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Mass Ascension, Magnetic Pole Reversal and Mass Extinction
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Magnetic Pole Reversal,
Magnetic Field Strength
Mass Ascension, Magnetic Pole Reversal, and Mass Extinction
Expanding Awareness on LP-40

by Simeon Chi'Ra 06/02/15

I continue to study the scientific data regarding Magnetic Pole Reversal and to interact with the Metatronic Councils of Light about what it all means.

This update is regarding the actual magnetic field strength of our planet and the rate of it's accelerating decline. The information I related in my article "Mass Ascension, Magnetic Pole Reversal,and Mass Extinction - Expanding Awareness on LP-40" was a little bit off in this regard. I recommend, however, that you read that article if you haven't already before reading this one.

Important Point: the last data that is available from the new ESA SWARM satellite magnetometer array dates back to June of 2014 when they stopped releasing public updates. There are many reasons why they may have stopped releasing these updates.

One of the reasons is surely related to the fact that the information was indicating a very rapid decline in planetary magnetic field strength, moreso than was anticipated. This could well have been somewhat alarming to the general public. Information suppression is one handy way of managing that type of scenario as we all know.

I also suspect it surprised the scientists themselves and they are surely attempting to properly evaluate the data before releasing any further public updates or statements.

That said, some mathematical scientific calculations can be made as to where we may be now using the historical acceleration rate of magnetic field strength decline and extrapolating it into the future from June 2014.

This info-graphic below (click it for large version) from one of the premium video's at Suspicious0bservers.org should demonstrate a reasonably correct interpretation of the previous graph I shared indicating our weakening planetary magnetic field strength.

Magnetic Pole Reversal and Weakening Magnetic Field

However, the amount of decline from June 2014 to June 2015 is not exactly known because of the lack of data release. The 25% (I originally indicated 50%) decline in 2015 is a conservative figure.

Further, if the rate of decline were to mathematically continue to accelerate at the same exponential rate that it has since 2000 going forward from 2015, according to Ben Davidson of Suspicious0bservers.org it could be below 50% of our magnetic field strength, even possibly near an 80% loss, as soon as 2018.

Because there are also natural fluctuations in the rate of acceleration and we are due for a bit of a plateau, this 80% loss of our magnetic field strength may not happen for another decade or so. If we went into an extended plateau it could be longer, nobody really knows... the last time we had a magnetic pole reversal was about 782,000 years ago!

It is, however, important to be aware and prepared because once our planet has lost more than 50% of it's magnetic field strength the really big Earth changes events will begin to manifest. Most people finding their way to this information are fairly knowledgeable regarding the possibilities Earth changes may bring our way.

Some of these Earth changes have already been manifesting since about the year 2000. So for now I'll not elaborate any further on them because my focus is primarily on how this will affect the evolution and expansion of our consciousness (or not).

I can tell you with all honesty though, that the coming Earth changes may be far more significant than even I was considering relative to a magnetic pole reversal, which may also suddenly be upon us far more quickly than most people in the know could have imagined.

I have carefully and deeply studied Earth changes and related things for nearly 20 years too. So I feel it is a matter of right conscience to share this new incoming awareness with everyone in this global community.

Those of you who have known me for awhile know that I am not an alarmist. I believe our true power and wellbeing, regardless of what is happening externally, emanates from deep within our being. THAT is my real work... taking that to ever deeper levels of experience myself and helping others to do the same. It is time to get very seriously focused on this endeavor too!

We have a great opportunity presenting itself! One of the things that occurs as our planetary magnetic field strength weakens is that the magnetic shield we have to protect us from highly energized particle emissions from our Sun and ionizing radiation from both our Sun and deep space -- things like xrays and gamma rays -- gets seriously eroded.

This means we will be exposed to these energies and radiations at rapidly increasing levels going forward. We increasingly have been since about 2000, but it is going to become far more dramatic in the years ahead.

These increased radiations can be converted into other forms of beneficial energy by our merkabah if is properly structured and aligned, and our bio-energy field if it is properly balanced. I'll be covering more about this in future installments.

Also, this increase of highly charged particles and ionizing radiations from space reaching our planet's surface and deeper is going to cause serious increases in the number and intensity of geologic and weather events. Just how much so, nobody really knows. The current scientific models show it could be quite considerable though.

In Part 2 of my original article, "Mass Ascension, Magnetic Pole Reversal,and Mass Extinction - Expanding Awareness on LP-40," I am going to be relating some basic preparations we can do at all levels for our passage through our planet's magnetic pole reversal as our magnetic field strength declines into a very weak state (not necessarily zero).

These preparations will include information on correctly tweaking your merkabah so it properly protects you and your loved ones, and properly balancing your bio-field so it can sustain the type of energies it will be exposed to and utilize them for beneficial purposes in your consciousness evolution.

I am also then going to begin periodically relating what is coming through from the Metatronic Councils of Light regarding the correlations between consciousness, planetary magnetics and higher level cosmic rays from our Sun, deep space and the universe.

This will be very helpful for expanding awareness about what is occurring and our human collective consciousness relationship to it. This in turn helps us position ourselves energetically and in consciousness so that regardless of what the physical outcome is, we will be in place to take the universe up on the opportunities it is offering us and thereby make the movements into consciousness states that it offers!

I suggest you also visit MagneticReversal.org and read the info at their home page links.

Additionally, you may wish to spend some time on Ben Davidson's Suspicious0bservers.org website which scientifically monitors what is happening on our planet and our Sun and reports on it in a short daily video.

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