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Beyond Consciousness into Pure States of Being
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Beyond Consciousness
into Pure States of Being
by Simeon Chi'Ra 12/06/13
(time required = 6.52 hrs)

A useful perspective that I have gleaned from the Metatronic Councils of Light over the years is one whereby pure states of being are not related to as actually being comprised of realities or consciousness. They are more akin to being the stuff that realities and consciousness emerged from.

From this perspective pure states of being can also be witnessed infusing and enfolding realities and consciousness. When they do, those realities and and the consciousness they represent transform, and often times quite dramatically.

In this perspective we could think of consciousness and reality as forming a container into which pure states of being can be poured. Except that as a pure state of being pours into such a container, the nature of the container changes.

One apt analogy for this meta-dynamic might be pouring hot tea into a cup made of ice. The cup would melt and be transformed and would no longer be distinguishable from that which was poured into it and transformed it.

Many people have had times whereby they had a profound peak experience and then felt like they were taken on a difficult journey in the underworld shortly thereafter. Whenever this occurs it is usually because the peak experience represented a pure state of being pouring into the container of our human consciousness. Shortly thereafter the container is being transformed. Resistance to the change is ALWAYS what causes any associated pain and difficulty.

We are not necessarily speaking of conscious resistance either, although that can often be present as well. We are speaking here of deeply rooted unconscious genetic cellular patterns which are meant to guarantee our survival and thus the survival of the species.

These patterns have served us well, and in various ways they are still needed. Yet, we are now living in a time of the Earth's evolutionary history whereby these patterns are needing to be updated and upgraded rather rapidly. What once ensured our survival may now be our demise if this does not occur.

One powerful tool for such difficult transformational passages is simply acknowledging consciously that our difficulty, and any associated pain, is being caused by our own internal resistance to the transformational change at a cellular level. This opens the door for higher awareness to flow in... the BIG picture.

Then we can better understand what we must release, accept and align ourselves with. Creating a more refined soul alignment like this can then be quite powerful for setting us free from the difficult passage into entirely new territory.

As a part of this higher awareness, we should also be consciously aware that we are trading-in a limited out-dated version of our reality container for one which is far more expansive. This new reality container will be much more resonant with pure states of being. It will allow you to experience pure states of being more sustainably... this is where the REAL YOU can be experienced.

Does having a new reality container mean we will be able to manifest whatever we want? Yes... and no. If what we want is to experience more of who we are as beings of pure oneness, love and awareness, then we will be able to manifest a great deal more of that for sure.

If what we want is something defined by material plane manifestations, maybe these will happen and maybe they won't. HOW we experience the journey either way will be what becomes the most important thing to us as we increasingly align our limited human reality container to the pure states of being that represent who we truly are.

The pure states of being called oneness, love and awareness are what we all truly are. If we could experience these states continually, everything we truly needed to manifest our purpose for incarnation would simply show up when it was needed.

For some of us that might mean a great deal of material abundance, for others, not. This soul level of awareness is our real starting point of reference regarding manifestation. If we are not experiencing this then it is best we look to where we need to align ourselves better to the pure state of being which comprises our Soul-Self reality (my new Soul Genesis Matrix sessions are a really powerful way to facilitate this).

We are currently in a very significant planetary passage that offers us an opportunity to more succinctly align ourselves to these pure states of being. Many people are speaking about this passage in many different ways. This is as intended. A garden with many diverse types of flowers growing in it is a much more beautiful garden!

One of the flowers that I and Karen Ani'Ra have to offer right now has a most beautiful fragrance. It has been grown and nurtured as a part of our combined soul work in the world of form on Earth for many aeons, ever since we came here in fact! Now we are together in forever love once again for this purpose, ahhhh....

This beautiful and most fragrant flower is the 7th Sacred Tone Ona'Ba, Dove of Oneness video transmission. In a very real way, this is a celebration for our entry into the 9 Ray 16 EL'Ohim reality of the New Earth transitionary reality. Thoth has termed this stage Numis'OM through the channelings of our kindred Maia Kai'Ra.

This then takes us into the next phase of our planetary ascension process which continues on through to the next MAJOR timegate and morphogenetic fulcrum, circa 2027 (more on this as we head through 2014). Betwixt now and then should be quite interesting!

We would love to have your special love-light engage this Ona'Ba transmission to help complete a major cycle of our work and the planetary transformation... order below!

7th Sacred Tone Ona'Ba, Dove of Oneness
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