element was extremely clever at disguising itself in various ways to dupe unaware people into supporting it.

The amazing thing is that the way this worked is that the Tea Party themselves are the one's who revealed their own shadow element to the world without even realizing they were doing it until it had already occurred much to their own dismay. Now this type of thing naturally happens on occasion because of the way the universal laws of energy and consciousness work. However, rarely is it this dramatically demonstrated!

In other words, in our analogy they were both the creature in the road and the car with the headlights that appeared! The looks on many of their faces directly after the showdown/shutdown ended was somewhat of a look of shock as well... like what really just happened to our reality here? There is a message in this for all of us too.

The Metatronic Councils of Light have been relating to me that this dramatic manifestation was due to several factors. One of them is the powerful galactic long wave energy pulse we are experiencing right now amplifying such highly polarized matters. The rapidly rising frequency of the collective consciousness and various astrological alignments and influences are other key factors.

I am using this political situation to demonstrate the fundamental energy of our cosmic crux passage because it underscores a very important element of it. That is the movement to become more conscious of that which we are not fully conscious of within ourselves through conscious choice and self-initiation.

Consciously choosing uncertainty as I spoke to in my previous article takes us in this direction. As we move down paths of uncertainty which we have consciously chosen to engage we will encounter a lot of energies and aspects of our own consciousness which we have not been fully aware of along the way.

Ultimately, our goal is to become certain of who we are inside of ourselves. That is the only certainty we need, and indeed it's the only one which is actually attainable! Once we have achieved that to a high enough degree then all the uncertainties in life are merely toys to be played with and loved. If we are too adamantly rooted in certainties about who we think we are, but which do not actually reflect who we truly are, well... ask the Tea Party about what to expect!

This cosmic crux passage is therefore about HOW we engage the uncertainties that makes the difference. If we are empowered enough to have chosen uncertainty consciously, then we will be better able to engage whatever uncertainty we encounter with LOVE. Love is who we are in TRUTH. If we are engaging anything from who we truly are, then any uncertainty about who we are simply dissolves!

Our planetary and personal crux passage is thus about HOW we engage what we encounter in our lives over the next 5 months or so. Consciously choosing pathways that may seem quite uncertain logically and practically but which feel solid in our heart, body and being is going to be the winning combination now for being able to experience and co-create a new paradigm reality.

When we consciously choose to embark upon a path where we enter into uncertainty, yet where we feel solid inside about it, we build a deep abiding trust within ourselves. This is a trust in our Soul-Self speaking to us on the physical plane outside the confines and mechanics of our mind. It is therefore a process of developing a deep trust in the law of our own being and the sacred flow of life itself.

It is from this place that we are then truly able to accept things just as they are, within ourselves, others, and the world. If we cannot accept things just as they are then they tend to remain hidden, wily and uncertain. They will thus maintain their shadow power over us until they can be seen for what they are and accepted. Accepting things just as they are is the first step to changing them. This may sound like a paradox, but as your awareness expands this self-resolves and is no longer experienced as such.

The politicians from the Tea Party that were behind that showdown/shutdown action chose uncertainty UNconsciously. We have seen the outcome. What was hidden was revealed regardless because uncertainty was engaged. Yet, it was not an empowering experience for those who UNconsciously chose uncertainty because of what was hidden inside of them. What was hidden was then revealed with certainty to people all across the globe in a rather dramatic way.

This is a perfect example of how our world can and will change faster than we may believe is logically possible through the power of awareness expanding to serve what is in the best and highest good for all concerned. The "power of love" is a "force from above" and will become the primary expression on Earth to the benefit of all beings, including the Tea Party.

Please join me in sending a ray of love from your heart to help all who were directly involved in the US government showdown/shutdown to heal, grow and become more aware of their inter-connectedness with all others as a result of this experience.

My new Soul Genesis Matrix Sessions are a very powerful way of being able to prepare for this cosmic crux passage and position yourself to be able to anchor into who you truly are so that you are as solid as a rock in moving into any pathways of outer uncertainty that your Soul-Self is guiding you into.

Here is what one recent client had to say after their Soul Genesis Matrix Session:

...To date I have had physical sensations, like the warming of my heart centre, more light coming through to my crown chakra, feeling happy, when I get a uncomfortable feeling at work I recognize the dreadful feeling and it passes within 30 seconds.

It's like-oh that uncomfortable feeling, as soon as I acknowledge that feeling it goes,I do not have to do anything else but have a smile on my face, too easy!

I can now choose to get off this treadmill that I was on to keep healing oneself and go to a space of unconditional love and start actually doing creative things that I love to do. This also frees me up financially as well. There are so many levels to your Soul Genesis matrix that has a really positive flow on effect.

Thank you for sharing your experience and making it easy for everyone and accessible to the average person. Love the fact that this information is for our western society, that your Soul Genesis Matrix makes sense, like I said and I mean it -- BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT.

I have a road map to refer to self and the recorded session to go back to listen to, whenever I want. A REALLY BIG THANK YOU! ~ Daniela, Australia

Read more info on my new Soul Genesis Matrix Sessions -- let's get to work so you are better prepared to sail right on through our Cosmic Crux passage with love, grace and ease!

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