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Long-Wave Galactic Pulse Update
by Simeon Chi'Ra 02/03/14
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

In October 2013 I wrote two articles, "Intensifying Polarities and Unique Opportunities" and "Our Cosmic Crux Passage" wherein I shared information from the Metatronic Councils of Light on a long-wave pulse of galactic energy that began making its presence known in our reality around June of 2013 and was predicted to remain active here until about mid-February 2014.

This long-wave galactic pulse of energy's period of activity has now been updated to extend as far as mid-March or possibly even early April 2014. I was also recently "shown" something as the Metatronic Councils of Light were transmitting more awareness around this dynamic to me. This sort of blew me away, or at least the part of me I call my linear mind was blown away.

I was able to "see" how long-wave galactic energy pulses like this are part of such a vast universal architecture that they have actually organized all of the astrology we experience in our heavens aeons prior to our linear experience of them.

In other words, the astronomical and astrological energies that we experience are part of a much larger structure of reality that is based on precise harmonic wave sets which organize realities and their associated energies on a very grand scale. The astrological alignments we witness and experience are thus fitting into larger harmonic patterns that have been harmonically arranged in the way that we witness them. Pretty awesome!

These long-wave galactic pulses of energy, which manifest every so often for us to directly experience, appear on our event horizon when we are going through a major intersection in the structure of this organizational inter-stellar reality matrix.

The Metatronic Councils of Light then related that the major intersection we are passing through right now that has allowed us to experience the benefits of this particular long-wave galactic energy pulse is one they are referring to as "Indra's Star Web."

I was only vaguely familiar with the related term "Indra's Net," so I googled it and found a great deal of information online about it... I encourage you to do the same. That information is somewhat relevant to what the Metatronic Councils of Light are relating about Indra's Star Web, but with an amazing twist.

Since June of 2013, the collective consciousness on planet Earth has been moving through a complex web of intersecting stellar light vectors or meridians. For those of you familiar with the work involving galactic axiatonal star grid lines in our light body, this is somewhat like a macro-cosmic representation of our axiatonal body.

According to the Metatronic Councils of Light this macro-cosmic axiatonal web has a "navel" of sorts where all of its stellar vectors come together and intersect. Keep in mind this is not a local phenomenon, nor does it have a representation in time-space. It is rather a non-local quantum field dynamic. The galactic axiatonal "navel" in Indra's Star Web is a harmonic frequency within the galactic consciousness field.

Passing through this "navel" is bringing forth myriads of energy patterns that have developed in our collective over time to be updated. These patterns of energy started out as pure archetypes of energy, light and consciousness that were seeded into our reality matrix by the stars in our inter-galactic system. Our "inter-galactic system" here is comprised of numerous galaxies.

The limited patterns of energy that were developed out of these pure archetypes have now become many of the dysfunctional patterns we are aware of in our collective on Earth. Passing through the navel in Indra's Star Web is re-calibrating these patterns of energy so they move back into resonance with the original pure energy and consciousness archetypes that they originated from.

This re-calibration will affect various people very differently. Some will sense the liberation and take great strides to liberate themselves from the bondage of the remaining aspects of their dualistic nature.

Others will resist change, but it will be futile in that the more this re-calibration is resisted the more dissonance will be generated thus causing those who resist a great deal of confusion and disorientation whereby the reality they thought was solid, reliable and true will prove itself otherwise.

Still others will sense the potential of change and desire it, but they will be challenged greatly to assimilate it. These are the souls who we will do best to give our all to support in a balanced way with great love and compassion. They do not need to be fixed or saved, they simply need to know that aware others understand, care and are there to listen and help in whatever ways are needed.

Those who resist are also deserving of our love, caring and compassion. Simply being in this expression with them can potentially help them shift into less resistance or even acceptance... but do not expect it, simply be the love you are around/with them and allow them their choices.

For each of us personally, we will also meet our own challenges of course. Yet our challenges can be greatly mitigated or even rinsed away in a torrent of love if we open our hearts in this way to others who are challenged or resisting.

This is a Year of Reconciliation... this is a truly prime opportunity to release everything that is not what we wish to be experiencing and focus intently on what we do wish to be experiencing to make it stronger inside of ourselves. That is the reconciliation we need most, all others will follow.

This is about the feeling level of reality within us, not the circumstances around us. Although if the feeling level within us is resonant and harmonious with our True Self of Love, then the rest of our reality will take care of itself as well.

I'll be speaking a great deal more to how we can accomplish this as we move forward through this year and this will include some webinars to facilitate this focus. It is looking like this will be a really "hot" year my beloved Family of Light!

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