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Navigating the Cosmic Abyss - awareness and tools for dealing with uncertainty and shifting into essence.
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Navigating the Cosmic Abyss
by Simeon Chi'Ra 08/03/14

My gosh, the spaces we have been going through since 2014 June Solstice! If you have been finding it challenging to get a sense of direction, and/or find traction in a particular direction, well, there are a LOT of reasons for that on many different levels right now, so don't be hard on yourself!

Just be at peace within your being, and know implicitly that your True Soul-Self of Pure-Love knows EXACTLY what is happening and where you are going! There is a life waiting for you that will be your utmost joy and fulfillment, be as fully present in your human lifewave as possible and invite it in!

A good practice for doing this is getting in touch with the feeling essence of the life that is waiting for you. Our minds have a strong and persistent tendency to try and ascertain what the details and specifics of such a life might be.

That is handy once we become aware of things that are unfolding from our Magical Heart of Joy, as Karen and I call it. Once things begin unfolding, then we truly need the mind to ascertain a few specifics, but to do so in as flexible a way as possible to allow for fluidity.

However, if the mind enters into this phase before something is actually unfolding, then it places limitations on what can unfold! It usually does this by narrowing down the field of possibilities to just a few that seem to suit our preferences.

It is OK to have preferences too, yet we need to learn to relate to them in a way that is neutral and detached. We can state our preferences to the universe and let them be known in other words. However, we will do best when we also remain open to the possibility that there in fact may be something even better and/or more suited to us which we are not even aware of.

If we are transfixed only on our preferences then we will miss seeing other possibilities that are unfolding their potential right before us, if they even show up on our reality screen in the first place.

By now I'm sure you have surmised that this process of life engagement is about learning to BE. You are right! Doing is not excluded though, rather it follows BEING and the unfoldment which then emerges from BEING.

Remember the scriptural statement about "the meek shall inherit the Earth"? That statement has been interpreted in a lot of different ways over time. I'll add yet another interpretation to the mix, and this is the one I choose to accept into my being.

The "meek" are those who have learned to BE, and not try to get what they want or need through use of personal will, manipulation and force. Instead, they align themselves with the power of their PURE LOVE SELF, which is their true nature. Then, all that they truly need and desire from a place of Core Resonance will emerge from their Magical Heart of Joy.

That is true power, and it is the Way of Grace. It will involve doing to be sure, because what emerges will require action grounded on the physical plane. What is emerging, however, will be imbued with great power and a core alignment and therefore cannot be stopped from emerging if these resonances are maintained.

Does this mean that everything we desire from this place of BEING will emerge? No it doesn't. When we are in good resonance with our PURE LOVE SELF, we are operating from Oneness. Therefore, there is a greater intelligence that always brings forth that which is for the best and highest good for ALL... not just one.

It also does not matter if everything we desire emerges into our reality when we are in resonance with PURE LOVE SELF. This is because what does emerge is always experienced as being just perfect regardless of circumstances when we are in such a refined state of BEING!

Operating from this place on a sustainable basis may seem a tall order. I once felt this way as well. However, I have come to the realization that it is actually rather simple. In fact, it is a whole lot simpler than the way we have been used to approaching life.

Here is a simple mindfulness tool that can assist you with this:

Here I am in this present moment of time in ALL of ETERNITY, all is well, no other moment matters.

Work with that for awhile and see if you can sense how it brings your immense field of multi-dimensional energy more fully present and focused within your NOW experience.

Once you have that sense of how it brings your entire being more present, just BE with the increased power and presence of your being that you are experiencing. Savor that state, it is more of the REAL YOU showing up!

Stay focused there to the best of your ability. Everything else will then emerge as needed. When it does, take decisive action and go with it... and remember, do so with fluidity!

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