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Mass Ascension, Magnetic Pole Reversal and Mass Extinction
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Sacred Geometry Symbol "Isis Eye/Areiopax" by Maia Kyi'Ra

Mass Ascension,
Magnetic Pole Reversal,
and Mass Extinction
Expanding Awareness on LP-40
Part One
by Simeon Chi'Ra 05/22/15

My beloved brothers and sisters of love... it is truly time for a "heads up, eyes open, no fear reality check"! Are you aware of the following?
1) The south pole has already left Antarctica and the north pole is racing across the arctic ocean.
2) “Earth’s magnetic poles are getting ready to flip.” -Mission Manager, SWARM/ESA
3) The magnetic field began weakening in 1600.
4) The magnetic field weakened 10% from the 1800s to 2000.
5) Earth’s magnetic field weakened another 5% by 2010.
6) As of 2014 the magnetic field is continuing to weaken rapidly.
7) Magnetic reversals can occur in less than 100 years.
8) Magnetic reversals can cause rapid oxygen loss.
9) Magnetic reversals lead to extinction events.
10) Magnetic reversals may cause biblical floods (i.e. star water events).

Additionally, the image below graphically depicts the further decline of the Earth's magnetic field strength between 2010 and 2015 and extrapolates that movement into the future should it keep occurring at the same rate it has been. It appears according to this graph 2015 represents a 50% reduction in magnetic field strength from what it was at it's peak back in 1600.

Magnetic Pole Reversal

You can see from this image (click image for larger version) that this graphic suggests that our planet's magnetic field strength could hit zero point circa 2027-2030 as it appears. In other words, it took 415 years for us to lose 50% of our magnetic field strength, and we could lose the remaining 50% in only another 12-15 years! Like WOW, speaking of acceleration!

I find this extremely interesting in light of the fact that over the last 10 years or so I have mentioned on numerous occasions that the Metatronic Councils of Light were indicating that around the year 2027 on our linear time line represents a major collective consciousness transition point on our linear time line. Others have indicated 2027 as being of significance as well.

This raises the question: Could this be our mass ascension point?

I now have a strong intuitive sense that a magnetic pole reversal will be associated with what has been termed the mass ascension or LP-40 (Light Principle Forty) when it transpires. The reasons I have for believing this are numerous. I'll try to be as clear as possible in briefly addressing each of them below.

Many years ago in the infancy of the internet I read some fabulous information online by some Russian scientists who elucidated a sophisticated scientific model. Their model suggested that when a mass extinction takes place -- we can for now just use the example of the mass extinction of the dinosaurs -- that the energy of the those species does not actually disappear forever, but rather it becomes a new form of life on the planet.

In that particular case it moved out of being reptilian giants like the dinosaurs and came back in as the mammalian forms of life more familiar to us now. Their scientific model was attempting to contribute a new perspective on evolution.

They also had linked the triggers for this type of process to the ever-increasing distance between our planet and our sun, our solar system's continually changing position in the galaxy and the Sun's suspected ability to periodically expand its coronal envelope out far enough to engulf the inner planets.

These Russian scientists had indicated that at specific intervals in time there were critical changes in energy that occurred which would result in such mass extinctions that produced evolutionary quantum leaps such as from dinosaurs to mammals. Granted, this is radical perspective, but then, so is the idea of actual physical ascension!

The latest scientific evidence now suggests that magnetic pole reversals have indeed been linked to all the mass extinctions that we have geological records of.

The description which our beloved Maia Kyi'Ra channeled from Thoth many, many years ago regarding the mass ascension event, which Thoth refers to as LP-40 (Light Principle Forty), has numerous elements in it that very closely resembles this concept put forth by the Russian scientists about the energy of existing life forms leaving, then transforming, and then coming back to assume a new form after a mass extinction event.

It also describes processes in an esoteric way that could be related to a seriously diminished magnetic field/shield which is in turn associated with a magnetic pole reversal, which in turn has also now been linked to the possibility of a mass extinction event. Let's have a closer look at what this may mean in terms of planetary ascension dynamics!

In Step 1 of the LP-40 description Maia transcribed from Thoth:

1) The Earth Moves into the ‘Conversion Zone’

This zone can be seen in sacred geometry as the central diamond-shaped containment field within the Aeriopax (the sacred geometric symbol in energy-art at top of this page) that holds the jewel flame . There will be certain astronomical and astrological corollaries to the Earth’s entrance into this region, beginning with our movement spatially into the inner zone of the Photon Belt (we are already in the outer sheath of this belt - circa 1997). As this begins to occur, we will see greater geologic disturbances in the Earth, especially earthquakes and volcanic action. Once the planet is fully within the Conversion Zone, so it’s central sun atoma (in the center of the Earth) will lock onto the greater Aeriopax/Isis Eye coordinates coming from the 44:44 Stargate, placing this sphere we currently inhabit into the center of the Isis Eye.

It is now well known scientifically that magnetic pole reversals lead to significantly increased earthquake and volcanic activity due to the fact our magnetic field strength is very low as the reversal takes place and this seriously reduces our natural protection from the influx of highly charged particle emissions from our Sun and also ionizing radiation from the Sun and deep space.

These very highly energetically charged particles thus can more freely penetrate straight into the interior of the planet. It is these additional energies that cause the increases in geological activity.
The "central sun atoma" of our planet at the 3D level is Earth's hot molten iron core.

This molten core has scientifically been shown to be directly affected by solar charged particle emissions and extra-solar ionizing radiations like gamma ray bursts from deep space. These additional energies penetrating into the hot molten iron core of the planet are causing it to gain more energy. At the 3D level this will mostly be heat and electrical charge.

At the midpoint of a magnetic pole reversal this cosmic energetic infusion into the molten core of our planet will reach extremely high levels. Just how high will depend on the activity of our Sun and the deep space cosmic rays reaching us at the time.

On higher dimensional levels our central sun atoma, as Thoth calls it, will be highly energized in other ways that can fuel the movement we refer to as LP-40 (Light Principle Forty) or mass ascension. The energies experienced in our 3D core as heat and electrical/magnetic energy manifest as higher-dimensional quanta of superliminal light in our central sun atoma.

Step 2 of the LP-40 process simply addresses further higher-dimensional esoteric processes that are related to what occurs in Step 1.

In Step 3 of the LP-40 process description Maia transcribed:

3) Calibration of the Midnight Sun

i) Shield of the Sun: the sun will begin to create an opposite force field, an ‘anti-matter’ or ‘midnight’ sun

ii) Ultra-matter rushes through the blue hole as it is drawn upon by the anti-matter solar shield. This ‘ultra-matter’ envelopes the entire planet.

iii) Lightning Paths: paths for high transmission of Metatronic overlays within the Oritronic membrane. These electrical passages are created by the anti-matter of the solar shield into the ultra-matter now permeating the Earth. The lightning paths will cause the atmosphere of Earth to become charged with ‘itons’.

iv) Itons: particles of supra-atomic substance created by breaking atomic bonding to the Oritronic Spiral. These particles act as ‘seeds’ for the Metatronic consciousness in this reality system. Itons are atoms that have been turned inside out. Once our physical atoms have the proper Light mathematic encodings to itonize we will be able to safely pass through the LP-40 ascension...

The "shield of the sun" creating an anti-matter or oppositely charged force field can be related to as an esoteric way of describing the complex magnetic field polarity interactions which occur between Sun and Earth during the time of magnetic pole reversals. The intensity of the magnetic fields involved has been scientifically shown to seriously alter atoms which are the building blocks of matter.

There are both polar alignments and polar oppositions which occur between the Sun and the Earth. These occur about every 11 years or so as our Sun regularly reverses its magnetic poles. These solar pole reversals increase the intensity and number of charged particles reaching the Earth's surface and interior.

However, when the Earth much more rarely reverses its magnetic poles, it leads to a much more pronounced hazard to life on Earth and chance of large geological events. This is because the planet will have very little magnetic shield protection at the time of its own magnetic pole reversal. This therefore makes it highly subject to the increased charged particle emissions that occur due to the Sun-Earth magnetic field polarity adaptations taking place.

Ultra-matter rushing through a blue hole is correlative with the highly charged solar plasma in it's higher-dimensional form moving through the magnetic anomaly (portal) created by the lack of magnetic shielding on the planet and at the same time the reversal of the magnetic poles making their final "flip."

Solar charged particles have been shown scientifically to be contributing to the expansion of the planet by adding mass to it as they enter the core. These highly charged solar plasma particles would certainly qualify for a label such as "ultra-matter"!

Regarding lightning paths and itons... given all that will be happening on Earth at the time of a magnetic pole reversal the ionosphere will become much more highly charged than usual. This can and will result in substantially increased atmospheric electrical charges and its resultant lightning activity on the planet.

"Super Lightning" strikes that are hundreds of times more powerful than normal lightning bolts could be but one of the results. There will also be increased volcanic activity which in and of itself generates significant electrical charges and discharges as lightning.

Itons are very likely the higher-dimensional states of the ions that our atmosphere will be so highly charged with at the 3D level of reality during the magnetic pole reversal as our magnetic shielding increasingly weakens.

Or possibly the itons represent a form of highly energetic sub-atomic particle that gets created when such highly energized states of ions occurs. Itons may even represent the actual transmutation of ions themselves into a higher state of matter.

The concept of atoms that have "turned inside out" also speaks to a polarity reversal at the atomic level. Normally in an atom electrons orbit about a nucleus of protons and neutrons.

One possibility here is that due to immensely powerful magnetic field reversal energetics in combination with the highly excited state of matter as it receives intense solar and deep space cosmic ray energies a new form of matter might be formed whereby protons and neutrons orbit a nucleus of electrons.

This could theoretically at least qualify as a form of anti-matter, because in coming together with normal atoms of matter they would obliterate each other as has been spoken of in quantum physics.

This form of anti-matter could possibly also result in a reality in which "electricity," which normally involves a flow of electrons in a conductor (electron-icity), might well become "proticity" (proton-icity) which instead would involve a stream of protons flowing. Perhaps the way these protons might flow would be in an energy field OUTSIDE the conductor instead of inside of it.

There are "free energy" devices and their inventors which have shown there is already a type of electrical energy that behaves like this, but none have had the means to scientifically determine exactly what it is comprised of in terms of quantum particles.

Metatronic consciousness is simply consciousness that is operating in the full-light spectrum. The Ortitronic consciousness is called "half-light" by Thoth because it is incomplete in and of itself. It's "membrane" is the etheric field of consciousness that is associated with Earth.

Therefore, the opening of highly charged energetic lightning pathways that are carrying modified streams of matter particles that have transcended the normal boundaries of space-time by the altering of their inherent atomic structure would seem to represent a fuller spectrum of light being manifest within such atoms. These would thus qualify as "Metatronic Overlays within the Oritronic membrane."

Even normal lightning penetrates higher-dimensional reality structure and sort of "tickles" it. The very powerful and frequent lightning that would be part of a magnetic field collapse and pole reversal would act as pathways of transport between the lower and higher dimensional vibrational constructs.

In Steps 4-5 of the LP-40 description Maia transcribed:

4) The Sacred Rushing

Uprushing of energy response from the central sun atoma of the planet. Will be transmitted to the center of all bio-physical brains as a humming, like a hive of bees. Will create a state of Euphoria in all animals and most humans. Most humans who have not chosen ascension, and thus are not encoded with the transference fire letters, will die in this experience. Inner Earth Elohim will awaken and move upon the surface of the Earth, visible to those who bear the Light codes for ascension into the New Earth Star.

5) The Release of the Gaiavatha and the Transference of the Planetary Genius

A wave of golden light, known as the ‘Gaiavatha’, will updwell from the atoma of this sphere and enter all matter resonant with the 44:44 octave of ascension. This golden light, which will be plainly visible to the human eye at that time, contains all the Light codes of the Earth; even those portions that will not go through the Stargate. These codes will be saturated into the ascending matter to be carried as a full hologramic insertion into the New Earth Star...

The "humming" in the human brain... over the last few years I have on occasion for brief periods of time experienced this. It is an odd, but somewhat pleasant sensation. It always makes me feel a bit giddy and very enlightened inside. It has not happened often enough to have been able to try and correlate it with things like Solar activity and Earth's geomagnetic field fluctuations or storms. I have been correlating emotional, mental and spiritual states with these things since the late 90's though!

Given all that will be happening energetically during a magnetic pole reversal with the Earth's molten iron core on 3D levels, or the central sun atoma at higher dimensional levels, it is not too hard to imagine the immense magnitude of the energy that could be unleashed from the center of the planet as it literally becomes a massive cosmic ray sponge with very little impeding the penetration of these highly charged cosmic energies into it.

The core of the planet could act like what is known in electrical engineering as a "capacitor" which stores electrical energy. In a capacitor the charge will be stored until one of two things occurs... i) something creates a connection to discharge the capacitor at which time it releases all the stored energy in one strong pulse of electrical energy, or ii) the capacitor becomes so highly charged that the insulation membrane or dielectric between it's charging plates breaks down and it violently discharges as a part of it's own self-destruction.

In the scenario outlined by Maia/Thoth, it seems entirely plausible that living organisms and beings on the planet will serve as the discharge means for the excess energies being absorbed by our core or central sun atoma.

The light-encoding being spoken of that will facilitate ascension as a result of being exposed to this massive energy release sounds like some sort of magic. However, we simply need to understand this is an esoteric way of stating that we need to be in proper energetic balance and harmony within our consciousness, body and being to be able to ride this powerful wave of energy into a new light-body-form at a higher dimensional level of reality. This process will "translate" the physical form into that higher form of matter through what is being referred to as the "itonic" process.

Therefore the "Light Codes for Ascension" are to be found in the energies of being a clear enough vehicle to be able to express your Pure Love Nature most of the time regardless of what is happening in your life. The mention of those who cannot hold this balance experiencing death is not so awful if you understand that they will move on to other incarnative experiences in a wave of bliss.

This will occur as their physical form is also translated into other states of matter but without sufficient "encoding" or balanced cohesiveness to keep it all assembled as part of their being. This means that for these souls a new incarnational vehicle has to then be formed in their chosen new reality sphere just like we have been doing on Earth for a very long time.

This is also therefore an action of Pure Love pouring through to take all beings to their next calling within the evolutionary movement of consciousness that is taking place.

The "Rising of the Gaiavatha" is simply another stage of this massive energetic release which will occur as our planet's core or central sun atoma becomes very highly charged with cosmic ray energies at the midpoint of the magnetic pole reversal or shortly thereafter.

As you can now see, this description of the LP-40 event or mass ascension very well fits with what we now know about magnetic pole reversals and mass extinctions!

In Part 2 of this article I will be addressing what we can do to prepare ourselves on both the physical and the energetic-spiritual levels of our beings as we continue to lose more of our magnetic shield with the Earth's rapidly decreasing magnetic field strength.

Further Info

In this article I have not quoted all of Maia's information about the LP-40 Process and the various stages of preparation that will occur prior to it. To read the entire body of her information on LP-40 Click Here.

I also suggest watching the following video on magnetic pole reversal..

I suggest you also visit MagneticReversal.org and read the info at their home page links which correlate to 9 of the 10 facts about magnetic pole reversal I related to you at the start of this article by asking "Are You Aware of the Following?"

Additionally, you may wish to spend some time on Ben Davidson's Suspicious0bservers.org website which scientifically monitors what is happening on our planet and our Sun and reports on it in a short daily video. This guy is doing really great work bringing more scientifically based factual awareness on what is happening with our planet and our Sun and how they interact!

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