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The Law of Cycles ~ the Next Octave
by Simeon Chi'Ra 06/11/14

In April of 2013 I published a blog entitled "Steady State Energy". I suggest you take a few minutes to read that blog again before continuing with this article.

In that blog I spoke to the steadfastness (steady state) of our Divine Self, God Self, Pure Love Soul Self, or whatever name you choose to use for our most expanded and essential level of beingness.

This steady state of energy and beingness is beyond what we call evolution. It is therefore also beyond the Law of Cycles as we commonly understand this law. This law's common understanding can best be understood through simple celestial cycles like the monthly lunar cycle, or the annual seasonal solar cycles.

These types of cycles affect us in a very physical way -- the dark/light of the moon and the tides, the summer/fall/winter/spring seasons for example. As you are likely aware they also have subtler energy components which have various effects upon our mind and emotions. 

In my eBook, "The Universal Laws of Energy and Consciousness," I speak about the Law of Cycles by another name... the Law of Continuity. Here is my short description of this law from that book:

All life cycles and other energy dynamics in the Universe establish a continuum or continuity by always resolving back to Infinity. Every component, particle, wave and being in the Universe is subject to cyclic dynamics until complete re-absorption into the Absolute occurs.

Steady state energy is in the realm of the Absolute. It is also something we have innately within us because our most essential beingness resides in the Absolute. It is our ability to be able to sense this steady state energy within our being, even while we are within an incarnation which falls under the Law of Continuity/Cycles, that forms our path Home! 
Its energy within us is like a beacon, we simply need to learn how to become more aware of it and what it feels like so we can stay focused on it and make it ever stronger.

The term "path Home" also needs to be understood as a state of being within our human experience rather than something that is being traveled in order to somehow journey "out of" or "escape" the reality we find ourselves embodied within. In other words, it is an inward journey, not an external one.

The really good news is, that it is entirely possible to experience the steady state energy in our Core Self in a sustained manner while being within a limited human vehicle on Earth! This potential is opening up to us now more than ever before. It is true that there have been beings amongst us all along who could do this. 

Now, however, we are entering an entirely new octave within the Law of Continuity/Cycles. One that liberates us to experience this steady state of energy within our being while being embodied in the current Earth reality more easily than has been possible at any time in the "past." Ahhh, past, present, future... more cycles! Yep, we are moving into a new octave of those cycles too!

OK, so let us add a bit of dimensionality into this picture now. In the higher dimensions of reality the influence that various celestial cycles have upon an incarnation changes considerably. Fifth dimensional Earth reality is still influenced to some degree by the celestial cycles of sun and moon as it is not that far removed from our "ordinary" planetary reality in the bigger scheme of things. 

I'm not making light of the enormity of the shift into a fifth dimensional reality for us here either. I am rather offering an expanded perspective from the Metatronic Councils of Light that places it into a larger context.

Seventh dimensional reality is, however, not influenced at all by the celestial cycles of our Sun and Moon. Yet, purely seventh dimensional beings like Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na and other members of the Metatronic Councils of Light can use such cycles to help us weave higher reality and consciousness harmonics into our experience more completely. 

For beings existing only at the 7th dimensional level of reality or above, there are still celestial cycles that play out upon them too, but they are much larger cycles. Things like the movement of star systems within their galaxies, and the movement of galaxies in relationship to one another. Also the energetic releases by black holes, supernova and quasars and so forth.

To be sure, because we are multidimensional beings we too are influenced and affected by those larger celestial cycles and events as well. Most of humanity generally is not cognizant of such influences, just as they are not cognizant of their seventh dimensional aspects. 
The Illuminaris and Masters in seventh dimensional reality are, however, extremely aware of these cycles and they form a sort of much larger astrology that they use in very expanded ways for the benefit of all beings that fall within their domain of care.

The next octave of the Law of Continuity/Cycles that we are now moving into opens us up to this larger astrology to a much greater degree than we have experienced on Earth ever before. This is a larger opening into that level of cyclic energy than the ancients had access to as well.

This expansion will give rise to a lot of experiences on this plane that may be very hard to understand initially. This is because as we open to being able to sense and experience subtler levels of reality they then also begin to affect our conscious life wave more profoundly.

These energies have been there all along inside of our being on deeper sub/unconscious levels. As they start to emerge into our conscious experience new reality parameters begin to enter our human life experience on Earth.

This process has been ongoing for us for quite some time. What is becoming available to us now, however, is another level that will open cosmic gateways of very powerful experience to us.

When you think of subtle energy it is easy to have an underlying belief operating that tells us that because it is subtle it does not have as much power in our experience as grosser more tangible energetics.

Many years ago that is also what a lot of scientists thought about atomic and subatomic energies, even though in theory they knew they held tremendous potential. With the detonation of the first atomic bomb all scientists underwent a massive reorganization of their sub/unconscious beliefs around that theory! In fact, all of humanity did as well. That was what the Metatronic Councils of Light refer to as a quantum shift in collective belief!

With this next octave of the Law of Cycles/Continuity, we are not very likely to have anything as dramatic as the detonation of an atomic bomb occur in our lives, but the principle is the same. The principle is, that there is a very, very potent and powerful energy that is integrally part of us that is in the process of rapidly emerging into our conscious reality as never before!

If we are not being conscious enough about how we are focusing our attention, we will be directing this expanding power in ways that we may really not wish to, should we be able to see the larger perspective of what is occurring more clearly.

This is not something to be feared either. It is the grandest opportunity to learn to experience our Divine Love Power that we have ever had in this Earth reality, ever!

In order to have a really great and pleasant experience of this expansion, it is important to be able to properly develop a high degree of self-awareness. It is also very important to clear any judgements of what we become increasingly aware of or the process of expanding self-awareness stops until we do.

The type of self-awareness we need to develop most for this particular expansion is related to our body! Yes, our body is the perfect resonator of the energy we are focusing our attention on. If you are feeling something bad inside your emotions and body take note of what you are focusing your attention on. Then change what you are focusing your attention on to something that will elicit a feeling that you do wish to experience.

That is the whole process of enlightenment simplified! This is ALL I work with now, everything else is a distraction. I have been working with this very ardently since about 2006. I am absolutely certain at this point that this is the most direct path to experiencing our True Love Self and the power associated with it.

My certainty is not just from what I have received from the Metatronic Councils of Light over the years about this. It is also derived from what I have experienced happening in my own life and reality. I have now become accomplished enough at this that it is somewhat rare that I even experience something inside of myself that is not what I wish to be experiencing. 

If I do, I can shift it very quickly. It is an amazing and powerful feeling to be able to do that. The good news is, that this is a power we ALL have and can accomplish. It does not take an avatar or even an accomplished spiritual teacher to do it. It only takes a persistent dedication coupled with a basic understanding and a developing self-awareness focused in all the ways that are needed.

I am coming out in a larger way now to share this because it is something I KNOW we all must accomplish. It is the thing that I wish most to see everyone be able to experience. I live it and breath it. 

I will now be focusing much more intently on offering things through my website and this newsletter to help people become more proficient at accomplishing this.
That will be a major effort to support others in this expansion and in achieving the type of experience pout of life that they seek. 

To take that effort even further, I am also offering sessions for this very purpose. These are my "Awakening True-Self ~ Awakening Oneness Love" sessions. These have continued to become more powerful over time too!

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