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2015 Year of Surrender and Trust
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Easter Message ~ Surrender & Trust
by Simeon Chi'Ra 04/04/15

The only article I have been able to write this year was the 2015 ~ Year of Surrender and Trust" channeling piece from Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na back on New Year's Day in January!

I have re-visited what was in that article many times over, and it keeps unfolding it's expansive awareness to me. I could never have seen just how apropo this information would be to what was going to be happening in my life in 2015 (thus far anyway)!

I will be doing a follow-up on this transmission and I would like to also do a presentation once my new webinar setup is ready to go because these are universal dynamics that need to be deeply understood in order to glide smoothly into a deeper and more profound experience of who we really are -- Pure Love Soul-Self -- as we navigate the labyrinth of life on our beloved Earth.

For now, here in the end of this major eclipse window being augmented by the cosmic energies and mysteries associated with Easter (what a cosmic whopper it has been too hey?), I will share this bit of wisdom that expands on the previous "2015 ~ Year of Surrender and Trust" transmission. This quote below from that previous transmission is what I will speak to right now...

"you simply need to know that there is one single universal potential offered in every adverse circumstance or situation you may ever encounter in your life. This is the potential of participating more fully with your True Soul-Self of Pure Love..."

This one single potential of participating more fully with your Pure Love Soul-Self while being embodied as a human being on Earth is the one and only thing we need to focus on surrendering to.

It is amazing to me just how deeply the old programming and patterning can be to "get tough and get going" or to just "hang in there baby." I may not be thinking or speaking these words when I am faced with a situation that is challenging me by bringing up some sort of incoherent and disharmonious emotion and/or feelings in my body.

However, I have come to know implicitly that those incoherent and disharmonious feelings I may be having are all I need to make the determination that the programs associated with such words are in fact operative within me at that moment in time.

This is a wonderful and very empowering awareness to have in the moment such an experience is unfolding! Why? Because then I can then consciously choose to surrender to ONLY the potential of experiencing Pure Love Soul-Self and LET EVERYTHING ELSE GO!!! Like WOW does this work well!

In other words, our take-away here is this: if whatever we think may be true is causing us to feel/experience incoherent or disharmonious emotions -- i.e. we are experiencing anything other than our Pure Love Soul-Self -- then it is NOT our highest truth, and it is NOT what we really wish to be surrendering to or energizing in any way shape or form. SO LET IT GO AND BE FREE!

Therefore, at these times I find it extremely powerful to just say "NO" to anything that makes me feel incoherent and disharmonious and thereby totally eliminate any power it seemed to have over me with it's limited truth. To make this work it is also necessary to acknowledge that what we are experiencing is due to what is going on inside of ourselves and own it fully.

If instead we blame someone or something else for what we are experiencing we will NOT surrender to the potential of experiencing our Pure Love Soul-Self. We will instead be playing an energy game similar to the old "hot potato" game. If you are not familiar with that old game, you have a hot potato and you toss it to someone else and they have to catch it and toss it to someone else without dropping it before it burns them!

This is akin to what happens when we blame someone else for what we are feeling inside ourselves. We essentially toss them a hot potato. OK, its Easter, so maybe it's a hot egg right now haha! The essential concept is what matters!

Whenever we can effectively do what I am speaking of here, we experience a mini-resurrection and thus a further measure of liberation from the cross of space-time limitations. 

Our Pure Love Soul-Self is beyond those limitations, and when we are experiencing that level of our being we feel UNLIMITED and INFINITE even though we may be have many other 3D limitations as a human being.

THAT is our goal... see you on the INSIDE and the UPSIDE!

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