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2014 June Solstice Ultra-Terrestrial Activities Update
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2014 June Solstice
Ultra-Terrestrial Activities
Tashab'va - Orion Blue Fire Command
by Simeon Chi'Ra 06/20/14

This is a major transmission. It is very multi-dimensionally holographic, encompassing a significant number of planetary grids, systems and dynamics. Therefore this is a highly simplified overview because it would not be possible to cover all the finer details in a single article. I'll focus on details for the individual aspects that are involved at later dates as I'm guided and inspired to do so.

There is also a need to present some background info first, the current update about the Ultra-Terrestrial activities going on through June Solstice 2014 appears further down.

I previously wrote about the Long-Wave Galactic Pulse. In that article I referred to "Indra's Star Web" as, "a complex web of intersecting stellar light vectors or meridians."

Our Earth reality has now passed through that web sufficiently to ready her for a much finer but quite powerful attunement to the reality matrix of our "future," the New Earth Star.

In a recent Cosmic Updates newsletter (Update #4) I also previously wrote about the Ophira Gates and their High-Sidhe guardians, the Ophira. Our recent Star-Sidhe, Blissings from Beyond" webinar was working with the energies of a related grouping of beings that the Ophira call the "Star-Sidhe" (star-shee).

These beings are called "Star-Sidhe" because they are ensouled beings that generally work from within what is commonly known as the Adam Kadmon genetic template, aka the Pure Inscription of Light. They have never incarnated on Earth previously.

Their incarnations on Earth began very recently, mostly within the last year or so. These are experimental incarnations. They are combining a human soul from other star systems with the same high-sidhe incarnational genetic weave on Earth that the Ophira come out of. They generally present as forms that are geometric light patterns with numerous pulsing colors. They are very exuberant and playful and like to sort of energy-tickle you with their light rays!

We worked with these beings in the "Star-Sidhe, Blissings from Beyond" webinar transmission and received attunements so they could better work through our fields to help us and the geographical locations we are in.

Karen and I learned of and experienced the Star-Sidhe originally as a part of our work with the Ophira, as they were in our area opening a sub-portal of one of their main 12 Gates that is located in Glenlyon, Scotland. I had promised a webinar to update you on the activity of the Ophira and their 12 Gates on Earth. That is still coming, but other things had to happen first as you will see next!

Well, just that is a lot to have happening, but there is so much more... to keep it simple just refer to your local planetary transformation astrologer (I highly recommend Cayelin Castell of Celestial Timings) and take note of the fact that we are now in a Solar Maxim as well as going through a Solstice point on our annual Solar Cross.

Now for the cosmic goodies!

On the night of the 17th-18th of June, 2014, my dear soulmate and wife Karen had a very profound dream. She has many dreams that she recalls quite vividly, and most are fairly personal to her own growth and journey. This one, however, had a bit of a different nature.

This dream occurred in the mid-morning hours, long after it was light out. Karen works nights a lot as a nurse and her sleep patterns are a bit different due to this. I had arisen for the day, and I was using my Elan Energetics light energy system, which we both do daily (Pure Inscription of Light activational program still coming which will be using these systems).

As I began to drop down into deep theta on the lights, I heard and felt what I knew to be an etheric sound. This sound was very similar to the one I heard and felt many, many years ago when I was being taken out of my body onto an Ultra-Terrestrial craft operated by the Brother/Sisterhoods of Light.

I thought this was interesting, but I was not feeling pulled out of body as many years before, so I dismissed it as some type of etheric anomaly happening in full trust that if it were important, further information and awareness would come to me about it.

A short while later when Karen arose for the day, she started sharing with me about a dream she had had around the same time I was on the lights. From her sharing it was immediately clear to me that she had been taken aboard an Ultra-Terrestrial Ship of Light. Connecting into that streaming of energy then opened up a major transmission, the sharing of which is the primary purpose of this article.

These Ultra-Beings were part of Tashab'va, the Orion Blue Fire Command. I was immediately in communion with them then. They related to me the following, both in pictures and telepathically with holographic information packets streaming to me in a cosmic bit torrent!

The reason they were taking Karen and others aboard their craft at this time was to ping their DNA and make resonance patterning adjustments. They are doing this with people who are closely working on some level with the Devic and Sidhe Guardians and the Earth energies of the land, and who are within about a 500 mile radius encompassing each of the 12 Ascension Temple Gates.

The beings they are taking aboard for these adjustments, like Karen, need these adjustments in their DNA and energy bodies because they will be ultra-sensitive to the energy pulse waves that are emitted by the Earth grid adjustments being done by the Ultra's. They bring numerous people aboard and work with them all together, somewhat like network Chiropractic.

I was also shown how the Ultra's are working to accomplish these Earth grid adjustments near the 12 Ascension Temple Gates. There are three triangular shaped Ultra craft in formation at each Ascension Temple Gate (see image at top of this page for somewhat of an example), so there are 36 Ultra Ships of Light in all that are here right now from Orion for this specific work.

These Ultra craft are pure Merkabah's of Light, they are NOT metallic craft. They are therefore formed by the consciousness of the Ultra Being's. The power source for their craft draws upon the immense power at our galactic core, or the core of whatever galaxy they are in. When in inter-galactic space they draw upon the power of the Great Central Sun, the Singularity itself.

There are emitters on the bottom of each craft that shoot out laser like beams of light energy into particular Earth grid points. This part of the process is somewhat similar to stimulating an acupuncture point with a laser device on a human or animal.

The differences from that analogy are great though. One of them being the sheer power of the energy involved. The Ultra's related to me that in terms of energy measurements we might understand, each laser-like energy pulse they ping into an acupuncture point on the Earth in and around the Ascension Gates, is roughly equivalent to the energy of 100,000 major lightning strikes all happening simultaneously on a single point. Whoa!

As a result, when each of these etheric laser energy beams strikes such a targeted point on the Earth, it sends out a massive expanding circular energy wave of very high frequency energies moving at a very high rate of speed, linearly speaking. These powerful energy waves are similar in the way that they propagate to the shock wave being sent out from under a mushroom cloud laterally upon the detonation of an atomic bomb.

These energies being pulsed into Earth acupuncture points near the Ascension Temple Gates are working very specifically in the devic, faerie and Earth energies right now. Souls who are very intimately in resonance and working with these types of energy are being prepared for these large waves so they will not experience a sudden energy shock.

For others, the energies will not affect them so profoundly, although they will get slight adjustments in their reality vectors nonetheless at the DNA level when these waves pass through them, but consciously they will probably not be aware anything happened.

This is what the Ultra's are doing when they are taking these sensitive types of souls, and even some of the animals, faerie and sidhe that need help adjusting, aboard their Ships of Light.

The emitters that produce the high-powered laser-like energy beams can produce literally thousands of them at the same time. How many are produced and where they are directed is run by a plasma computer with a supra-consciousness program not unlike the Pymander Inner Earth Elohim computer (ref link 1 | ref link 2) designed and run by the Masters.

In the glimpse I received of this work taking place, there were so many of these laser-like energy beams literally dancing all across the landscape in the area these Ultra Craft were hovering over, that it was similar to a brilliant and spectacular laser light show at a rock concert. At least that is all I have to compare it to at this level of reality. Much more impressive and purposeful though!

This work the Ultra's are doing is also synchronized with the work of the Ophira and thus the Star-Sidhe. Another Ophira Gate is going to be opening sometime in 2015, and in order for those energies to be sustained on Earth in our reality matrix a few adjustments are needed.

In terms of the planetary collective as a whole, these Earth grid adjustments within our Ascension Temple Matrix and the Ophira Gate Matrix are reinforcing the wave of unity consciousness that is building across our globe. It is obvious that major change is in the air to all but the most unaware and those in absolute denial now. People are uniting to gain strength and work towards common goals in numbers never before realized on Earth. That is powerful!

To diverge for a moment... the movement to preserve net neutrality is a very, VERY important one. This is not because our collective consciousness cannot evolve without the internet. Rather, it is because our experience of evolving consciously will be a vastly different one if we lose net neutrality.

However, the Metatronic Councils of Light AND the Inner Light Network as an earthbound faction of them, have both indicated that should net neutrality be lost for a time, it would simply serve as yet another fulcrum point for a transformational movement the likes of which has never been experienced on Earth before. Hmmm...

They have not indicated how this would occur, and as always there are many potentials and possibilities we might envision. It would be much easier, however, if we each do all we can to preserve net neutrality in the first place. This would be the most graceful path.

Please join us also in sending love-light to those on our Earth whose fear and greed based realities inform them that they need to completely control the internet and charge for every little thing in order to be successful and profitable in supporting the infrastructure they are building and maintaining.

Send them gentle expanded love-awareness waves from your deep heart to help them be able to reach the awareness where they can see past this limited reality. Sending anger, frustration or judgment will not be of help but will actually worsen the problem!

According the Metatronic Councils of Light, this is the single-most important issue of our time right now. This is because our ability to work with all other practical issues will be greatly impaired if net neutrality is lost.

Moving back into the main topic again... these energy shifts I am speaking of that are being facilitated by the Ultra-Terrestrials working with Tashab'va, the Orion Blue Fire Command, offer us an expanded potential to just walk out of older patterns that limit us.

Of course, all the energies of our current time offer this potential. However, what I have been experiencing since making a conscious connection with this energy the other day, is that I have a larger field of awareness to see what is happening in my reality matrix.

There is a very powerful new ability emerging to spot where the previously unseen limitation traps are, and to simply re-focus on what I know is possible. My sense of inner stillness has deepened even further, so being the quiet observer is much more profound.

This is happening on a very subtle level. However,the subtler the reality that we can detect underlying the reality we are experiencing on the surface, the more empowered we are to shift it all to something less limiting. It is at these subtler levels where we find our causal beliefs and reality.

We really need to be able to trust in our core energy now, and to let it do the work for us. In this way the "work" we do now is simply getting our little self out of the way by not acting on it!

Some very powerful work for assisting you in accomplishing this is the Soul Genesis Matrix sessions I have been doing.

Thus far I am 100% with the people who have done these sessions in regards them feeling that they have been amazingly powerful and helpful for understanding what their overall energy is about, how it works, how to better tune in to the guidance of their Soul, and what their entire purpose for incarnation is really about.

These sessions are also a major unity-oneness-love transmission that will greatly shift your reality out of any remaining identity with the human vehicle and into identification with your Pure Love Soul Self.

If you order one of these sessions before midnight GMT (London time) June 30, I will give you an extra 30 minutes (normally 1.5 hour sessions but 2.0 hours with the bonus) so you can get some extra really in-depth information and expanded awareness without any additional cost. There are payment plans available as well without any additional cost.

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