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Cosmic Fun! The Physics of Oneness
by Simeon Chi'Ra Mar. 15, 2014

Oneness is a rather abstract concept and principle. It is related to unity or inter-connectedness, but it is more expansive because it actually resides in the UNmanifest. Unity and interconnectedness are its counterparts in the manifest aspects of Reality.

In our modern science, the relatively recent field of quantum mechanics has been exploring the inter-connectedness of individual components and aspects of reality at the subatomic level. At the quantum level, the interconnected nature of Reality is quite apparent as evidenced by many well-documented scientific observations.

I have, however, been looking for some type of visible physical or natural model of phenomenon that could visually demonstrate the principles of unity, interconnectedness and oneness to make it easier to understand and believe in at a deeper level of our consciousness.

Ask and you shall receive! I recently came across just what I was looking for!

Watch this very cool YouTube video next (only 4 minutes and can be cut short), then read on...

Metronomes Synchronize

Now, I'm not sure about you, but watching that video also gets my head moving back and forth in sync with those metronomes by the end! It also makes me feel very happy inside too! Happens every time I watch it.

If you notice, the white platform the metronomes are sitting on is able to move side to side, it is fluid and flexible in other words. This is what allows the metronomes to synchronize with each other as they did. The energy of their individual motions gets combined and averaged and feeds back to the metronomes thereby synchronizing them -- that is a very simple unscientific explanation!

What we have here is a great demonstration within the laws of physics of how an established state of interconnectedness leads naturally to an expression of oneness.

Let's apply this model now to our consciousness. We could view the platform under the metronomes as representing the energy of being in our hearts, which allows us to stay connected to others who are not in sync with who they really are or with anyone else. By being consistently in our hearts we can eventually synchronize a disharmonious reality around us.

We can also view the platform under the metronomes as that of the Pure Love of our God or Source, which is present as a foundation for all beings (metronomes) who will eventually, through the fluidity of Pure Love meeting us on our ground, help us experience our interconnectedness, unity and thus our true nature in oneness.

In other words, the steadfastness of our Pure Love Self in combination with its ability to move with us, will bring us into a unified state in time. There are oodles of other comparisons that we could use, you may have thought of your own already.

The point is, that we have a physical demonstration of how a unifying and interconnecting something is needed to bring many beings who are not in sync with each other into a synchronized and unified state of experience.

When we look out at what is happening in our world, it appears much like those metronomes did when they were all out of sync. However, as each of us further develops the ability within ourselves to experience the Pure Love we are in truth, we make a significant contribution to the unifying platform under all those metronomes.

Pure Love does not see the divisiveness and separation that is being experienced by out-of-sync others as being the primary Reality before it's eyes. It sees rather the Pure Love in everything and everyone, and accepts that everything has a purpose for existence, or it would not exist.

It is only from this place of acceptance of All That Is, that we can actually be truly effective agents of change. Sounds paradoxical until you are viewing it with the eyes of your Pure Love Self.

If you have an experience where you are feeling like you are not in sync with the Reality around you, try remembering the feeling you get by watching that video when all the out of sync metronomes move into synchronization and harmony with each other -- tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock... PLEASE let me know what happens when you do this!

Yep, this is some official cosmic consciousness research taking place and you can contribute if you would be so kind!

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