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The 13th Solar Tribe
by Simeon Chi'Ra 02/27/11

I received a download just the other day regarding how the Arhaiel Transmission Matrix was being brought forth and handed to us now by the Solarian Councils of Light as part of a much larger Program of Light related to taking us through the 2012 Winter Solstice gateway.

This larger Program of Light involves, in part, the further progression of an important previous epoch of Earth's evolution that Thoth originally informed my kindred Maia about many years ago. This dynamic involved the Solar Tribes who worked with what is called the Solaris Tabla (Solar Table).

To my knowledge there never was more than a very brief mention of this in an article entitled "The Gate of the Sun, the Solar Logos and the Lion" in Temple Doors Volume 4, 1997. You may wish to obtain a copy of this from Maia's Spirit Store for a lot more detailed information about these dynamics as a further basis for understanding the significance of what I relate below.

The Solaris Tabla is comprised of ALL the points where pure Solar Tribal insertions have been made into specific acu-points on the Earth's grid by the Twelve Solar Tribes or others who were closely related to their frequency matrix.

The Twelve Solar Tribes pre-date the Twelve Tribes of Israel. They held the pure Solarian Consciousness codes within their DNA. The "Gate of the Sun" was/is a specific main meridian within the Solaris Tabla and is/was comprised of a set of very specific acu-points. Three of these points are the areas now known as Petra, Masada and Jerusalem, but there are/were others.

Much has happened since the time of the 12 Solar Tribes on the Earth. In my recent GODS Chi Activation workshop I shared information I had been receiving regarding how the higher Solar Chi infusions issuing forth from Archangel Arhaiel and our Christic Sun-Spirit are offering us a very unique opportunity to embody the frequency of this energy and become the "New Earth Sun Born." In fact a specific opportunity to receive this "New Earth Sun Born" initiation from Archangel Arhaiel is offered as part of the activation in that video workshop.

The "New Earth Sun Born" frequency represents the return of the Solarian Race to the Earth. This Solarian energy embodiment will, however, take place through the common DNA pool we now have on Earth which is an admixture of many different genetic strains and lineages at this point.

 This is in stark contrast to the pure genetic strains used in the ancient past for this purpose. This higher Solar infusion into our current DNA pool will serve to revivify and activate our current human DNA's latent Adam Kadmon encoding and quicken it towards realizing its true potential in a very powerful way.

In the recent download I received it was also revealed to me how the "New Earth Sun Born" are the new 13th Solar Tribe being formed on this planet. This is really a process of self-initiation and it is very exciting! The infusions of Divine Solar Chi being transmitted through and from Archangel Arhaiel are very much a part of this fairly recent development being issued forth from the Solarian Councils of Light.

This work will involve new infusions of Solarian energy into our planet's acu-points to do the final build-out on the Solaris Tabla needed for Earth Ascension! This work will be facilitated in part through these new Archangel Arhaiel Transmissions.

This new Archangel Arhaiel Golden Orb Transmission Matrix is a physical plane facilitation for this dynamic. It is meant to bring a group energy together to further ground these infusions into the planetary grid and embody them within the human collective consciousness and nature realms. There will be great personal benefit in terms of higher level assistance for further developing your Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi as well as the planetary facilitation dynamics I have been speaking of.

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